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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Short Stories > Once Upon a Koi

Once Upon a Koi

by chelz219

RING!!! The school bell chimed and all the NeoPets assembled quickly into the dark building. This was when Dr. Sloth was taking over Neopia. All the pets were in classes according to their level, taught by brave volunteering owners. They had to teach secretly, so they would be safe from Sloth's men.

A young yellow Koi stumbled through the trees in back of the line. He tripped over a vine in front of the building and plopped onto the front step. The other level three pets roared with laughter. Kevin the Koi was sick of being teased every day! He wanted to run home to his owner, but she had a NeoHome miles away, on Winding Road. So instead he ignored everyone and rushed to his old wooden desk. Mrs. Pinski, his teacher, started class and Kevin reached for his set of pencils and his copy of Science is Fun. Slowly, school drooled on and ended.

"Mom, Mom, I'm home!" Kevin announced, rushing past his older brother and his sisters. "Hi Kevin. How was school today," asked their owner, chelz219. All the siblings started telling their stories, but they were interrupted by a hard pounding at the door.

"Munch? Is that you?" called Kevin. Munch was his best friend. There was no response. Chelz219 looked worried. "Go in my room! Hide under the bed!! Quick!!" she whispered. All the pets zoomed through the hall and scrunched underneath their mom's dung bed. They heard a crash of the door breaking down and a shot of a frost cannon. "Mom!" shouted Kevin as he raced backed to the living room. His mom was on the floor, unconscious, and a Grundo was standing in the doorway. In his hand he held a red frost cannon and a weird ray gun. Before either could speak, the Grundo shot Kevin with a ray, turned, and escaped. His sisters ran into the room crying, "Kev are you okay?!" He was fine, but his mom wasn't. The oldest brother, Growler, came in carrying a healing potion. Within seconds, their owner was fine. They talked about what happened at their kitchen table and then ate supper, delicious carrots and a turkey dinner. Right after Kevin finished his third carrot, he felt dizzy and tingly. His mother suggested he go to bed early, and Kevin agreed.

The next morning, he awoke to a shrill scream. He looked around and saw that his older sister had made the outrageous shout. Looking in his mirror, he gave out one loud shout. He was a GRUNDO!! "It couldn't have happened! How? Why?" he wondered. "Could it be a dream?" He pinched himself. "Ouch! If it's not a dream, that means I really am going to be an ugly yellow Grundo for the rest of my life!!!!"

Down in Dr. Sloth's liar, Sloth himself was talking with one of his slaves. "Yes, sir. HEEEHEEHEE! *snort* I got him. HUHUUHU *snort* He's gonna be like me today! *snort* *giggle* That Koi will be a Grundo!!"

"Well, good, my puny slave. Catch him and bring him to me. He will be put in my training school that teaches Grundos to be my slaves," ordered Sloth.

"Yes, sir. *snort* Okeydokey."

By this time chelz219, Kevin's other sister, and his brother had arrived at the scene, adding more confused shouts and cries. "Mommy, there's a scary Grundo in the house!!!" cried his little sister.

Kevin protested, "No it's me, Kevin! I think the evil Grundo at our door shot a ray that made me turn into this!!! Oh, it's so awful!" Kevin's owner tried to calm him down, even though she was panicky too. "Don't worry, we'll save up for a morphing potion. But you can't go to school. They don't allow Grundos there. Why don't you have some time alone to think?"

"Okay," responded the tiny voice of Kevin.

A half hour later, chelz219 burst through the door with a jar and a fake smile. "Are you all right, honey?" she inquired.

"Yah, I'll be okay. What's in that jar?" Kevin asked, pointing to the glass container. His owner answered, "This is all of our Neopoints. I have been saving them for a long time. We have 80,000, so I'll gladly give you 2,000 Neopoints to change back. But, I'll give you more if you want to buy a different potion."

"Wow, a different one! I could be a cute little Chia, or a fierce Grarrl! I could FLY and be an Eyrie or be a different fish, like a Flotsam or a Jetsam! This is great!! But I might miss being a Koi," Kevin said.

"Don't worry, I know you'll pick the right choice" answered chelz219.

"You can think while I go drive your brother and sisters to school."

As soon as they left, Kevin took a bath and wondered what he should pick.

"Well, Mom wouldn't pay for a special colour, like Faerie or disco. My favourite original colour is green. But a green what? I think every pet is cool. I want to fight in the Battledome, so I'll pick a strong pet. I want a pet that's really nice too. Uhhh, Lupes! And Elephantes! And Kougras! But which one???"

Suddenly, he heard a muffled sound and a knock at the door. He raced to open it, and helped his mom carry a box. into the living room.

"What's in that?" he asked.

"Well," she began, "I decided to shop after dropping your brother and sisters off. I went to the Shop Wizard and he told me someone was having a sale on paint brushes and morphing potions. I arrived at the store before they restocked, and waited. Then I took a fire paint brush and a green Lupe morphing potion." Kevin answered excitedly,

"Mom, you read my mind! That's what I wanted to be!!! A green Lupe!" So after a discussion, they decided Kevin would be a green Lupe and his older sister could be painted fire. "Great idea mom.....I love you," Kevin said.

But my story is not over. An hour or so later, the door broke down......again! An evil green Grundo appeared at the door.....again! He searched the house while chelz219 and Kevin, now a Lupe, huddled together, too scared to speak. The Grundo made snorting sounds and mumbled as he rushed through the house and then he left, "Yes! He didn't do anything!!" they shouted, and cleaned up.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Sloth's lair:

"He wasn't in there, boss! *snort* He wasn't!" grumbled the green creature. Sloth answered sternly, "You fool! You let him get away? Go in your cave!!! I'll finish with you after my lunch...."

The End

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