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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Articles > Newbie or n00b? - Frequently Asked Questions on the NeoBoards

Newbie or n00b? - Frequently Asked Questions on the NeoBoards

by beaujewel

NEOBOARDS – While browsing through one of the chat rooms, I’m sure you’ve come across a board or two that pose some exhausted questions such as ‘How do you get sparkly text?’ and ‘What is a n00b?’ I know I do. I see people asking the same questions everyday. In order to help, I’ve listed some of the more common or thought-provoking ones here, and, using my knowledge and plenty of research, I’ve come up with the best answers I can for each one. They are listed randomly, and not according to how frequently they’re asked. The frequency of each question really depends on which chat room you’re talking about.

What does a Neopoint look like?

I know. It has nothing to do with the NeoBoards, but this is a very good question. I’m proud to say that a Neopoint is, more likely than not, a coin. If you look at the picture in Caption Competition #265, you’ll see the Money Tree in the back, holding what can only be a Neopoint The Neopoint is obviously a coin.

What is a n00b?

This question has to be one the most frequently asked questions in the NEOBOARDS I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked this question sincerely, completely unaware that they would only be labeled as a ‘n00b’ in return. It is the popular belief that n00b is just Internet slang for newbie, and it is if you think about it. But a n00b is not, I repeat, NOT, a newbie. A newbie is a person who is new to NeoPets. When you get your account, the first shield on your user lookup is the Newbie shield. A n00b is an idiot or an annoying person, like a person who still acts like a newbie, even if they aren't. Newbies can be labeled as n00bs, but remember that these are two words with two completely different definitions. This question is also notorious for driving all the Regs (or regulars; people who are on that particular chat frequently and are well known) absolutely insane.

When do the shops restock?

This is always asked in the Trading Auctions/Shop Ads boards. Restocks are now completely random, probably so all players can have an equal chance of buying what they want. If anyone gives certain times for restocks, they’re probably lying.

What are the hidden smilies and how do I get them?

Yes, there are ‘unpublished’ smilies that the staff added. Since everyone knows them, I guess I can say what they are. There are currently five that I know of. The first two are little faces that cry and laugh. To get these, type in *lol* for the laughing smiley and *cry* for the crying smiley. When you post your message, the codes will be replaced with the smiley’s image. The third is a purple one that looks unsure, so the code is *unsure*. The fourth is a little blue smiley playing a violin. Of course, you just type in *violin* to bring it up. The fifth is really weird. We know that it has to be a catfish because the code to get it is *catfish*, but some people say it looks more like a hippo. You can decide for yourself. ^_^

How do you get your font to sparkle on the NEOBOARDS?

Ohhh…good question. I like this one. Okay, if you look at all the people with sparkly font, you’ll notice that they all probably have the little clapping smiley, etc. in their message. (To get the smiley, just type in *clap* and when you post the message, the smiley will be there in place of the code. Neat, huh?) That’s because it doesn’t work without an animated smiley. First, you must make your font glow. Go to Chat Preferences at the top of the page. In the third table down, you’ll find the NeoHTML section where you can edit what your normal writing text will look like. In the little text box, put this:

[glow c=color s=#]NeoHTML[/glow]

Replace the word ‘color’ with the color you want the font to glow with. During testing, I used purple. You should also replace the # sign with a number depending on how strong you want your text to glow. The stronger glow you have, the more you can see the words sparkle. Be aware that the highest number you can use is 9. If you try 10, the glow will disappear. :) Then click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page. This tells the system that every time you post, your font will glow with the color you typed in and strength you typed in as well. Now all you have to do is go post your message. Remember, somewhere in your message, add a moving smiley so the font will sparkle. Here are all the codes for the smilies that will make your font glow: *clap* *lol* *cry* *violin* *unsure* *cough* and *complain* The faster your smiley moves, the more your text will sparkle.

There are rumors that some colors don’t sparkle, but I have tested a few and haven’t found any that don’t work. This may have started because someone used a really light color like pink that doesn’t show too easily and couldn’t see the sparkling, therefore thinking that that color doesn’t sparkle at all. Here are the colors I have tested: purple, pink, hot pink, indigo, violet, black, gray, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. I wouldn’t use pink. It didn’t show up very well. Hot pink did, though. The colors that worked well were gray, purple, indigo, violet, orange, and green. Black and red sparkled, but it wasn’t very noticeable. You can test some other colors yourself and experiment around to find others that work really well, too.

Where is Jelly Word? or Where is the Hidden Tower?

Number one question in the Other Worlds chat. As far as Jelly World is concerned, I don’t know what you’re talking about. *cough* I really can’t answer that part of it. I mean, how can I find a place that doesn’t exist? *twitch* And as for the Hidden Tower, you’ll have to find that yourself. But I can tell you that it is in Faerieland. (Pah! Jelly World…how silly!)

How do you type Jelly World so that it will show up?

There’s only one way I know of. But I can’t say. *looks at theneopetsteam account* No, really, I can’t. *cough* I can’t believe you silly people want to know how to type that in. It’s like you think it actually exists or something…

What is a Reg?

The opposite of a newbie. Reg is short for Regular. Regs are people who are in a particular chat room very frequently. They are typically well known throughout that chat room. I am on the Ideas/Suggestions Chat, or I/S, daily, but I don’t think the other Regs would consider me one of them. :)

Do those chain letter things really work? I see them all the time.

No. They don’t work. I’m just going to repeat myself to make sure you read it correctly: CHAIN LETTERS DON’T WORK! There. I’ve never used one of them and never will. They’re just a dirty trick to ‘spam’ up the boards and drive all the sane people insane. I can’t stand it when people post them on my boards. Neopets has even said that they don’t work, but people continue to do it. Not to mention they’re illegal, and if you do post one someone will catch you and report you. Look at the Neo Rules (on the Chat menu) and look at the 13th rule. Keep in mind also that Neopets says anyone found breaking those rules will have their message removed and their account permanently deleted.

Okay, I think that pretty much wraps this article up. There are, of course, plenty more questions out there to answer, but I’ll reserve them for another time. This article is long enough as it is, and I don’t want to bore you! If you have found any other questions that you would like me to answer, please Neomail me. Also, if you have any more information about any of the questions above, feel free to let me know. I would enjoy writing a follow-up on this article that includes not only more questions, but more information on the questions I’ve already answered. The more information, the better! :)

Author’s Note: These questions were answered purely by my own knowledge (I have been playing for almost 3 years). I’ve tried to keep them as unbiased as possible so as not to offend other players. I welcome all comments and/or suggestions as well as criticism.

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