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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Continuing Series > Alexis’s Beauty: Part Two

Alexis’s Beauty: Part Two

by beau_lis

Alexis was surprised to see Elorah act in such an ungrateful way. She uses her valuable time to do a favor for that unfortunate pet, Elorah, and this is the thanks she gets? Alexis decided that she just needed to stop being so helpful to others. Not only do her efforts go unappreciated, but she also missed the main part of breakfast. So now she would have to eat whatever was left over.

     Alexis decided to go down to the kitchen and see if she could get something better to eat. She dismissed Ruby saying that she would meet her later on. Upon entering the kitchen, she noticed Mr. Pickles, the pound chef, cleaning up the counters. Alexis cleared her throat to announce her presence.

     “What do you need, Alexis?” asked Mr. Pickles in his chipper voice.

     “I’m hungry and would like some breakfast please,” Alexis responded.

     Mr. Pickles gave one of his famous smiled and said, “Well my young pet, breakfast is still out in the dining hall. You’ve got some time to go and get your fill.”

     “Oh, I can’t possibly eat that food. It’s not very warm and is left over from the earlier crowd. I would like you to make me something different,” Alexis directed.

     “I’m afraid the kitchen is being cleaned from breakfast and will be made ready for preparing lunch. I haven’t time to make another breakfast,” Mr. Pickles responded as he turned back to finish cleaning the counters. “All I have to offer you is what is in the dining hall.”

     With nothing but a sigh, Alexis left the kitchen. She was terribly hungry. But she couldn’t possibly eat what whatever was picked over from the other pets. She really had no choice but to wait for lunch. She decided to head outside to the playground. She enjoyed playing on the swings. She also liked sliding on the slides. Actually, she liked anything that showed off the lovely wings she had.

     Alexis found Ruby waiting to take her turn at the swings. She watched as one pet left a swing while Ruby got ready to have her turn. Without hesitation, Alexis walked over in front of Ruby and sat down on the swing.

     “You don’t mind do you Ruby?” Alexis said as more of a statement than a question.

     Ruby shook her head and got back in line to once again wait for a turn at the swings.

     Alexis rose higher and higher in the swing. Not only did it show off her wings, but she could see far off into the distance. She could see the wooded area in back of the pound. She could see some pets playing on the grassy area on the side of the pound. She could even see Hugo, a spotted Chia, working with his little potions set over on the other side of the playground.


“Oh I think I have it!” Hugo commented to himself as he ran into the pound.

     Hugo was the resident potions master. He enjoyed anything having to do with potion making. In fact, he wanted to be just like Kauvara. He was working on making his own formulas of potions as well as trying to figure out how to make potions that were already available. Hugo hoped that maybe one day, if we was experienced enough with potions, he could work with Kauvara.


Alexis tired of playing in the playground. She decided to head back into the pound. Lunch should be ready soon. At least she hoped so anyway. She was really quite hungry. She walked quickly back into the pound, past the kitchen and towards the recreation room. As she was passing the kitchen, she could smell the most wonderful food cooking. Oh she could hardly wait for lunch to be announced!

     She bumped into Hugo as she was entering the recreation room. Hugo was trying to leave but he smiled and moved out of the way, allowing Alexis access to the room. Then he quickly left the room. Finding herself alone in the room, Alexis went over and sat on the sofa. She was trying to decide which video she wanted to watch when something caught her attention.
Off to the side was a little table. On that little table was a …chocolate milkshake! Alexis didn’t have to think twice before she got up and guzzled that chocolate milkshake down. She never gave a thought to whom the milkshake belonged. She never considered how the owner of the milkshake would feel when they found their tasty treat gone. She didn’t care about anything but filling her hungry tummy at that moment. At least she didn’t care until she felt the first wave of change as it went through her.

     Alexis dropped the glass and fell to the floor. She withered around as the change came over her. Slowly her body twisted and contorted. Never in all her life had she experienced the terror that now consumed her. She thought back to when she first came to the pound. It was the worst day of her life. Being abandoned was not something she was proud of. It was something that always stayed with her, deep in her heart. All of the pets in the pound were abandoned at some point in their young lives. That they all had in common. Now she was experiencing something that truly was the worst moment in her life.

     She started to shake violently, uncontrollably. Alexis had no way of knowing or even understanding what was happening to her. Trying to call out for help, she discovered no words would come. She continued to wither on the floor, crying. It was all she has left that she could do. She closed her eyes and hope this nightmare would stop soon.

     “Oh no!” came a hurried voice.

     Alexis looked up to see the face of Hugo staring back down at her. Closing her eyes again, she lay there for moment. She felt very drained and weak. Opening her eyes, she realized that she was no longer shaking. Whatever it was happening had stopped. It was over.

     She felt someone helping her to sit up. This was the first that she noticed Ms. Snowflake was in the room as well. Both Ms. Snowflake and Hugo were looking at Alexis with concern.

     “How are you feeling, Alexis?” asked Ms. Snowflake.

     “I don’t know,” Alexis stuttered in reply.

     Alexis didn’t know how she felt. She felt very different and very tired and very confused. She didn’t understand what just happened. When she asked Ms. Snowflake and Hugo about what happened to her, they both just exchanged a look and said nothing. This did not go unnoticed by Alexis.

     “Tell me!” pleaded Alexis, panic rising within her.

     “Alexis, you drank my chocolate milkshake,” began Hugo.

     “No, no. That wasn’t me,” she denied.

     Hugo ignored her and continued on, “That was an experiment I was working on. It wasn’t a regular chocolate milkshake. It was a transmogrification potion. I never thought anyone would actually drink it.”

     As Hugo’s words began to sink in, Alexis felt the terror rise up in her again.

     Transmogrification potion! Alexis screamed to herself. Flashes of mutated pets started whirling through her mind. With every ounce of strength she had left in her, she denied it. This was not possible. She was a beautiful striped Shoyru! She was the most popular species of pet that was painted with one of the most coveted of colors! She was charming, witty and intelligent! She was loved by everyone! This was not happening to her!

     “Alexis,” began Ms. Snowflake.

     Alexis could do nothing but cry. She didn’t want to hear what Ms. Snowflake had to say. There was nothing anyone would be able to say that could possibly help. No one understood what it was like to be Alexis. No one knew what it's like to have nothing to offer but their looks. Ms. Snowflake just held Alexis close for a moment before she tried to talk with her again.

     “Alexis, we will do our best to find a Shoyru morphing potion for you. They are extremely expensive, so we won’t be able to get one for you right away,” Ms. Snowflake said quickly. “However, we can not possibly afford to make you a striped color again. I’m sorry.”

     With tears in her eyes, Alexis looked up at Ms. Snowflake and asked, “What am I?”

     Ms. Snowflake looked over at Hugo and nodded. He brought over a standing mirror and placed it in front of Ms. Snowflake. Moving out of the way, Ms. Snowflake allowed Alexis the opportunity to use the mirror.

     Alexis gazed into the mirror. The image staring back was of a large, green, mutant Moehog.

Alexis was able to be changed into a Shoyru again. Although she was not a striped color, she did become a lovely shade of blue. Through this experience, Alexis learned many valuable lessons, some of which she actually remembers to this day. For the most part, she is back to her old self, but a little wiser this time and a lot more respectful of others.
     Hugo still practices with his potion making. However, he has become very careful of where he leaves his experiments. As luck would have it, he was adopted by a family who also loves the world of magic and potions.
     Ruby has learned to be a little more self reliant. Although she is still friends with Alexis, she is learning that it isn’t such a bad thing to not follow the crowd. She has also had numerous opportunities to play on the swings.
     Elorah? Well... you’ll just have to read Elorah’s Beauty to find out what happens with her.

The End

Author’s Note: Many of you, who have been touched by Elorah, have expressed an interest in finding out what happened to Alexis. This is the sequel to Elorah’s Beauty. This is my first series! I hope you enjoyed my story. Please feel free to offer comments.

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