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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Articles > What’s Your Neopian Occupation?

What’s Your Neopian Occupation?

by ember188

THE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY - Neopia is a large, complicated place. There are many different aspects, and most Neopians will be able to find at least one that appeals to them. That’s how everyone has their place in Neopia. What is yours? Take this quiz to find out! Just get out a sheet of paper and write down the letter corresponding to the answer you chose, and read on to find out your Neopian Occupation.

1. What is your favorite thing about Neopia?

A. I can FIGHT!

B. It just has so much depth to it! It is positively fascinating!

C. Neopia is my window to the world. I can meet all sorts of people through it!

D. It’s a primer for the real world. I hope I’m as successful when I grow up as I am here now.

E. My wittle pets-ies are just oh soooo cute!


2. What is your favorite thing to do to pass time?

A. Lay another few blows to the Pant Devil’s head. Or Balthazar. It depends on what mood I’m in.

B. Read up on The Neopian Times. Or, if I feel like it, I might just submit something to it myself.

C. Converse with penguins and floating pink puffballs. But if I can’t find any, a fairly insane human will do.

D. Play games. They’re fun, and you make money. All-around win situation!

E. Explore. So much to learn, so little time.


3. Come restock time, where can you be found?

A. In the battle magic shop. Someday I’ll get that wand of nova, you just wait and see!

B. In the book store, trying to find something that can teach me something new about Neopia.

C. Conversing with an array of penguins and floating pink puffballs. What? I have no time for restocks! There is business to attend to!

D. In the magic shop. It’s the best money-maker.

E. Trying desperately to figure out how haggling works.


4. What is your Neopets’ most frequent complaint?

A. “Not now, I’m too sore. I’d like to see YOU wrestle a Skeith with a wand of the dark Faerie.”

B. “What is THAT?”

C. “Why don’t you ever talk to ME?”

D. “If we’re so rich, why do I have to eat omelette all the time?”

E. “Haven’t you figured it out YET?”


5. What is your favorite NeoPets contest?

A. WAR!!!! I guess it isn’t really a contest, but it sure is fun! Now when will the next one start?

B. Lenny Conundrum and Mystery Pic.

C. The story telling competition and the Caption Contest. They’re CrAzY! Unfortunately, I never win. Maybe it’s because mine are a little TOO crazy.

D. Anything that gives out a decent prize.

E. I’m not sure yet. I want to try them ALL!


6. What is your favorite Neopian world?

A. The Haunted Woods. That place is AWESOME!

B. The Lost Desert. There’s just so much interesting history there!

C. The chat board. Really! It’s a world of its own!

D. Faerie Land.

E. So far, it would have to be Terror Mountain. There’s so much to explore there!


7. What is your favorite species?

A. Lupes, Shoyrus, Kougras, Zafaras, or Krawks. They just look so awesome!

B. Acaras, Aishas Lennies, Ixi, or Gelerts. They remind me of myself, somehow.

C. Bruces or Kikos. They remind me of my friends!

D. Kaus, Skeiths, or Grarrls. Their species quirks make them easy to feed.

E. All I can tell you is that my pets are the best!


8. What is your big goal?

A. To beat the Snowager.

B. To find out who Chet Flash really is.

C. I don’t do goals. Life is all about spontaneity.

D. Three words: Millionaire Mega-Platinum.

E. I want to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about Neopia!


9. You have been frozen. What’s your response?

A. No! It took me so long to get my pets that strong!

B. There must be SOMETHING I can do! I’ll find PROOF that I didn’t do anything wrong!

C. It doesn’t matter. My account was just an incarnation. I can make another one.


E. Well, I’m glad I didn’t put too much emotional investment into THAT.


10. What is your favorite thing to do outside of Neopets?

A. Video games.

B. Reading.

C. Partying!

D. Odd jobs.

E. I like a lot of things...

Now, let’s see what you got...

If you got mostly As, you are a Fighter. You are the ultimate Defender of Neopia. You spend more time in the Dome than anywhere else. Of course, you probably also play games to earn money to buy codestones and weapons, and you might even spend some time on the Battle Dome chat board. Maybe you even belong to a Battledome guild. If not, you should: it’s good to integrate a little human interaction into you’re life - when you’re not busy beating up the Pant Devil, that is.

If you got mostly Bs, you are a Researcher. People turn to you for help when they have trouble with the site, and you always seem to know the answers to their questions. But you also like to dig a bit deeper into the mysteries of Neopia, looking at it as a world and not just a game. You worship the Times (and possibly write for it) as it gives you all sorts of information. I have just a few words of warning for you: YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUT WHO CHET FLASH IS! NEVER!

If you got mostly Cs, you are a Chatterbox. The Neopian Chat boards are your home, and you’re on a screenname basis (pardon the bad pun) with most of the regulars. If you answered “C” to questions 2 and 3, you most likely frequent the RPG boards. You are very sociable, and most likely a little bit insane. But hey, you have fun, right!

If you got mostly Ds, you are a Trader. You spend all of your time on games, playing the stocks, catching the restocks, and searching for bargains using the shop wizard. And you’re probably pretty productive, if making money is your goal. But remember, the site is called Neopets, not Neopoints. Try spending some of that money on treats for your pets. You know they will be glad for it!

If you got mostly Es... well, I’m guessing you are a Newbie. Even if you are not exactly new to NeoPets, you don’t spend very much time on it, so it still seems new to you. Not to worry, though. It is not a permanent title! Just keep playing and you will eventually find your niche!

Disclaimer: This test is not guarantied. I have not done extensive research. In fact, I have not done any research at all! The test just came off of the top of my head! Please don’t feel compelled to believe it, and above all, do not be insulted by your results. I am in no way responsible for... anything. That is all.

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