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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Relaxing, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Short Stories > Spike, the Crash, the Potion, and the Lolly

Spike, the Crash, the Potion, and the Lolly

by immortalmina

Spike_aka_bigbad is the youngest of all Immortalmina’s pets. Little Spike is also the only Korbat in a pack of Aishas. This made Immortalmina treat him more carefully. She never wanted Spike to fly.

     "Please... I’ll be good, I will," Spike pleaded with her in his English accent.

     "No Spiky. What if you get hurt? I just couldn’t stand the thought of it," Immortalmina explained to him.

     "But you would let Artemisluv," Spike stated flatly. This hit a nerve. Immortalmina did favor Artemisluv only because she was the first pet. Immortalmina loved all her pets alike, nonetheless.

     "I would never let her do such a thing. I don’t want any of you to get hurt. I love you all too much," Immortalmina said as she hugged the red Korbat.

     At this, Spike angrily went off to the Spooky Woods. This was always his favorite place in Neopia. He saw all of the other Korbats flying in the breeze. He wanted to feel the wind beneath his wings.

     Spike climbed the highest tree and leaped from it. He flapped his red wings and soon he was flying. "This is blooming brilliant!" Spike shouted.

     As he flew he could see his petpet OZ. OZ who was a Christmas Doglefox didn’t approve of him disobeying Immortalmina. Spike could no doubt see that OZ had not changed, as he looked infuriated. Spike didn’t want OZ to be mad at him so, he came in for a landing. Spike wasn’t very good at landing. He hit the ground with a CRUNCH!

     OZ ran to Spike as fast as his Doglefox legs could take him. "Are you okay?" OZ asked Spike.

     Spike looked up from the ground and could feel pain in his left eyebrow. He knew it must be cut. By the look on OZ’s face it was confirmed. Spike was stunned. He looked at Oz and said, "What will I do? Immortalmina will go nutters if she sees this." OZ shrugged his shoulders.

     Then, the two heard an evil cackle. It came from a shadow behind them. A tall, lovely figure emerged from the dark. It was Jhudora the dark Faerie. "Don’t cry little one," she said with her dark tone of voice.

     Spike was not afraid of her. All the pets in Neopia were, but not him. "I’m not crying, love," he explained.

     "Well, well. Here is a Poisonous Lollypop anyway." The dark Faerie handed him a purple and green lollipop. Spike took it and stuck it in his mouth. It tasted so good and yet there was something addicting about it.

     "I don’t think you should take something from her," whispered OZ. Spike just ignored him. The lollipop seemed to stop the pain from his eyebrow. It now felt much better.

     "Now about that cut. Go to your owner’s potions and heal yourself before she finds out. Everything will be fine."

     "Yes, my lady," Spike agreed curtly and headed home. Jhudora cackled as he disappeared from her sight. OZ followed not understanding why Spike listened to her.

     Spike went into Immortalmina’s potions and found one that had Korbat wings in it. Hmm... maybe this will fix me? he thought. He gave the lollipop to OZ. OZ left the room and Spike didn’t even notice.

     Spike gulped down the smelly potion. The potion burned as it went down his throat. "Eww!" yelled Spike. During the shock of what was happening he dropped the bottle, the bottle broke as it hit the ground.

     Spike’s body began to twist and turn. It was very painful to him. His flesh began to melt and rearrange. Soon Spike’s pretty red wings became a blue color. Next his white fur became a dark green. Then his little black eyes became bigger and deep red. They now glowed with intent. Lastly Spike’s tail grew longer and stronger.

     Spike coughed on the last of the potion in his mouth. He had fallen to his knees from the pain. He got back up and looked at himself in the mirror. The cut was now a bright red scar across his left eyebrow. Spike touched it and laughed to himself. He didn’t realize there was another person in the room.

     OZ was so worried about Spike that he ran and got Immortalmina. She was very worried and went to where she kept the potions. "Spike! What did you do?" Immortalmina questioned as she walked into the room.

     Spike looked up at her with his red eyes. There was only one thought in his mind. "I can fly whenever I want!"

     "Okay, Okay. I see you found that potion. Dr. Sloth gave it to me. I was going to sell it if you didn’t want it. I guess you did want it. Oh, Spike that is a nasty scar." Immortalmina didn’t care what he said she still loved him dearly.

     "OZ, give me my lolly," he demanded from the Doglefox. OZ handed it to him without hesitation. Spike put it into his mouth and left the room.

     "Will he be okay, Immortalmina?" OZ asked.

     "I hope so."

     Spike stood in the NeoHome just starring. His lollipop was almost gone. He had to have another one. Emerald__Weapon, or EW, the spotted Aisha walked into the room. "What happened to you?" he asked.

     "I have become what I truly am," Spike told him.

     "What does that mean?" questioned EW again.

     "I don’t have to tell you. Do you have any Poisonous Lollypops?" he now asked the Aisha.

     "Even if I did I wouldn’t give them to you, you’re being rude." With that, EW left the room. This made Spike mad. He wasn’t being rude, he was just being himself.

     Spike left the NeoHome and headed for the Dark Cloud of Jhudora. He knew she would be there. He flew there knowing he now could fly whenever he wanted. It didn’t take him very long to get there. Once above her cloud he tried to land. He landed with a smash. At least this time it was a soft cloud he crashed into.

     "So you have come back?" Jhudora said as Spike enter her room. She had a very vicious smile on her face. She knew that Spike was a new follower.

     "I just want another lolly," he said.

     "Well, to get one you will need to get me something first."


     "The Emerald Weapon," Spike stood dead in his tracks. He had no idea what the Emerald Weapon was. Only thing with that name was the Aisha. He couldn’t give her EW.

     "The Aisha? I can’t give him to you, love," he said as he headed to leave.

     This upset Jhudora. That lollipop she gave him should have made Spike follow her orders no matter what they were. "Not an Aisha. It is a gem with great powers."

     "No blooming way. I’ll just go to a shop and get a lolly. Goodbye, love." Spike then flew off.

     "No one disobeys me!" Jhudora yelled. Her yell shook the room.

     As Spike flew towards the Marketplace he noticed he was being followed. Jhudora was flying after him. "What does that crazy bird think she is doing?" he asked himself.

     "Back here you!" she screamed at him. Spike did not stop he kept flying. He soon became tired. Spike couldn’t fly anymore. He landed, well, crashed into a forest.

     Spike got up and began to run. He still wasn’t afraid of her, he just didn’t want her to hurt EW. Spike may act like he hates the Aishas, but he doesn’t.

     "You can’t run from me. I will find you!" Jhudora shouted from somewhere behind Spike. Spike kept running until he found a small cabin. He opened the door and went in.

     "May I help you?" asked a voice from behind Spike. He turned around and was face to face with Illusen the earth Faerie of Meridell. He must have flown to Meridell and not known it.

     "I... uh..."

     "Jhudora is after you, right? Well, just wait here." After Illusen said that, she left the small cabin.

     Spike looked around the room. It was filled with green things. It was the stuff Illusen gives those who complete quests for her. He didn’t dare touch a thing. He already had one Faerie after him, he could not afford another.

     Spike sat on the floor and waited. He really wanted another lollipop. Was he going to be addicted to them forever? "Maybe they have a patch or a gum for this," he told himself.

     After a while Spike became tired and fell asleep on the floor. He would have rather hung upside down, but he was too tired to care. Spike’s dreams were that of Jhudora after him. "No!" he said in his sleep.

     When Spike woke up he was in his room. Had none of it happened? Was it all a crazy dream? Spike looked in the mirror to find he was a mutant Korbat with a red scar over his left eyebrow. He also really wanted a Poisonous Lollypop. "Drat! It was blooming real!"

The End

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