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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Short Stories > Crystal


by unicornheart

The child’s eyes seemed to change from a silver-gray to a crystal-sapphire blue.

Thunder crashed as the lightning cut across the sky and into the sea. On a small boat, a mother and her year-old baby girl were trying to stay afloat amidst the storm. The sea grew rougher, and the wind howled. The mother held her baby’s basket tightly.

A wave suddenly tipped the boat. The mother lost her baby to the storm. Before the seatook her, the young mother shouted into the storm.

Mother (shouting): Please, save my child.

The Water Faerie heard the woman’s plea and saved the child by shielding the basket with her magic. Holding the basket, she swam to the shore, and called out with her magic for someone loving and kind to care for the child.

Ruby, a Red Uni appeared, flying through the clouds. She had heard the call of the Faerie. The Water Faerie showed Ruby the child. The child began to coo when she saw Ruby’s face.

Ruby: I will take her. She can join our herd.

Water Faerie: Very well, take care of this child, but before you leave, tell her what name will be.

Ruby looked at the child. Her hair was the same colour as the Earth Faerie’s hair. Her skin was the same colour as the sand of the shore. The child’s eyes seemed to change from a silver-gray to a crystal-sapphire blue.

Ruby: Everyone in the herd is named after a gem. So, I will call her Crystal, because her eyes, like a crystal, seem to change colour.

The Water Faerie smiled and handed Crystal’s basket to Ruby, and dove into the water and out of sight. Ruby looked at Crystal with love in her eyes. She flew toward her home, a valley hidden deeply in the outer regions of Neopia.

Ruby (thinking): She is different from us in so many ways, but she will be a welcome part of the herd. I just know she will.

As Ruby landed, the herd gathered around her to look in the basket. As she had told the Water Faerie every member was named after a gemstone. The leader of the herd was Sapphire, a male Blue Uni. He and his wife Emerald, a Green Uni, parted the crowd and looked into the basket, then at Ruby.

Sapphire: Is this the reason you flew off in such a hurry?

Ruby: Yes, Sapphire. The Water Faerie called for someone to take the child, and I answered her call.

Sapphire smiled. This was his way of showing he accepted Crystal as part of the herd. Ruby’s eyes were full of tears when she thanked Sapphire. The herd celebrated their newest member that night.

Fourteen Years Later

Crystal sighed as she watched her mother and the rest of the herd fly in the sky. Flying was one of the many things that separated Crystal from the herd. Crystal wished that one day she would be able to join her family in the sky.

That night, just before falling asleep, a howl echoed throughout the valley. The herd seemed to spring to life at the sound. Shouts of fear were followed by the sound of flapping wings.

Sapphire: Take to the sky; the Darkness Lupes are coming.

Ruby: Crystal get on my back. Don’t ask why. Just do it.

Crystal nodded and started to climb on her mother’s back. A Uni with four baby Unis came up to them. She had a look of sheer terror in her eyes. She couldn’t carry all the babies and needed help. Crystal placed two of the babies on Ruby’s back.

Crystal: Take the babies. I’ll climb the oak tree. They won’t be able to reach me there.

Ruby nodded and took to the sky. Crystal sprinted toward the oak tree and started to climb it. The howls were getting closer and Crystal could see many pairs of eyes flashing in the moonlight. She could hear the sound of a Lupe sniffing below her.

Lupe: Diablo, sir. I smell something strange here.

From her spot, Crystal could make out the markings of a Fire Lupe coming closer. This was the leader of the pack, Diablo. He sniffed the tree and looked up into the branches. He turned and looked at the sky, watch the herd circling above them.

Diablo: They would have flown away by now. There must be something important in this tree.

Crystal leaned forward a little more to get a better look at the rest of the pack of Lupes. She heard whispering below her. She leaned over the branch just a little bit more. Suddenly, she flipped over the branch and landed on her back, right between the two Lupes that were under the tree.

This was a new creature that the Lupes had never seen before. The rest of the pack moved closer to sniff the creature. When Diablo nudged the creature with his paw, it groaned slightly. Its eyes were closed. A whinny rang out behind the pack. It was Sapphire the leader of the Unis. A Ruby was right behind him

Ruby: Give me back my child.

Diablo: Your child? It’s not even a Uni, and yet, you call it your child.

Sapphire: Crystal is part of our herd, and she is Ruby’s child.

Crystal moaned slightly and opened her eyes. The Fire Lupe turned and looked her in the eye. He turned around and looked at Ruby. Diablo snickered and then, growled softly. Two Lupes pinned Crystal.

Diablo: We will take this member of your herd for our master.

Sapphire: Master??

Diablo: Yes, our master. He is very powerful and I think he would like this lovely hunting prize. Don’t try to stop us.

The Lupes led Crystal away from the valley. Crystal was only allowed to eat small amounts of the food that the Lupes had with them. Crystal cried herself to sleep each night. She had tried to escape on the first night but was caught. Crystal’s hope was gone. Her eyes also lost their blue.

After a week of traveling, the pack reached a castle. The Lupes sat in attention and howled in unison. The drawbridge of the castle lowered and they entered. The pack led Crystal to the main room of the castle. They stopped at the door to the room.

Diablo: Do as I tell you and our master will not harm you. Keep your head down, unless he orders you to look up. When you are close enough to see the first step up to his throne kneel as low as possible.

Crystal nodded. Diablo and his second in command entered the room, with Crystal behind them. Trembling, she did as Diablo had told her. Diablo’s master chuckled and came closer to Crystal. He lifted Crystal’s face so he could see it.

The packs master was a large and very black Lupe. He had eyes that were as red as rubies. Crystal tried as hard as she could not to cry, but a tear slid out of her eye and landed on his paw. He looked at where the tear landed, and then into Crystal’s sad, gray eyes.

DarkHeart: My name is DarkHeart. I am the true leader of the Darkness Lupes. Diablo leads the pack as I want him to lead it. You are the one thing I need to finally get rid of those Unis.

Crystal: I won’t let you use me to hurt my family.

DarkHeart: We’ll see about that.

DarkHeart barked loudly. Two Red Lupes appeared and dragged Crystal out of the room, down to the dungeon. Crystal wept the entire night. Her family was in danger because she hadn’t stayed still in the tree.

The same two Red Lupes were at the entrance of the dungeon in the morning. Crystal followed them to another room. This room was bare, except for a small bed and a tiny window. This was her room. The Lupes then took her to the main room once again. Dark stared into Crystal’s eyes. He ordered all the other the Lupes to leave the room.

DarkHeart: I will use you and your powers to destroy that herd of Unis whether you like it or not.

Crystal: Powers? I don’t have any powers.

DarkHeart: Yes, you do. They are hidden. I will unlock them. Guards, take her away

The guards dragged Crystal to the small room. They gave her a small piece of bread and a little water. Crystal left the food and looked out the window. The clouds hid the sun, and the rain was pouring. On a day like this the herd would have left the meadow and go into the woods. Crystal started to cry when she thought of the herd.

Suddenly, a ray of the sun parted the clouds and shone in through the window. Crystal saw a “light” face appear. It was the face of someone had never seen before. Crystal looked into the eyes of the face. Then she realised it was her face.

Crystal stared at her “light” face. Her hair was no longer brown; it was rainbow coloured. Her skin was a rich, rosy pink colour. Her eyes were the only thing that stayed the same. A golden light shone from around the face. She also had angel wings!

The body slowly began to form, as well. It was the same as Crystal’s body, but the clothing was different. Her “light” self wore a dress that came to just above her knees. The dress was a silver-blue just like Crystal’s eyes. The golden light spread around her.

Crystal: Are you me?

The figure nodded and pointed out the window. Crystal looked out the window and saw a gorgeous rainbow. Crystal began to have hope, and her eyes grew more blue, once again. The rainbow was a sign of an ancient sign hope to the Unis.

Suddenly, a howl rang through the corridor from right outside Crystal’s room. A Lupe had seen everything that had happened. At once, the sun was hidden behind the clouds, and Crystal’s “light” self faded. Crystal heard the sound of many paws scratching against the stone floor.

Diablo: Open this door, right now, girl.

Crystal opened the door. Diablo was standing there. His eyes seemed to be filled with fire. Crystal whimpered and cringed in fear. Diablo scoffed and move aside. Crystal could see DarkHeart’s front feet in front of her, now.

DarkHeart: I knew that you were the one. Now, you will obey me.

Crystal: I told you before. I will not harm my family.

DarkHeart: You have no choice.

DarkHeart pulled out a collar from behind him, and pulled it over Crystal’s head. The angry spark in her eyes faded, and her face fell. The Slave Collar had done its job perfectly. DarkHeart snickered softly and left. The pack followed him.

The Slave Collar made it impossible for Crystal to do anything. She could only think about what she wanted to do. Her eyes were always gray and sad. Late at night, when she wanted to cry she couldn’t shed a tear. A month passed. Crystal was becoming ill from not eating Diablo saw this and spoke to DarkHeart.

Diablo: Master, I believe the girl may be suffering because of the Slave Collar.

DarkHeart: What do you mean by suffering?

Diablo: She won’t eat unless she is ordered to and can’t show her emotions.

DarkHeart: I see. She won’t be able to do anything useful without her willful spirit.

A Red Lupe ran into the room, saluted DarkHeart and Diablo, and fell onto the floor. The Lupe caught his breath and whispered something to Diablo. Diablo dismissed him. DarkHeart raised an eyebrow.

DarkHeart: What is it?

Diablo: It seems the pack has caught a Red Uni from the herd. I believe it is the Uni that raised the girl.

DarkHeart: Go then take care of your prisoner. I will remove the Slave Collar.

Diablo went to see the new prisoner. The Uni laying down in the cell. She glared at Diablo. The Uni got to her feet at snorted at Diablo. He was positive this was the Red Uni that called Crystal her daughter.

Diablo: What is your name, Uni?

Ruby: You know who I am, Diablo. I am Ruby, Crystal’s mother. Where is my daughter? What have you done to her?

Diablo: Your daughter is here, in this castle. I have done nothing to her, yet.

Just then, DarkHeart walked into the room. Crystal was meekly following him. Diablo saw DarkHeart hadn’t removed the collar yet. Crystal eyes lit with recognition. Ruby saw this and started to snort and stomp in her cell.

DarkHeart: Girl, who is this Uni?

Crystal: My m-mother, sir.

With that answer DarkHeart removed the collar from Crystal’s neck. Crystal collapsed to the ground and started to cry all the tears she couldn’t cry for the past month. Her entire body shook from this. Crystal got up, ran up to her mother, and hug her as tightly as the bars would allow.

Ruby: It’s all right, Crystal. Mommy’s here, now. It’s going to be all right.

DarkHeart snorted in disgust. He flicked his tail. A Lupe started to pull Crystal away from her mother. Crystal fought back as hard as she could. She broke free from the Lupe, but was caught by Diablo, who slashed her on the arm. Ruby whinnied loudly, and Crystal stopped fighting Diablo.

Crystal held her injured arm, and glared at DarkHeart Without thinking, Crystal screamed and charged at DarkHeart DarkHeart jumped and pinned Crystal against the ground. She moaned in pain. Ruby charged the side of her cell.

Ruby (screaming): Crystal!

DarkHeart: That was very foolish, girl.

A light shone from the window on to Crystal. She heard the rain outside. Crystal knew a rainbow was formed by the light. She felt strength fill her body. Light started to fade from the window, but not around Crystal. The light around her grew.

DarkHeart gasped. Crystal was transforming right under him. Her hair changed from brown to rainbow. It started at the top of her head and seemed to flow down to the end of her hair. Her clothing changed, too. The long brown dress she wore shortened and became the same colour as her eyes. Finally, wings like those of an angel sprouted from Crystal’s back.

Crystal saw the fear in DarkHeart’s eyes. She also saw her reflection in them. She had become the image she had seen in the light. Crystal gently lifted DarkHeart and easily climbed out from under him. Light shone from her body.

Crystal touched each of the Lupes on the head. They were cleanse of their hatred and freed from the anger deep in their hearts. Once they were cleansed the Lupes changed to a ice-blue colour. Diablo was turned into a stunning Cloud Lupe.

Crystal rested her hands on DarkHeart last. His black fur seemed to melt away leaving a magnificent white coat. DarkHeart bowed his head to the ground. The other Lupes followed in suit.

DarkHeart: Thank you, Crystal. You have freed us from a powerful hatred. My true name is LightHeart, but my hatred caused me to change into DarkHeart Diablo’s true name is Cielo. We are sincerely remorseful for our actions. Please forgive my pack and me.

Crystal: Of course, I forgive you, but you really need to ask the herd for forgiveness.

LightHeart: Then, Ruby, do you forgive us.

Ruby: Only if you let me out of this cell.

Everyone laughed and LightHeart opened the cell door. Ruby walked out of the cell. Ruby looked to the sky then into Crystal’s eyes. Ruby’s eyes told Crystal it was time to go home. Crystal and Ruby flew into the now clear sky and waved good-bye to the pack. Her waved was answered by a chorus of howls. Crystal and her mother flew into the glorious sunset.

The End

Author’s Note: I made up these characters in this story. So, if you or your NeoPets share the same names as my character it was just a coincidence. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I hope you enjoyed the story and I’m sorry if it seemed long. : )

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