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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > The Legend of the Island Mystic: Part Four

The Legend of the Island Mystic: Part Four

by chulien9922

So far in this story Vin, an abandoned yellow Kyrii, finds out his power to sense danger and tell the future. Vin took his favorite brother Hillon's place when he was about to be abandoned. When Sloth took Vin for experimenting, the experiment brought out Vin's power completely. Vin leaned Sloth's plans and escaped with two Grundo Guards on his tail. He got to Faerieland and did a fortune for a Water Faerie that had saved him. When Vin was correct, the Faerie told Fyora, who refused to listen. Jhudora overheard and decided to check it out. Vin escaped and fell into the Rainbow pool, changing his color to the same as a thief who had just ran away from the bank with a lot of Neopoints. Vin was arrested when he was caught near the scene of the crime and put to jail. And from here the story continues…

     The next morning, Vin did exercises and chores with the other prisoners. During the afternoon, fresh dung was served. Vin didn't even get close to it, but the smell was so bad, and Vin didn't know how to dispose of it without touching it.

     Meanwhile, an old man made his way into the shop. The Pteri Police knew how honorable he was and bowed and his feet. The old man passed the jail cells, taking a good look at each criminal. Finally, he reached Vin's cell. The old man motioned for a Pteri police to come. "This Kyrii is innocent."

     "But everything points to him, it has to be him."

     "Not necessarily," said the old man. "Here, take these Neopoints." He took out a bag that was tied to his underwear and dumped a pile of Neopoints. "I'm sure this could pay for the bail."

     The police counted it. "Just enough, how did you know?"

     "I checked with another officer for the amount," said the old man. He turned his head towards Vin. "Your name is Vin, am I correct?"

     "How did you know my name?" asked Vin in awe.

     "That officer back there told me that a thief named Vin robbed a bank, yet they have no proof. I mean, where was the money?"

     "Well, we assumed that the thief stole it and hid it somewhere and wouldn't tell us. How would you know if he's innocent or not anyway?" asked the Pteri Police.

     "My sixth sense told me, now I've paid you the money, free him."

     The officer obeyed and the old man motioned for Vin to follow him. Vin was hesitant at first, but he didn't get a bad feeling about it.

     "I trust that you are innocent," said the old man. "I am the Island Mystic of Mystery Island; I have a talent for doing fortunes. For a time I thought I was the only one in Neopia with such a talent until the winds told me yesterday, there was a Kyrii far away in Neopia Central who had talents the same as I and was locked up in prison, despite his innocence."

     "Wow, you could do it too? Thanks for saving me back there."

     "You're quite welcome. Here I have something for you."

     "A yellow paint brush, thanks!" said Vin and started painting himself.

     Vin was led out to the ocean. A huge Nuranna was waiting for them. "Climb aboard," said the Mystic.

     "You're kidding me, right?"

     "Oh don't worry about him, he's ten times as huge and ten times as friendly, come on."

     They rode on the Nuranna for the rest of the day. By sunset, they had reached Mystery Island.

     "I believe that you don't have an owner."

     "Nope, I was abandoned."

     "That's too bad. I'll be your owner."


     "Yup, and I'll also train you to tell fortunes better."

     "Thanks a lot! I don't know what I'll do without you."

     Mystery Island was very crowded, but slowly, shops began to close. The two passed the marketplace, where many pets and owners greeted the Island Mystic.

     "Hey Mystic, thanks for suggesting me to Neopia Central, I found 50 NP!"

     "Hello Mystic, was telling me to paint my arm a joke?"

     "I had a lot of fun at Happy Valley, thanks for telling me."

     "Wow, you must know a lot of people around here," Vin said.

     "You've only heard the good comments," laughed the Mystic. "You should hear the rocky comments when I'm wrong."

     Finally, they reached the Mystic's home. Inside it was hot and stuffy. The entire place was messy with knickknacks of every kind, and ornaments held from the ceiling. Far off in the right corner was a scraggly, skinny Lupe snoozing contently. The Mystic made his way through his antiques and kicked the Balthazar sized Lupe, which startled Vin how the Mystic could even touch it.

     "Out Fido!" the Mystic demanded. The Lupe gave out a poor whine and headed out the door. "Fido's always trying to sneak in."

     But Vin felt sorry for it. "How about supper?" asked the Mystic, changing the subject.

     He opened his cupboard (it's not really opening since the cupboard was already wide open with so many things) and brought some island fruits and seafood to a table.

     Vin tried some pickled eel. The Island Mystic sat next to him, moving aside magazines and comics. "An old man has to have some laughs too you know. Any way, I've come to ask you about your life. How did you receive your talents? I was personally blessed with it but you? You must have gotten it somewhere."

     Vin thought, perhaps the Mystic was right, if only he could piece things together.

     "Do you still remember?"

     "No sir."


The next day, Vin was sent to buy vegetables at the Island Marketplace. He was looking through the isles when he suddenly spotted Jhudora. At first he didn't recognize her because she looked darker than before. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she spotted him. Vin tried to run but she must have warped ahead and caught him. "Hi Jhudora, you sure look great today. Heh Heh."

     "I was struck by lightning! How dare you! Now I look ugly and old! I claimed my prize at the Wheel of Excitement without checking to see what it was and now I'm covered with ash! How dare you!"

     Vin was about to say she always looked ugly and old but changed his mind. "Well I'm not always right."

     "Yes and you will pay for that! I was watching you from my cloud mirror and now revenge shall be mine!"

     "Hold it right there Darky." It was the Grundo Guards. "He's mine."

     "Then it would be your responsibility." Jhudora struck a purple lightning from her finger.

     "Grunt!" yelled Grump, as his partner fell to the ocean. "You'll pay for that!" Grump took out his machine gun and fired.

     Jhudora dropped Vin and dodged the attack. "Drain life," she shouted.

     Vin quickly ran away. After hearing Jhudora scream, he gave into temptation to go back and look. Jhudora and Grump had fallen into the ocean. Fortunately no one had drowned. The level of water only reached to Jhudora's waist.

     "This is all your fault he got away!" Jhudora screamed and slashed water at Grump.

     "What do you mean it's my fault? If you didn't let him go, this would had never have happened," said Grump and slashed water back at her.

     Then the two began bickering. "Would you two be quiet, I'm trying to sleep here," said Grunt and slash a big wave at them. Then they were all fighting and bickering and slashing water. It was a funny sight. Vin went back to the marketplace, bought the vegetables as the big red sun turned yellow, and went home before dusk. He never saw Jhudora or the Grundo Guards come at him again.


Months and months passes as the Island Mystic taught Vin to get better and better. And Vin helped the Mystic as his apprentice. And time came when the old man passed away. Vin buried him near the rock pool and visits him every day. Left in the Island Mystic's will was the right for Vin to have his house, property, and belongings. And Vin let Fido visit any time he wanted until he found out some food was missing.

     Vin succeeded the Mystic with the title of Island Mystic since the old man had no sons. He wore a bone through his nose, earrings, bracelets, white paint, sacred underwear, and kept a small stone in his hand. On the day before he was to start work the next day, some celebrities came for a small party by his hut.

     Many of them wanted to figure for themselves if Vin's power was real. Fyora and a few other faeries, the king of Meridell, King Roo, the Jazzmosis group, and Judge Hog came. Vin quickly set out dinner for them outside on a long table. It was very cold outside and for a moment he thought no one would come. But suddenly they all came and took a seat.

     "This better be good. I came here for the food, come on pass the famous crab burger, I don't have all day."

     "Uh hum, Skarl," said King Roo, "But some people want to have their fortunes done. When will my kingdom fall?"

     "And where could I find some more trouble makers?" added Judge Hog.

     "How do I stop my wings from itching?"

     "Should I raise the prices of Dice-A-Roo?"

     "Where did I last put my rubber ducky?"

     Everyone stared at King Skarl. "What?! Is it a crime to lose your ducky?"

     "Look, everyone, just chill all right? Just chill." Said the saxophone player for the Jazzmosis.

     "When will we break up?" asked the Chia from the Jazzmosis.

     "Hmm, you will break up on a Saturday when you will complain on whose the grayest."

     "Well, it's obviously me," said the Grarrl

     "Uh uh," the others complained. Soon the whole group was bickering.

     "Uh Mystic, today's a Saturday," King Roo said.


     "This stinks, let's go home," Judge Hog blurted suddenly.

     "Yeah," said King Skarl. "My King Skarl has gone to feast on chunky meaty stew sign isn't going to last forever.' The others complained and started leaving. There was nothing Vin could do.

     "Don't give up," said a Space Faerie.

     She looked somewhat familiar. She winked and left with the others.


The next day, Vin started his first day of work. He would no longer be called Vin but the Island Mystic instead. But he did hear his old name one last time.

     He walked out of the hut, waiting for owners and Neopets to visit. An owner with an extremely familiar blue Bruce came. "You will try to fight yourself from a mob of angry purple Moehogs. Come back tomorrow for your fortune anew," Vin said.

     The two started downhill towards the Tombola game. The Bruce's Buzzer was buzzing all around. Suddenly, he remembered. "Hillon!"

     "Vin! I couldn't tell you from your new appearance."

     "Hillon, where's Ashyann and the others?"

     "Oh well…" Hillon looked at the ground. "Not good. Well Ashyann made it to a university, which was nice and all, but we were all abandoned. She had no real choice unless she logged out and left us lifeless forever."


     "I gotta go, maybe we'll see each other soon. Bye," said Hillon. And Vin never saw him again.

The End

What happened in the beginning: "Stop Space Faerie! I know what you're doing."

A yellow Kyrii was crying while the Space Faerie was holding him. Fyora finally caught up to her. "Space Faerie, you can't keep a Neopet. You know Faeries aren't allowed to."

The Space Faerie sniffed. "I'm sorry Space Faerie, but it's the rules. There's nothing I could do about it," said Fyora.

"I understand, just Fyora, before I abandon him could I bless him?"

Fyora nodded. "Thank you," the Space Faerie sniffed. She placed a finger on the Kyrii's head while he squirmed and his head felt hot. "I will call you Vin," she said.

Fyora left, and the Space Faerie headed for the pound. She didn't like going to Neopia. A Dark Faerie named Jhudora heard that the Kyrii was blessed by the Space Faerie offered to do it herself. Although hesitant at first, the Space Faerie agreed. Jhudora was about to take it to her cloud so it could sense danger for her. While thinking about it she carelessly dropped him. The last Vin heard was the Space Faerie high-pitched scream as he plunged towards Neopia. A Buzz saw Vin falling from the skies and flew up to catch him. "Hey little guy, you're safe now. I'm going to bring you to the pound. Everything's going to be okay."

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