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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > The Adventures of Lisha and Jeran: This Strange Place Called Home -- Part Three

The Adventures of Lisha and Jeran: This Strange Place Called Home -- Part Three

by ridergirl333

Jeran quickly learned about city life. The hustle and bustle, the noise and the hurry. It was all so different from the peaceful meadows and farms of Meridell. He learned what caused the fizz in Neocola, what pizza was, and what sorts of toys existed in Neopia Central. He was introduced to Neopia Central petpets when a Doglefox ran off with his sword. But nothing seemed to trigger his memory. So much he had forgotten! And one thing in particular.

     "Hillary, what are those long green poles with those green and white rectangles on them? They look like trees."

     "Those are street signs, Jeran. See? That one says that we are on Rainbow Lane."

     "Say? It doesn't 'say' anything. I didn't hear anything."

     "It's written in white letters, see?"

     "You mean those squiggly things?"

     Hillary paused in horror. "Squiggly things? Those 'squiggly things' are letters! Letters make words!" She looked into her Lupe's eyes, so deep. They held so much pain and loss. "You've forgotten more than I think you've forgotten."


     "And you cannot read?"

     "What is 'read'?"

     "They had no books in Meridell at all?"

     "If books are those things with pictures in the windows of stores, no."

     "What else don't you remember?"

     "Almost everything about this place. This strange place called home."

     "Well, we should at least teach you how to read."

     So, Hillary and Chuck began giving Jeran reading lessons. He was a steady learner and dedicated to his schooling. He began to read children's books, slowly, one by one. Then he tackled more challenging books. By the end of the month, he was reading Cybunny Down with ease.

     Meanwhile, Lisha had been "borrowing" Jeran's great sword during the reading lessons. She began to practice with it in the backyard, slicing branches off of a tree. "I want to be a great knight. I want to be a great knight." She recited to herself with each sword stroke.

     On the evening of the last day of the month, Jeran was sitting on the Tiger Sofa, reading All About Air Faeries aloud with Hillary. A hideous purple face peered through the window. "Look at our noble knight-prince." It snickered. "Hardly the tough guy he once was. Reading books while his sissy is out doing the sword swinging. This ought to be a piece of cake."

     "Cake, Chief?" said another voice, this one more high-pitched. "I like cake."

     The first voice groaned. "I mean capturing Jeran will be easier! Let's see what the people of Meridell will do when their beloved Prince Jeran Borodere is gone."

* * *

Early the next morning…

     "I'm going to the Bakery to get some more bread!" called Hillary. The human teenager stepped out the door and… fell over a tripwire and into a carefully laid trap! A net, made almost invisible by the leaves and dirt clinging to it was there to meet her when she fell. Then, she found herself being hauled up onto the roof by the most repulsive of creatures. It was a Skeith painted Darigan with a ragged ear. A long scar ran across his face, from his left eye to his chin. His hair was clumped and cut at crazy angles, as if it had been devoured by a lawnmower.

     "You didn't catch the Lupe-prince, Chief," said a Pteri at his side. The Pteri was remarkably small, but he looked agile, like he could fly circles around the toughest battler and claw them into submission.

     "Drat, I didn't," the Skeith muttered. "But I think I can use this girl."

     Cackling evilly, the Skeith gagged and bound Hillary and flew her down from the roof. "Come out, Prince Jeran!"

     Jeran, Lisha and Chuck peered out the window. Lisha's heart was racing with fright. They had captured Hillary! Rage seethed through every vein in her body. The fright was forgotten, and the Aisha reached for her Wand of Nova.

     Chuck was nearly in tears! He was a child, adopted from the pound. He had already lost one owner when she was forced to delete her account. Now he was going to lose another. It was too much for a youth.

     Jeran's strategist brain was already trying to come up with ways to free Hillary. "What do you want?" he called out the window.

     "Exit your home unarmed, Lupe, and we'll set the girl free. Then, you'll let us tie and gag you in her place."

     The Skeith cackled menacingly. Without their hero Jeran, Meridell would be as good as gone. That foolish king loved his son and would gladly give up his kingdom for the life of a single Lupe. Then, what was left of Darigan's forces would have their revenge on Meridell.

     Jeran started to put down his sword. Then, he picked it up again. "I can't let myself be captured. I'm a warrior and a prince. My people may still need me."

     Chuck was silent. This was Jeran's decision. He couldn't choose between his owner and his brother. But Lisha spoke out. "Jeran, you'll have to turn yourself in."

     "What?" Jeran gave his sister a look. It wasn't angry or frightened or indignant. It was… puzzled.

     "They can put an end to Hillary right here and now," Lisha said. "But if you're their prisoner, they'll have to keep you alive to use as a bargaining chip."

     "But I refuse to be used as a bargaining chip! I'll put all of Meridell in danger!"

     "You're tough, Jeran. You could find a way out of those ropes and gags before it happens."

     "And what if I don't? You'll lose a brother and a prince. Or worse, I might be spared and Meridell might be lost instead. Is that what you want?"

     "So you'll sacrifice our owner and parent to save your own fur. Is that what you want?"

     "I want Hillary!" Chuck wailed. "I want Prince Jeran and Hillary!"

     Rage boiled in Jeran's blood. He cuffed the child gently over the head. "You can't have everything you want, kid!"

     "WAHH! Prince Jeran hit me."

     Lisha hugged the young Kyrii. "It's okay. Lisha and Jeran will work this out. We can do anything together. In the meantime, why don't you play with your toys in your room?"

     "Okay." The Kyrii child left, somewhat more cheerful.

     When Chuck was out of hearing range, Lisha struck Jeran across the cheek. "What do you think you're doing, hitting a child?"

     "He shouldn't be raising a racket and calling the neighbors' attention! If someone decides to help, the Skeith will finish Hillary off and make a run for it!"

     "Isn't that the same thing they'll do if you don't turn yourself in?"

     "Aisha, Lupe, I'm getting restless. Get out here!" the Skeith sniggered. "Fools."

     Lisha's eyes met Jeran's in a blaze of rage and passion. "If you don't go out there, it just won't be you and me losing an owner. It'll be Chuck too -- a child, a victim of circumstances. Do you want to put him in the pound again, Jeran? Do you?"

     "I'm still not going out there."

     "Then I will." Lisha threw her Wand of Nova to the floor, where it clattered against the leg of a table. Then, paws raised in the air as a sign of surrender, she walked out. Slowly, step by step, towards her fate.

To be continued...

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