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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > New Series > Dawn of Darkness: Part One

Dawn of Darkness: Part One

by supergirl309


It was raining. Huge drops plummeted rapidly down from the sky, creating a veritable wall of water. A tall silver Kougress splashed through the streets of downtown Neopia Central, a small white Aisha running along at her heels. The Kougress clutched a tiny green Kougra in her arms. Her breath came in ragged, labored gasps.

     She stopped, and spun around. The white Aisha ducked behind her back leg, trembling. Through the heavy torrents of rain, she could just make out seven dark shapes racing through the rain. The vibration of many heavy paws pounding on the wet pavement broke the uneven rhythm of the falling rain.

     The Kougress bit her lip and glanced nervously around the street. There was not a soul around, save her small family and her pursuers. She glimpsed a dim alley turning off from the main street. She glanced again at the dark shapes. They were coming closer... fast. She took the Aisha's paw and ran into the partly concealed entrance of the alley.      

     She ducked behind a pile of soggy cardboard boxes and sat the Aisha down on the concrete ground. She gripped her shoulders tightly and began speaking in a low, serious tone, "Sirasine," she said quietly, "there are some things about tonight... things I'll not tell you now. Maybe you'll know someday when you're older." She took a deep breath. The pounding of pawsteps was drawing nearer. She could feel Sirasine's shoulders trembling beneath her paws. She took a deep breath and continued, "Sirasine, take care of your brother. Someday, I'll find you, and then we can be a family again." There was a far off look in her eyes as she said this. She shook herself out of her trance and turned to Sirasine.

     She slipped a wide gold bracelet from her left paw and fastened it around Sirasine's neck. "Don't forget me," she whispered. She set the tiny Kougra down on the ground by Sirasine's paws. "Goodbye Brak," she whispered in its ear. Then, she leapt into the air and landed on a rooftop of a rundown building. She turned and looked at Sirasine again. "I'll find you again someday," she called.      

     Sirasine, eyes filled with tears turned her eyes up. "You promise?" she sniffed.

     "I promise," the Kougra called back, just as seven huge black Eyries charged past the alley, spotting the Kougra atop the building. They shrieked and screamed, the sounds blending together into one chilling, ear-splitting shriek. The Kougra took one last look at Sirasine and Brak, then leapt from the top of the building and fled for her life.      

     ...She broke her promise to Sirasine. She was never found.


It had been six years. Sirasine, the Aisha, had all but forgotten about that rainy night so many years ago, almost forgotten about the mother she'd practically never known. After living in that alley, waiting, for almost three years, she'd given up and brainwashed herself into believing the events of that night had never occurred. She had decided Brak was better off not knowing what had happened, not that Sirasine really knew either. She didn't expect to ever find out either. But one day, while walking down the streets of the Neopia Central Bazaar, trying to spot something they could swipe for their lunch, something happened that (as cliché as it sounds) changed their lives in a very permanent way.

     "Look," Brak hissed to his sister, pointing to Hubert's Hot dog Stand, "it looks like that Mynci's on lunch-break or something. We can sneak up, grab a few 'dogs, and he'll never know they were gone by the time he gets back."

     Sirasine smiled her thin, unreadable smile. "Mm," she said with a nod. "That should work."

     Slowly, the two pets snuck up to the stand. Sirasine cursed beneath her breath. A group of thirty or so pets had just strolled into the Bazaar. "Namby-pamby school kids on some idiot field trip, I presume," she muttered, lip curled. She had gone to school for only a year. She'd liked it a lot. But that was back when she could afford things like school and food. Now, she regarded school kids as wussies. She had become bitter and hard during her years living on the streets and reduced to stealing to survive.

     She growled and grabbed Brak by the shoulder. "New plan, Brak," she said, obviously irritated. "You go distract that band of goody-goodies, and I'll grab some 'dogs." Brak nodded. "Now go!" Sirasine hissed.

     Brak, the greed Kougra, stumbled forward and strolled casually over to the school group. Trying to act inconspicuous, he casually snatched a broken wristwatch from off the ground and tried to reassemble it behind his back. When he reached the school group, the watch was borderline watch-like. He decided it would have to do.

     He grinned and struck a pose in front of the school group. "Why hello, kiddies," he said, sounding much older than he really was. Truthfully, the pets in the group were probably older than him. But he acted beyond his years. He held out the watch on his paw. "Could I interest any of you in buying this one-of-a-kind er, Super Watch200?" he smiled to himself. He could just imagine Sirasine rolling her eyes and muttering "Show-off".

     The teenage pets glanced oddly at him. Uh-oh, he thought, not working! I need another plan!

     He bit his lip. "Well, I can see that none of you have any use for knowing the time. Heh, who needs it anyway?" He glanced nervously out of the corner of his eye, and glimpsed Sirasine sneaking up to the hot dog stand. A bead of sweat dripped down his face. Suddenly, he pointed to the sky, yelling, "Look! Flying Meercas!" The pets flipped around to stare at the supposed "flying Meercas", and Brak bolted over to the hot dog stand.

     Sirasine had just grabbed two large hot dogs. She tossed one to Brak. "Run," she hissed.

     They ran.

     ...But they didn't notice the patrolling Chia Policeman. He grabbed one sharply in each hand, glaring at them. "Little thieves, eh?" he growled. "Well little thieves, ah hope ya don't mind me arrestin' ya..."

* **

Sirasine glared at Brak. "Smooth," she muttered, "scream, 'Flying Meercas' and catch the guards attention. Great plan, Brak! See if I ever send you to be a distraction again!"

     Brak grumbled. "I wasn't my fault," he said under his breath. "She's the one that told me to run!" He snorted. "I ran, I got grabbed by a Chia!"

     The two pets were sitting handcuffed to chairs at the Police Station. A policeman glared down at them from his seat behind a desk covered with papers.

     The door to the room they were in creaked open slowly. A tall Darigan Eyrie stood in the doorway. Instead of the usual purple that Darigan's usually were, his feathers were a shiny black. He glanced at Brak and Sirasine. A look of relief spread across his face. He sighed. "Thank Fyora! I've been looking for you for years!"

     Sirasine raised her eyebrows. "Excuse me sir, but do I know you?"

     The Eyrie glanced at the policeman seated at the desk. He coughed loudly. The policeman sighed and got up from his chair. "I'm leaving!" he said. "But if I come back and you've done something with those prisoners, I'll see to it that you're the one handcuffed to a chair!"

     The Eyrie nodded, running a paw through his mane. "Don't worry," he said assuringly. "I just need to talk to them for a moment."

     The policeman walked out the door, grumbling under his breath. When he was gone, the Eyrie turned back to Brak and Sirasine. Sirasine was glaring at him.

     "Do I know you?" she repeated.

     The Eyrie sighed and rested his chin in a cupped paw. "My name is Ryussin," he said softly. "You may not remember me, but I remember you both very well." He paused and ran another paw through his mane. "I was a good friend of your mother's, you see. So good, in fact, that she appointed me to be your godfather. I was thrilled by her trust in me, and promised myself that if anything happened to your parents, I would take you in and treat as if you were my own children." His expression became grave. "But I was not fully prepared for what was to come." He sighed and started kneading his forehead with a paw. He turned mournful eyes on Sirasine and Brak. There was a look of pity in his eyes, and a glint of something Sirasine and Brak could not define.

     Sirasine still looked skeptical. "Well, what happened?" she asked.

     Ryussin sighed once more. "I never truly expected anything to happen to your mother. But one night, she disappeared! When months began to pass without word of her, I began to wonder if she was still alive. And after a year had gone by, I was sure she was dead. But I somehow suspected that her children -- you guys -- were still alive. So, for five years, I searched for you. And now," he paused and let several tears of joy leak from his eyes, "I've finally found you!"

To be continued...

Author's Note: I would like to give a very very HUGE thanks to hermes_the_herald for giving me the idea for this story. He suggested I write a sort of history on Brak. It started out as a short story... but I guess you can see it's a little longer... Happy Reading!

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