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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Continuing Series > The Little People: Part Two

The Little People: Part Two

by liuliu

In part one, we met Jublet, Chacha, Klik and Queegon, four of the smaller species of NeoPet, who were constantly being tormented by bigger pets. They tried to appear bigger by standing on top of one another, but, long story short, they ended up back home, covered in blueberry sauce (well, you should've read the last one!).

Queegon bolted the door quickly and, gasping for air, sat down. Klik bounced inside furiously, announcing he was going to take a bath.

"I'm glad we escaped in time!" said the relieved Chacha, wiping the blueberry sauce off her fur.

"We could have been Jubjub, Kiko, Quiggle and Chia pizzas," agreed Jublet, shuddering at the thought.

"Now what are we gonna do?" Queegon sighed.

"I'm all out of ideas," said Jublet, sadly, "You got any?"

Chacha and Queegon looked at the floor solemnly as they thought and thought. It was hard being small. The only pets as small as them were baby PetPets, and even then... wait a minute, it seems Chacha has an idea.

"Something just occurred to me," she told Jublet, "You know PetPets are about our size?"

"Yeah?" Queegon said, staring at her with interest.

"Well... maybe we could dress up as PetPets for a bit."

"No way!" Queegon refused, "I don't wanna be a PetPet."

"But think about it," Chacha insisted, "They'll take care of us, feed us, shelter - and of course, they'll let us out, wink wink."

"She has a point," said Jublet, "But, Chacha, how do we look like PetPets?"

"Well, we could be all new PetPets," giggled Chacha, "A brand new species! Then they'd definitely buy us. All we have to do is make ourselves look weird and go town to the PetPet store."

"What a great plan, Chacha!" said Jublet, amazed, "Well done!"

"Klik!" shouted Queegon, "Get in here, they have another dumb plan."

The next morning was actually a surprising amount of fun. Klik had taken out his old paint set and the buddies were covering themselves in wonderful colors and patterns. Chacha was painted in shocking pink with big purple spots. Jublet was dark blue with yellow stripes. Klik had every quarter of him in another colour, whereas Queegon decided to just roll around in the paint and see what happened. They ripped up the fur coat of an old Usuki doll and put pieces on, and used some old armour also. When they were finished they looked like nothing ever seen in the word of Neopia!

Queegon proudly walked in front of the mirror. He glued a Lenny feather onto his back and declared his costume was complete. They set off again, making sure they stayed out of the light until they reached the store. They snuck in the den at the back, where there were many staring, curious PetPets.

"You know," Jublet told Chacha, "I've always wanted a Donksaur."

"Suits you too," Chacha chuckled.

They made their way through the cramped den, and wondered how they could be noticed. They began making a terrible howling noise to get attention.

A light began to flicker on the screens of some of the robotic PetPets. First one, then three, then four... then all of them were flashing. They beeped and began trundling towards the noisy new arrivals.

"What are they going to do, Jublet?!" Queegon asked, nervously.

"I... don't... knoooooooow!" Jublet started. A robot grabbed him and shook him up like a can of paint. The others were to scared to move. Jublet just screamed.

A worried looking shop assistant, a Acara as a matter of fact, came rushing out. She was holding a remote control. She quickly pressed a button and the shaking stopped. All the robots were deactivated.

"Thanky..." Queegon put his hand over Jublet's mouth - he was supposed to be a PetPet. Jublet stopped, but it wasn't long before he collapsed.

He woke up in a little cage in a strange room. Across from him were Queegon, Klik and Chacha. They were all caked in mud with the struggle, and looked very tired.

"What's going on?" Jublet yawned.

"The Acara fed us and all that," Queegon explained, "Yucky, what these PetPets have to eat here."

"I like it," Klik squeaked. Nobody listened.

"Hey, so it's working?" Jublet smiled.

"I guess," replied Chacha, "She's on the phone with the Neopian Department of PetPets."

Jublet was about to speak when the Acara returned, holding a towel. She opened the cages one by one and cradled the four in the towel, then brought them over to the basin.

"Phew, a bath," whispered Chacha to Jublet, "I'm uncomfortable."

Everyone hopped into the warm water. The Acara was impressed as she began to scrub off the mud.

"Good PetPets," she praised them, "Now, the nice person at the PetPets department says you're a new breed, so he's going to come and see you. Yes he is! Yes he is!"

Queegon rolled his eyes.

"Oh, my little babies are so muddy," she continued, "We can't have you looking like that when he comes and visits, can we?"

Chacha yawned.

"You're so good," the Acara chimed, "And so clever. And -" She stopped. She looked at Jublet. A clump of fur had fallen into the water. The Acara looked worried but continued scrubbing them.

"Good little Pollopet," she said, "I'm going to name you that, because my name is Polly, and I discovered you, and--"

Again, she was silent. She could've sworn that the PetPet's skin was blue a minute ago. There was blue all over her hands.

"You're a Jubjub! Oh, gracious!" Polly gaped, "Get out, get out, stupid thing!"

Jublet had only just realised his paint was coming off. In fact, everyone had lost their paint.

"And--a Kiko! A Chia! A Quiggle!" Polly frowned, "Get out of here, you! Just tramps looking for a free bath!"

She picked them up and tossed them out the door. They went flying through the air, screaming. Kiko covered his eyes in terror. They landed fairly hard on the path. An Aisha with a broom smacked them away angrily. They rolled and rolled till they came to a stop at the door of their cave, bruised and battered.

Sadly, they crawled back in, their joints aching. This was the second time their trick had not worked. They were tempted to give up hope.

To be continued...

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