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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Articles > Mochi's Guide To Sitting Pretty In Neopia

Mochi's Guide To Sitting Pretty In Neopia

by mochiyochi

MY NEOHOME LIVING ROOM - It's the one thing here in Neopia that most of us have in common: To be a respected Neopian, have a nice NeoHome, raise strong, really cool looking pets, make an awesome lookup and not to mention have a nice amount of Neopoints in the bank. So I've decided to make this article so you too can be successful. Enjoy!

Step 1: Little Golden Beauties: Raking In The NP

So many of us have asked the question " What's the best way to make lots of NP fast?" Well listen up 'cause I'm about to tell you! Some people think that the Neopian Stock Market is the right way to go, but I happen to know you can have thousands one minute and zip the next. Others think that gambling is the right way to go. This also is a bad decision. You're most likely not going to win and you'll end up losing the few Neopoints you already have. There is a right way and a wrong way do do everything, here's the right way.

The Snow Faerie's Quest

Few know of the big rewards that Taelia, our resident Snow Faerie, has to offer. If you get a quest that costs you 3000 NP or lower I would take it or highly consider it. Taelia gives you plenty of time and trust me she'll pay you back for your good deed: 500 to 5000 NP, a snowball and an item that could be anything from a sandwich to Draik Morphing. All in all a normal quest reaps in about 3000 to 7000 items included.


Games are a great way to make Neopoints. But which games give out the most money? My advice is stay away from games like Pterattack and Chia Bomber unless you want to spend two hours trying to make some decent NP. These are the top three games I've found most rewarding.

Meerca Chase

Verrrrrrrrry addictive! If your not careful you will be stuck all day guiding around that little Meerca and stuffing yourself full of Neggs. Don't go and click the easy button, go straight for hard. It gives you better points and (by the way this is not a proven fact) you tend to get more rare Neggs. And remember your score is the amount of Neopoints you'll receive.

Volcano Run

Another fairly easy and very fun game. You guide the Scorchio through the volcano until he fries himself from flying into a wall, flaming boulder or a fire ball. Collect the crystals for more points, grab shields (the blue circles) whenever you see them and avoid that brown cloud. If you're careful you'll come out of it with about 2500 NP in your pocket

Faerie Cloud Racers

The final game is probably the best but a little hard to get a hold of. My suggestion for this game is to trap yourself in a big box so the other Faerie won't be a threat. She almost always runs out of room before you do. Play this on hard, get at least 500 points and 3000 NP will be yours!!!

Step 2: Be All That You Can Be: Improving Your Pets

Okay so you've saved up tons of Neopoints, but before you go running of to buy paint brushes, codestone and dubloons you should know that there is a much better way to paint and train your pets. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Lab Ray! While buying all the pieces to this little beauty may be expensive, It's still a lot cheaper than buying codestones, dubloons, morphing potions and paint brushes. My Lab Ray cost me about 200k and It's probably still around that price. The good side of the Lab Ray is that it can paint your pet beautiful colors, change them to exotic species and train them in leaps and bounds. The bad side is that the Lab Ray doesn't let you choose what to do to your pet, it's random. Of course you can always buy a morphing potion to make your pet what it used to be. In the long run this is a very good investment, especially if your a Battledomer like myself.

Step 3: There's No Place Like Home!: Building Your Dream NeoHome

Okay, so now that you've got lots of Neopoints saved up again. It's time to build your dream house! The first thing you need to do for your NeoHome is figure out your location. Do you love sword fights, crave gruel, and pass your time counting potatoes? Then Meridell is the place for you. Or if you love the cold put your home on Terror Mountain.

Next, figure out what your home should look like and what type of material should be used. Remember be creative! For my NeoHome I built a garden and then put all the rooms around it. You could do that or build a tower or maybe you might want little apartments for each of your pets. And remember the interior. Does glowing furniture contrast well with a cloud room? As for the extensions, you might want to wait until your house is finished, then when you have spare Neopoints add on little by little.

Step 4: First Impression Is Everything: Making a Cool Lookup

All right! Now that you have the perfect Neolife let's make the perfect User Lookup!

To make the perfect Lookup you need to know three things: HTML, CSS and how to match colors. HTML and CSS are fairly easy to learn and fun too! The best Lookups have well contrasting tables, backgrounds and colors. For example if you want a blue lookup, have white and blue table, blue font and links and a solid or patterned blue background. If that doesn't appeal to you make a lookup based on your favorite movie, TV show or book. You can get great backgrounds from Google image search. If you have trouble with HTML or CSS look up csshelp, a very nice little Kougra who would be happy to help you.

Step 5: R. E. S. P. E. C. T. Find out what it means to me: Becoming A Respected Neopian

For this last step I thought I should turn it over to the citizens of Neopia, so I went to the chat boards and asked this question: "What makes you respect a Neopian?"

justask: "A respected Neopian is a person who is active in helping out his fellow Neopians, Donates to the Money Tree to get the Newbies on there feet, and treats everyone else with an equal amount of respect. In order to gain respect one must first give respect."

nevnix: "What makes you respected, you ask? Having lots of people to respect you, of course. But seriously, I suppose stuff like helping people, fighting crime, etc. I don't know for sure because I'm not particularly respected myself, but I suppose that's a start."

theprettybirdie: "a painted strong pet, about 500k fairly good Battledomer and knows a lot about Neopia."

dugquatro: "will I get anything?"

So there you have it. Your full proof guide to becoming a successful Neopian in 5 easy steps! It's 99.9% guaranteed to help you or you get a full refund. Now go out there and put it to the test! Go! Go on get out of here!

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