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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Articles > Database Combat

Database Combat

by _corpse_

BATTLEDOME - You'll often find people who fight in the Battledome and randomly heal 30 hp. This is not a glitch, but is in fact the presence of an everlasting crystal apple (ECA) in your opponent's equipment. You usually find this weapon equipped on pets below 125 strength and hp.

The effects of the everlasting crystal apple are unique. Every round when used it will heal your pet 30 hp. For example a 10 hp pet on full life that used an ECA would have to have a blow of 40 damage delivered to win it. This weapon alone makes low hp pets almost immortal in combat. It can be overcome with powerful weapons but that is not the subject of the guide. It is its secondary function that makes this weapon so useful. When used it shows a list of ANY active weapons your opponent has equipped. This means if you see a pet healing 30 hp they know every last trick you can pull. Not nice if you have a weapon that deals a lot of the same icon, as a smart ECA user will bring weapons to defend themselves. Knowledge of weapons and a good defensive set can make ECA users VERY powerful.

No medieval or real life battle was won without some planning. Blind luck "can" win. But as I've said before, don't fight in the dark, open your eyes. ECA Can help you predict what's coming, but not every battler has photographic memory. This is where I introduce a new and powerful weapon that most ECA users didn't know about. The weapon is called NOTEPAD.

How to open notepad: Go to your personal space on your PC. Don't dump the file just anywhere on your PC; it needs to be opened quite frequently (In fact, every time you step into the Battledome). Ask your parents or the owner of the PC for a place to store this file. Its important you don't clutter up other peoples computers after all!

Right click your mouse in the file. Select new and then text file. A little white icon will appear that looks like a piece of paper. Name this file Databaselog.txt.

Click the file - It will open as a blank space ready for your input. You can type words in here. To save the file, click file then save.

Most of you will have added two and two together at this point. ECA Scans your opponents weapons and you record them here. Eventually after a lot of fighting you will begin to picture what people use in the Battledome This information will tell you what icons are most common and can help in future battles. But that's not the whole point. Most strong fighters are in QuickFight for hours on end these people will benefit most. First things first, the more information you collect the more trouble your opponent will be in next time you battle. I suggest you database looks something like this:

Pet name Weapons Aggressiveness Other notes
Pet name Weapons Aggressiveness Other notes
Pet name Weapons Aggressiveness Other notes
Pet name Weapons Aggressiveness Other notes

When battle starts quickly double click your opponent's pet name, this will select it. Right click it and choose copy. Then go to your database - Right click a new line and choose paste. This will write your opponents name exactly. Put your cursor at the end of the name and press TAB on your keyboard. This will take your text to a predetermined point on the notepad making it neater. Go back to the Neopets window and make your move using your ECA. It will display your opponent's weapons. Select the text with your mouse and copy it as you did with the name. Paste the text onto your database after the name. Complete the fight. Afterwards decide how reckless your opponent was. If they attack flat out, give them a 1. If they are defensive give them a 2. Obviously some people are a mix. If they switch combat styles give them an X. I find it also helps if you mark people who attempt freeze or can freeze 100% with an asterisk.

This is how I record people on mine but you may want to add other things like "icons used", "date fought", "Strength" or "guild". All of these are helpful, but it depends on how much time your willing to spend - If in doubt create your own fields.

A random tip to help you out is to take off word wrap. This means text will not go onto a new line. This makes the whole thing a LOT easier to read. Do this by clicking EDIT then word wrap.

Another random tip is to use the find option. When you have a large database and you are drawn against somebody in QuickFight. Click search, then find. Type your opponents name in here and search for it. If its not present on your database, it will be by the end of the battle =) If it is present then you already know what your in for, and hopefully how to beat your opponent.

Remember, people constantly update their set-ups. But still a bit of background knowledge can still help. Plus it's always funny when you paste your opponent's weaponry to them on the first round of a battle. The main advantage of fighting somebody who's weapons are already known to you is you can risk not using the ECA and using a weapon that can inflict more damage.

As for a last word. The data you collect MUST be kept private to you. You should not attempt to sell your database (for real money or Neopoints) to people or even give it away out of free will. This is against the NeoPets terms and conditions and will ultimately end in your account being FROZEN. I have hundreds of you listed on my database, but I will not give it away or tell you what I have recorded, so don't ask.

This guide will only apply to those of you who are in the dome quite frequently. I hope it's given some of you a new strategy for battles.

Special thanx to 3lad for proof reading this document.

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