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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Continuing Series > Snow Way Out: Part Two

Snow Way Out: Part Two

by Duplica13

"Good morning!"

To my surprise, Ry was sitting at the table, along with Dani, Addey (A blue Zafara) and Moltenore (A red Shoyru).

"I hope you dont mind, but I brought breakfast," said Ry with a smile.

"Mind? No way!" I said, returning her smile. "Ill do anything to get out of cooking."

"Ry brought Faerie Pancakes and Faerie Toast with butter and-" Starshimmer tended to talk a lot, so I just tuned her out.

"Listen, Duplica, I was thinking of going to the pound. You know, to cheer up the pets?" Ry was hesitant. Although she often went to the pound to cheer up pets, the last time Id gone had ended in disaster.

Id ended up adopting a Skunk Kacheek named Kool_Kyle_Kid, and hed turned out to be evil. Hed tried to turn my pets, and Rys, into slaves of Dr. Sloth. Just in time, Id discovered his plan. Wed gotten away, and I hadnt seen Kyle since.

"Um, Duplica?" Ry asked, jolting me back to the present. "How about it?"

"Sorry, what?" I said. I knew Ry would understand why Id gone off in daydream.

"I said, Do you wanna come with me?"

"Yeah, sure."

Together, Ry and I flew off to the pound. Starshimmer, Moonshine, Dani, Addey and Moltenore came as well. I carried Dani, Ry carried Addey, and Moonshine and Moltenore carried Starshimmer together. Since I lived on Market Street, it wasnt that far.

Soon, the dismal form of the pound loomed up ahead. I could feel the fear in the pets. Ry and I were about to walk into the room where the pets were held, when my cell phone went off. Gesturing to Ry to keep going, I answered my phone.

"Yes, Duplica here...What? Another script change?...Yes, I know...Alright, when?...Tomorrow?...Oh, I see...Yes the light...I know...Uh-huh...Okay, I get it... Right, see you tomorrow." I hung up the phone and groaned. Jess had decided that five different scenes needed changing, and they just could not wait. I would have to pick up the new script on my way home, then spend the rest of the afternoon, and probably some of the night memorising it.

I walked into the pound and felt like Id jumped into the snow on Terror Mountain in shorts. I carefully tuned down the extreme sadness that was in the pound. Woven through it was excitement, because of Ry and me being here. Ry came often, and was known to be rich. I was in a movie, and also known to be rich. All the pets hoped wed adopt them. Every now and then was pure happiness. Those were the pets Ry had visited. She had a Bag of Infinite Neggs, and almost always pulled out a Happiness Negg.

I pulled out my own bag, and headed down the aisles, talking to the pets, giving them encouragement, and Neggs. To some of the younger ones, I gave plushies. I would give them a plushie of their own type, colour and all. If I didnt have that particular colour or type, Id give them a Fuzzle of their colour. Together, Ry and I covered most of the pound. It was late afternoon when we stopped, due to Moonshines constant complaints. When she got hungry, she always complained until she was fed.

"That was great. A lot of those poor pets are still really young. They should have a kind owner, and some siblings to protect them. Im glad we were able to help them feel better," I sighed. Then, I remembered the phone call. "Ry, do you mind if we got to the studio before we go home? I need to pick up the new script."

"Sure," answered Ry, and off we went. First, though we went to Pizzaroos, to get some pizza. All the pets wanted something different, so instead of buying one whole pizza, we got each of the pets a slice.

"Ry, thanks so much for your help," I said as we reached my house. It was getting really late now, since we had spent so much time in the studio. It seemed that the script had changed while I was in the pound, so it took 20 minutes for me to get a copy of the latest script.

"I should be thanking you," she said with a laugh. "Without your help, theres no way I could have helped so many pets. You really have a way with them."

"Thanks," I replied, blushing. "Coming from you, that means a lot." She laughed and grabbed the basket she used to transport her non-flying pets.

Just then, my phone rang. "Oh, no," I groaned, "more trouble. Ry, stay, you need food." Ry laughed again and waited. "Hello?...Jess?...What do you MEAN, now...They did what?...I cant, my pets need to get to sleep, theyve got school...The light? I dont care, we can do it inside!" I rolled my eyes at Ry. She stifled another giggle. "Oh, all right...Yeah...Top of Terror Mountain?...I can be there in 20 minutes...Okay, ciao."

"What was that about?" asked Ry.

"Jess changed his mind, he needs me now at the top of Terror Mountain. Listen, Ry, can you stay here? Moonshine and Starshimmer need their sleep," I said.

"Cool. Dont worry," Ry replied.

"Wait, five pets is too many. Ill take Dani with me." I glanced at Dani. She looked at Ry, her excitement growing. Id chosen her because out of all of Rys pets, she was the one I knew best.

"All right. Dani, be good, dont bother ANYONE, we dont need a lawsuit." At this, I giggled. Ry gave me a Look, then went back to telling Dani how to behave. Finally, she and her other pets went into the house.

I gave Moonshine and Starshimmer each a kiss, and told them to be good for Ry. " And if Im not here when you wake up, ask Ry NICELY for breakfast, and stay quiet if shes asleep, got it?" Both my pets nodded, and walked up the path and into the house. I turned to Dani, who was practically bursting with excitement. "Come on, lets go."

"Alright! Hey Duplica, can I be in the movie?" Dani asked as she leapt into my arms.

"It depends. If Jess decides to do a crowd scene, well need extras. I might put in a good word," I said as we lifted off into the clear night sky.

To be continued...

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