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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > New Series > To Fly When You Can't: Part One

To Fly When You Can't: Part One

by worldcool

Odesseous closed her eyes, and concentrated. She started flapping her wings with all her might, making her fur fly as she felt the fanning her wings were making. Faster. Faster. Faster. Then suddenly, she felt it, the thing she had been waiting for a very long time. She smiled for herself as her hooves left the ground. Finally, she was flying.

     Then she heard it. A giggle. She jumped, but didn't open her eyes in case she lost concentration and fell. Then another giggle. Then from behind her, a small laugh. Then suddenly there were laughs everywhere around her. Slowly, Odesseous opened her big, almond eyes. All around her was that bullying gang that usually hanged about the hills in which Odesseous was staying. Looking down, she saw that she was standing on LilDancingQueenie, the most beautiful but also the meanest Uni there was, and leader of the terrorizing gang.

     "L-let me down," Odesseous stammered, scared out of her wits.

     "Okay," Queenie said haughtily. Odesseous got a bad feeling in her stomach as Queenie raised herself on her two back legs, preparing to throw of Odesseous.


     Queenie threw Odesseous face down in a pile of Elephante dung. The bullying gang laughed as Odesseous spluttered and coughed, icky smelling poo running down her face. The gang all took this moment to show of their wings, and to show that they could fly.

     Ixi's tempers are VERY short, but Odesseous was too afraid to do anything. The gang, some who were painted Faerie, some Halloween, and some with natural wings, started picking up more dung to throw at Odesseous. She ran towards the river, shouting to Queenie.

     "Everybody can't be like you! You just have to accept that, Queenie!"

     The gang, who had been laughing their heads of, suddenly stopped. Queenie's eyes grew red. If there's one thing Queenie hates, it's you calling her Queenie. In the gang she was known as Monga, which, unneeded to say, was an extremely stupid name.

     "I'll get that Ixi," Queenie mumbled. "You be sure I will."

* * *

Odesseous washed her face quietly, her head full of sad thoughts. She had been so excited when her owner, worldcool, finally had saved up to buy her a Faerie paint brush. But then she had made a horrible discovery. She, unlike all the other pets, couldn't fly with her feeble wings. Then, to make it even worse, Odesseous had arrived to stay here in the outcast of Neopia Central near the coast two days ago with a good friend of worldcool, abba_music. She had been very happy, but then she had discovered the flying gang that roamed the place, with Queenie in the lead. And worse of all… Queenie was one of abba_music's pets.

     "Odesseous, isn't it? What are you doing down here?"

     Odesseous jumped in surprise and looked up to see the big, feathery face of thanks_for_music, or just Music. Music was an Eyrie, and another one of abba_music's pets. Odesseous hadn't seen him very much so far; he was often down at the same river she was sitting by. He was a bit of a loner.

     "Oh… you're thanks_for_music, aren't you?" Odesseous asked, feeling a bit stupid.

     "Yup. So, what are you doing here?" he asked again.

     "Oh, I… well that bullying gang chased me. Because I can't fly."

     "AGAIN!? That must be the 7th time in two days!!!" Music clicked his beak in surprise.

     Odesseous looked miserable. "Yeah, I know. They're teasing me because I'm probably the only neopet in Neopia who has been painted with the Faerie paint brush and can't fly." She sighed sadly. "I guess I'm just useless."

     "You're NOT useless, just a little… well, bad at flying. But I'm sure we can teach you."

     Suddenly, a green Zafara hopped out from nowhere behind Music. She sneaked towards him and settled herself behind his ear. Then she drew in her chest and--

     "Dinners READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Music jumped and squawked, sounding like an old parrot that just got his beak stuck in a peace of choc chip cookie. Angrily he ruffled his feathers and turned round to scold at his big sister, who was laughing her head of.

     "I HATE it when you do that Boomerang!" Boomerang just kept laughing as if she was a bottomless hole.

     "You should have seen your face!" She gasped in between laughs. Odesseous' mouth twisted round in a smile, the Zafara's laugh was very catching. Music grumbled as Odesseous started laughing as well. They kept on like that until abba_music; the owner of Music and Boomerang (and Queenie) came up to them and screamed at the top of her voice.

     "DINNERS READY!!! AND IF YOU DON'T COME NOW YOU'RE IN FOR IT!" The Neopets jumped at exactly the same time. One by one they hurried inside, Boomerang still giggling with all her might, and Music walking behind muttering something about that he lived in a family of blonkos.

* * *

"Is that Uni late for food AGAIN?" abba_music sighed, as she stood waiting for everybody to come down, holding a saucepan in her left hand. "Boomerang and Music, you go out and fetch her. Odi (nickname for Odesseous), you can stay here. After all, you are a guest." But Odesseous shook her head.

     "I would love to come! You guys are my friends you know."

* * *

Boomerang (Music called her Boomerang, and for a good reason too) kept on talking the whole time they were walking along the paths between the big hills. Odesseous wondered how it was possible that Boomerang could talk so much, and how Music seemed to have developed a surprising ability to ignore it completely.

     Then, just as Odesseous wondered if there really was an end to the high hills that were shadowing the ground beneath her, when a grungy old shack loomed up in the distance.

     "What's that? It looks freaky…"

     Boomerang paused in her chatting and applauded Odesseous.

     "Congratulations! You're right, it is freaky," she said, a shiver going down her spine. "Its where Queenie and her gang is."

     "And we have to go and get her," Music sighed.

     "I wonder if it's worth it. Why can't we just leave her?" Boomerang suggested. Music shook his head in disbelief.

     "Boomerang, haven't I already told you that she's our responsibility now? Its illegal to just leave her there."

     "Guess so," Boomerang sighed.

     "C'mon, we have to go get her." They went up towards the shack and knocked on the door. A surly looking Skeith opened, flapping his tiny wings impatiently.

     "Yeah? So what do you want?" He glared at them with his red eyes. Odesseous wished she hadn't come. But Boomerang and Music took it quite calmly.

     "Que-- um, Monga needs to come home for dinner," Music said, almost yawning. The Skeith blinked suspiciously at them, then went to fetch Queenie. Queenie came back with an irritated look on her face.

     "Why are you coming to get me? I was in the middle of an important meeting."

     "We bow before you, oh Mighty Evil One," Boomerang said sarcastically. "You have to come home for dinner."

     As the group returned to the kitchen, Odesseous noticed that a yellow Aisha was sitting at the table. She had a pretty little face and a sleek fur coat, and she was probably younger than the others.

     "Hello again," abba_music said, glaring at Queenie. "Odi, this is Mamma_mia_Bee by the way. Just call her Bee. Odesseous shook hands politely.

     "Hello, Bee. I haven't seen you before… are you new here?" Bee nodded.

     "Yes, I came 'ere last week. I 'ave a sad childhood, but I try to forget zat. My real name is Beatrice, but I'm called Bee. You're Odesseous, aren't you?" Odesseous noticed that the Aisha had an accent.

     "Yes, I am. Just call me Odi. Are you from out of town by the way?" the Aisha giggled.

     "Yes, you 'ear that in my accent clearly!" Just then abba_music dropped a very big sausage on Odesseous' plate.

     "He… I'm sorry, I'm not that good at cooking," abba_music said, blushing, as Odesseous examined her overcooked sausage. Boomerang stuck out her tongue at her sausage, which defiantly wasn't overcooked; it looked as though abba_music hadn't put it in the saucepan at all. Abba_music frowned.

     "I may not have made the best dinner, Boomerang, but I will NOT allow you to stick out your tongue at me, your sausage or anyone else! If this goes on, I will have to put you in NEOSCHOOL!"

     Boomerang whimpered and immediately began eating her sausage (all the time looking as though she would throw up). Abba_music looked pleased. She turned around and glared at Music, Queenie and Bee, who quickly started eating their sausages, Queenie looking extremely angry and growled all the time, wisps of smoke coming through her nostrils. Odesseous nervously looked up at abba_music, but she had gone into the living room to clean up a bit. As soon as she was out of sight, Boomerang spat out her sausage and choked, clutching her throat.

     "Remind me to never eat my owner's sausages!"

To be continued…

Author's note: Thank you to abba_music for lending lots of things to me -- her Neopets, herself and her NeoHome. Odesseous isn't actually painted Faerie, but I hope to do that soon.

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