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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > Thief's Neopet: Part Five

Thief's Neopet: Part Five

by adoriblelapin

also by tracypaper12

Sazbae carefully followed the group, careful not to make a sound. She hadn't trained all these years for nothing. But Fozaibae had promised her this mission; he'd told her she was to be the Taker. But instead, he'd picked that Aisha. Sazbae felt herself go red with rage. She hadn't even made the team. Fozaibae had told her that these new members needed chances too. She didn't believe him.

     "I'll show Fozaibae what these bumbling idiots are really capable of," she sneered, creeping alongside Lapinnie in the bushes around an old building. She carefully attached a tag to Lapinnie's black uniform, then dropped back, attached one of Buffy's, and watched them go up the steps of the house, before creeping back into the bushes.

     "Let's see them get out of this," she snickered quietly, shadowed in darkness.

     Sazbae crept along the path, a determined and evil smirk on her face. Little did she know that shadows lurked behind her in the bushes, prepared to bound toward her at any second. They did. The Faerie Ixi let out what would have been an ear-splitting scream if it wasn't for the figure, holding a hand to her mouth and muffling the noises.

     "Not a word, Ixi, and I'll let you go," said a strangely familiar voice.

     Sazbae nodded.

     "Not so confident now, are we?" The figure released her.

     "I'm scared," squeaked a second voice. She turned to Sazbae, her eyes seeming to glow in the darkness. The figure gained back her confidence. "Where are they?"

     "Yes, tell us where they are."

     It took Sazbae another second to realize that they were Buffy and Lapinnie's owners, Tracy and Lapin. They were dressed in their normal clothing, Tracy's hair ruffled from waking up abruptly in the middle of the night. Lapin appeared worried and hiding slightly behind Tracy, looking at Sazbae with her deep, deep eyes.

     "I don't know where they are," Sazbae lied quickly.

     Tracy frowned at her. "Look, if you don't tell us where they are, then..."

     "Then do whatever you want to, because I have no idea where they are," Sazbae performed.

     "Fine. Let's go, Lapin."

     Lapin continued to look at Sazbae directly in the eyes. Her eyes were warm and full of worry, and with those eyes looking at her; Sazbae was beginning to feel guilty for lying to them. She shook her head. She mustn't feel so, or else her scheme would not go as planned. Sazbae grinned as the two owners parted her.

     Lapin ran up to Tracy and sighed. Tracy walked along the bushes, alert and awake. Her eyes wondered, and her gazed paused at the building.

     "She was lying, Tracy."

     Tracy wore a shocked expression.

     "How do you know?" she asked.

     "I could see it in her eyes. They weren't as focused and didn't look the same as if she told the truth." Lapin explained. "And they must be around here somewhere, if that Ixi is around. Maybe they escaped and she was following them and tried to capture them again..."

     "Well, I didn't notice anything," Tracy said quietly, "But I trust your judgement, Lapin." The pair shone their torches around the area, looking for any sign of their pets.

     "Tracy?" Lapin queried. Tracy shook her head to acknowledge she was listening. "What if... if they aren't okay?"

     "Lapin, please don't go there," Tracy said stiffly, her voice unusually high. Lapin shrunk back, and returned to searching. The ground was a dull black, and covered in old crisp packets and half eaten foods. It seemed hopeless. Lapin glanced at Tracy. She was searching the ground a little way in front, checking underneath old cartons, and pieces of paper. Lapin could feel her determination, and her upset. Buffy had been her first pet, and she wasn't prepared to ever let her go. Lapin was brought back from her thoughts, by a familiar cry.

     "Lapin! Lapin! I think I've found something," Tracy shouted excitedly. Her voice echoed down the dark, empty streets. "I think you might recognize it." Tracy thrust a tiny photo frame into Lapin's hand. It was severely scratched, and covered in mud, but Lapin could not fail to guess what it was. Inside the frame, there was a picture of Lapin, and all her pets, including Lapinnie.

     "It's... it's Lapinnie's photo frame," she stammered, her hands trembling. "She must have dropped it." Tracy scanned the area, looking for where they might have gone.

     "I think it was recently dropped," Tracy said, looking at the frame, "it's still intact and everything."

     Lapin nodded, and the two owners continued their journey to the building. The floors were musty when they came inside, the walls echoing their every step. Water dripped from a distance, but otherwise, it was quiet. The floor creaked as they walked through as silently as they could, trying to hear the sounds around them.

     Tracy held her breath, as the loudest squeak came from an old floorboard. Whispering could be heard, and before they knew it, figures surrounded them, and they heard a muffled snicker from their side.

     "I've got you."

     It was Sazbae.


"Why do we have to go again?" asked a befuddled Lucy, catching up her determined Ixi sister.

     "We'll say we'll join the thieves' guild -- I have the invitation after all -- and then find Buffy and Lapinnie, then we'll all go," Monica replied smartly.

     "How are you so sure they're in the thieves guild?"

     "It's a hunch -- do you know how many times Sazbae highlighted the word 'family' on that note? - and if not, I'll be gaining Sazbae's trust and we both that she's behind it all," explained Monica.

     Lucy nodded. There was no use denying it; Sazbae just had to be behind it and nobody else. "I hope Buffy and Lapinnie are going all right."

     "Buffy is probably sulking without her books," joked Monica. Lucy smiled. Monica grabbed her backpack, and turned the lights off. As she and Lucy walked past the window, the silhouette of two petpets could be seen in the window.

     "Mon, we forgot our petpets!" Lucy exclaimed, rushing back towards the door.

     "We can't take them," Monica said, "we don't have time to be petpet-sitters. We have to save Buffy and Lapinnie."

     "Petpets can be more useful than you think, Monica," Lucy said, opening the front door. Almost immediately, a blue Cobrall and a Spardel shot from the house.

     "Fine. Whatever," Monica muttered, patting her Spardel. Wardy nuzzled her affectionately. They set off again.

     "We better hurry, before it starts to..." Lucy was interrupted, as the giant raindrops began to fall from the sky.

     "Rain?" Monica suggested sarcastically. "Let's hurry up, before my fur gets matted."

     Lucy grinned, glancing at her Krawk skin. She didn't have fur; how lucky she was. "Okay, let's go then."


Lapinnie shut her eyes. She was scared, and every part of her body was shivering in fear. Buffy and the others had been captured, and she had dropped her precious picture frame out of the window. To make things worse, Lapinnie swore she heard two people come through the building and were captured too. It could have been Lappiny, Monica, Lucy, or maybe even... Lapinnie squirmed. Their owners couldn't have been caught. They would have been able to escape.

     "We'll be all right..." she mumbled under her breath. Voices could be heard in another room.

     "You can't do this to us!" yelled a familiar voice. "Our pets are here; you must have captured them! Release them now!"

     "I'll make a deal with you," someone snarled. "You give me a fair amount of Neopoints, and I will allow you to release one of the Neopets I have captured. More Neopoints, however, would mean more released pets."

     Something ticked inside Lapinnie's brain. Lapin and Tracy had somehow come to Ye Magnificente Museume and were captured with the others. She slunk down the wall and swallowed her fear. Looking around frantically, she saw a shadow lurk round. A closer look told her that the figure was small and a Neopet, making their way out of the building and onto the yard.

     Lapinnie glared at the shadowed figure. "Sazbae!"

     The Aisha rushed out of the room and followed the Faerie Ixi determinedly.

To be continued...

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