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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Short Stories > From the Files of Dr. Sloth: Journal One

From the Files of Dr. Sloth: Journal One

by dragonswake

As a young Shoyru scientist, Huri by name, walked up the lab, he studied each of his test tubes carefully. From behind him, someone said, "Doc, I think we won't be able to return these JubJubs back to their normal form..."

     "Alright, Larry," Huri said. "Just wait a moment... I think I figured something out..." Doctor Huri walked up to one of the test tubes, sniffing it carefully.

     "Doc, have you gone mad on something?!" Larry asked excitedly. His yellow Lenny feathers flutters as he carefully walked over to Doctor Huri. His small footsteps echoed in the large, empty laboratory.

     Huri sniffed the test tube again in disappointment. "Larry, bring the JubJubs, please." Larry nodded reluctantly, but still went out the door, and when he came back, he held three small bottles, and inside them were tiny versions of JubJubs. Each of them had many warts, and their eyes were bloodshot as they stared mysteriously back at Larry and Huri. Huri smiles, gently parting his blue wings and yawning, rubbing his eyes behind his glasses.

     "Larry, I don't know if we can save them. But I'll check over to the Space Faerie, if you insist."

"Wakers, wakers, or I'm gonna bonk your head with a test tube," cawed a small Pawkeet. Huri yawned. Another day in the lab had passed. He had accidently fallen asleep while working. He looked around. Larry was already pouring himself a warm cup of coffee.

     "Good mornin', Doc. Had a nice sleep, eh?" Larry said as he walked up to Huri. Huri nodded slowly.

     "I guess," he replied. He looked around the lab. Empty seats, unorganised papers, empty test tubes. Huri sighed. It had all started when he had been a young Shoyru... the Space Faerie had come to take him in, as he had been an orphan. For many years, she taught him all the necessary things of life: reading, writing, even flying. He had become such an extraordinarily and intelligent student, and one day, the Space Faerie had let him on a secret, one that he knew that Huri would not defy. He could remember it, clear as day...

      "Well, Huri, I have something to tell you..."


      "Well, you see... I am a high member of the R.W.A, the Rescuing Winged Association. We work in private, helping Neopians and Neopets alike. Well, we have a special, a very important mission, and also a mystery within it, that no one can solve, and I think that you are the only one who can help us... already, you are strong in your mind, wise, and smart. If we train you to the right level at the right time, you may be the only one who can save us.

     "Dr. Sloth captured several JubJubs a month ago, and took a special DNA that only JubJubs have, one, if used correctly, can be used as a potion to give one such power that he would have the power to rule Neopia, and all Neopets, as well. Each JubJub has a sample of that power, as JubJubs are the only Neopets who can withstand the mighty Monocerous' roar. But if these DNA are bunched up together, they can create a magical power so power it could illuminate the whole of Neopia itself!

     "Already, Dr. Sloth is experimenting on these poor Neopets. He transforms them into ugly beasts, and slowly, they shed pieces of their hair, and the last piece of hair that falls out is that DNA. As you know, JubJubs almost never shed, and if they do, the hair grows back immediately. We already know where Dr. Sloth is hiding the JubJubs. We just need the logic to create the potion that will return these JubJubs back to normal. Please, I have already discussed your power to learn, your intelligence with the Council, and they have agreed to help train you, but all we are waiting for is your agreement. Will you help?"

     Of course, Huri agreed. And so, immediately, the Space Faerie had given him books to study about: The Anatomy of a JubJub, The Hair of a JubJub, all the way to Cosmetics for your JubJubs, Does your JubJub Like Lipstick?

     For years, Huri had studied his best, and finally, when the time had come, the Space Faerie had finally let him leave for the Headquarters of the RWA in the underground vaults of the Great Pyramid in the Lost Desert, where the Council had promised to do the rest. And he was still studying, still studying, until this very moment.

     The Council had given him assistants, and his very own petpet, a silver Pawkeet he called Yodim. And he was still studying this very moment with Larry.

      "Good mornin', Doc. Had a nice sleep, eh?" Yodim imitated Larry. Larry rolled his eyes.

     "I guess," Huri replied. He walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup. He took out a bag of chips from one of the cabinets and handed them to Yodim. "Sorry. Couldn't find anything healthy," Huri admitted. "Larry, did you find out anything while I was dozing off?" Huri asked as he sipped the hot coffee.

      "Well, no, not really. But Rissa and Arnold, I think, have gone to the Underground Catacombs in Neopia Central for something, I forgot." Riss and Arnold were twin red Pteris who were always going to the most unlikely places and bringing in more clues that anyone could imagine could have come from that place.

     "Well, I hope they find something, or else I really am going to go the Space Faerie," Huri said. But he was in no worry, as Rissa and Arnold were bound to find something of importance.

     "How long have they been out?" Huri asked Larry.

      "I think five hours, right after you had dozed off. They said they would come back at 10:15, and they're never late. Actually, it's near 10:15, really!" Right on cue, the entrance door banged open, and Rissa and Arnold bumped into Larry.

     "Hi, Doc, hi Larry!" Arnold started excitedly. "We were at the Catacombs, and we bought a NEOPIAN TIMES issue, and we want you to read it!"

      "Oh my gosh, look at this!" Rissa screeched excitedly as she shoved the NEOPIAN TIMES in front of Larry. "Look, it says that someone sent by the Neopian Police into the Haunted Woods never came back. That person was investigating three lost JubJubs that had strayed into the Woods on accident. I think this has something to do with Sloth."

     "Woah, slow down!" Huri said, surprised. Usually, Rissa and Arnold were quiet and shy, but today, they seemed to be overcome with joy. "Everything's happening so fast... wait, rewind and say that all again!"

     "Okay then, "Hi, Doc, hi Larry!" Arnold started excitedly. "We were at the Catacombs, and we bought a NEOPIAN TIMES issue, and we want you to read it!"

      "Oh my gosh, look at this! Look, it says that someone sent by the Neopian Police into the Haunted Woods never came back. That person was investigating three lost JubJubs that had strayed into the Woods on accident. I think this has something to do with Sloth."

     "Never mind about that. Larry already told me where you guys went, and I didn't really mean to rewind."

     "Anyway, I insist we go to the Haunted Woods ourselves and investigate!" Arnold said. "What about it, Doc?"

     "Well, I guess so, but--"

     "Well, then, let's go!" Rissa said as she grabbed both Huri's and Larry's hands.

     Huri had never imagined that everything would be going so rapidly, but at last, Huri decided that he would let himself flow with the riptide of excitement and wonder.


Rissa and Arnold bounded out of the helicopter, followed by the slow figures of Huri and Larry.

     "Come, on, guys!" Rissa shouted as she raced Arnold over to a pair of trees. Larry nodded carefully, still not sure he should be on this little mini "mission."

     Together, the four walked silently through the dark woods. Their protective gear seemed to be so heavy as Huri walked. He panted with every step. Already, excitement and nervousness crept up him like spiders. For a few more minutes, they kept walking, when suddenly, from behind a curtain-like veil of greenish ropes jumped a large, wild looking creature with tufts of blue hair and lumpy, orange feet, which seemed large, bigger than the body itself. Instantly, Rissa and Arnold screamed and then froze, and Larry fainted.

     What is that?!" Huri asked Rissa. She didn't answer, but Huri thought he knew what. Those big black eyes reminded him of a JubJubs, as did the feet.

     From one of his pockets, Huri released a magical item, a gift he had received from the Council. The colorful, polished realistic skin of the Hand-Painted Scarab glistened in the moon as it glided silently towards the JubJub's chest. It seemed to groan as it shook the battle weapon off. It growled ferociously, and then screamed like a banshee, deafening Huri's ears. But he still took yet another weapon from his pocket. "Ha! face my wonderful dagger!" Huri laughed as he took out a Rainbow Gun. Oops, he thought. He took out yet another battle item, and thankfully, it was a Cobrall Dagger, gleaming as the Scarab had did.

     Huri swung the dagger at the fearsome beast, and finally, he left it in rags. He himself was bloodied as well as the JubJub fell to the ground. As sudden as they had froze, Rissa and Arnold unfroze and looked triumphantly back at the JubJub.

     "Ha, take that, you weak monster! I knew I would beat you!" Arnold said, kicking the beast and then tripping on a clump of hair. Rissa ran over to Huri and took out a portable hospital First-Aid Kit. "Here, take this," she said, handing him a potion labeled Pain Reliever.

     She ran over to Larry and kicked him on the side. "Wake up, you mongrel!" she shouted. Larry immediately opened his eyes. "Ow! That hurt you know!"

     "Serves you right, you fainting feather basket!"

      "Hey, at least I didn't freeze like you and you brother did!"

     "How did you know that we froze...? You fainted, didn't you?" she asked suspiciously.

     "Oops, spilled the beans..." he laughed nervously.

     From Arnold, a shout rang out. "Guys, I think I found something!" he cried.

     Rissa bounded over to him, followed by Larry and Huri. "What?" Rissa asked anxiously. The three waited hopefully as Arnold showed them a hard leather book with golden gilding and black letters. It spelled: DOCTOR SLOTH'S JOURNAL DO NOT TOUCH!!!

     "It seems like this monster left it. What I don't know is why it would be carrying Dr. Sloth's Journal."

     "Oh, who cares! Just get on with it! Read it! Open it! Read it! This ought to be interesting..." Rissa exclaimed. Arnold nodded and opened to the very first page.

Dear Leather-thingy-that-I-can-write-my-feelings-in,

     Tooday, Eye hav capturd three more JubJubs! Eye also hav told my employees to giv me desert after diner now. Eye cant wate! It shal bee Snot Pie and Dung Cream, not to mention that the snot and the dung is my own!

     Manee peepl think Eye am meen and crule and evil! That is not tru and that is unfare! All Eye want to do is to kill everee singl Neopet and Neopeein out there, and rool the world and turn peepl into monsters! That is very nice! Eye dont no wy they want to captur me and arrest me? Hmph! If thay dont like me, then thay wil pey!

Good-bye, Leather-thingy-that-I-can-write-my-feelings-in
Frum your nice frend, SLOTH!

      "That was interesting..." Rissa said slowly. Larry was laughing as hard as a buffoon. Huri smiled. He had been right. He would be swept with the riptide of this journey; just not how he had expected it!

The End

Author's Note: This was just a fun little story that I was experimenting with. The next journal might be worse or better, but I'll still have fun writing it, and I hope you will have a good time reading it, as well!

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