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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Articles > What Do You Think? It's a Dirt Pie!

What Do You Think? It's a Dirt Pie!

by helpiamnew

DIRT PIE - Everyone knows Dirt Pie, everyone can afford one (I didn't mean those people with 0 NP). But are you all so sure you know about this piece of "pie" covered with mould and a "seedling" growing on top? We'll see…

Dirt Pie on Neopedia

I found Dirt Pie in the Neopedia. Oh, it's really popular, don't you think so? Well it says in the Neopedia, "With a squidgy slab of this specially farmed dirt pie, your pet will be the envy of all his friends, and enemies too. Both will ask, "Oooh, is that what I think it is? Can I get a slice? Extra roots please!" and your pet will gladly divvy up the dirt pie with a smile, knowing quite well that you didn't pay an arm and a leg for this instant best friend maker..." So is that really true Dirt Pie is good for your pets? Well, read this before you decide the answer.

Here's how it goes. I wasted 35 NP and got a Dirt Pie. Now I'm going to have an interview with it. *Takes out a Dirt Pie from a plastic bag, wishes there is some water to wash the hands...*

I mean... let's get start with the interview. Ah... here it is!

Interview with Mr. Dirt Pie

*Note: DP = Dirt Pie

Me: Hi! This is such a pleasure to meet you, Dirt Pie!

DP: Hi there, me too. But I don't really think it's a pleasure for you to meet me, and, I know, when you were on the shop wizard you just pick the cheapest of our kind - me. What kind of manner is this!?

Me [feeling a bit innocent]: Erm... I... erm...

DP: Yea, yea. Okay! Now can we start?

Me: Oh sure! Why not! First question, what do you feel about being a Dirt Pie?

DP: The way of asking this question is hurting my feeling. Change it.

Me: Oh erm, I'm sorry. I'll say, how do you feel like, being such a cute-looking pie?

DP: Fine. I accept that. Well, I can just say, the plant thing is making me always itchy. But the mold that covered me doesn't matter at all; it keeps me warm.

Me: Cool! Second question, I know someone is collecting your kind. What do you want to say about this?

DP: This person is really honorable.

Me: Oh okay... erm, let's get on to question 3, where did you come from? DP: Okay, read my name, what does it say?

Me [really did read closely]: D... i... r... t... P... i... e... OH yes! You came from dirt!

DP: Exactly, I came from the dirt of Neopia, where the plants grew, pets played, feet stomped, rubbish dumped...

Me [cutting off its long description]: Yea I know. The dirt... erm... wait, I just fed my pet one of your kind, erm, so will the dirt do any harm?

DP: Well, I don't think so, what did your pet say after eating it?

Me: Oh let me see.... *rushes off* It said, "Wow, a Dirt Pie, I was starving!"

DP: See? He enjoyed it.

Me: Uh... yes, he did.

DP: So do you have any more questions? If not, eat me. I'm bored.

Me: Yes, I still have something to ask. Sorry.

DP: Fine, get to it.

Me: How come you are so cheap?


Me [a bit scared]: Uh, I'm sorry, erm, I'll try again. Ahem. How come we Neopians can access your kind so easily?

DP: Better. Well, we are popular. Think of dirt. Everywhere around Neopia is dirt. Look at the Book Shop -- isn't it built with brick and dirt? Look, look! See that rainbow pool? What makes the ground around it? It's just dirt mixed with water, mud!

Me: Yes, yes my dear Pie. You ARE popular!

DP: Of course.

Me [thinking the readers are getting a bit bored]: Well, I think we better end this interview.

DP: Gladly.

Me: Thank you very much, Dirt Pie. I have had a good time with you!

DP: Be quiet and feed me to your pet. You are annoying me.

My comments to Dirt Pie

[Of course the pie doesn't know I wrote this]

Dirt Pie is really useful, it can be a life-supporting food for your pets, I know you can get free food around Neopia, but hey, Dirt Pie looks cute, doesn't it?

Yes this ends the conversation. May be you think Dirt Pie is a piece of nothing but dirty dirt and mould plus a so-called seedling. But here are a few comments on it (by the way, I didn't feed my pet that piece of Dirt Pie after all, I sold it)

Other's Comments on Dirt Pie

Elementalrainbow said, "...i like dirt pie for some odd reason... it looks like a cute piece of cake..."

Cryamiltears4me said, "MUD! I think it's pretty typical for neo (Neopets she meant?) to create 'dirt pie'..."

Ssjelitegirl said, "A piece of dirt pie??? As a matter of fact, I've only found a good use for it once -- that was for Illusen's quest. Whatever she did with it... but it only cost me 1 NP (Oh dear, it cost me 35 NP to write this article) and I got a Rose Shake!"

Calaberro said, "Dirt Pie... let me think... oh, that story brings us back to the 60's... where Dirt Pie wasn't called Dirt Pie, but simply 'Piece-of-yucky-dirt-on-my-plate'*keeps babbling about the past*. My old Skeith used to told me that it tastes like Brain Tree Roots."

Nadese said, "I think it'd be amusing to throw at someone?"

What ever you think, Dirt Pie is Dirt Pie, it won't make your pet fly (buzzers for exception), and neither will it make them sick. Dirt Pie is Dirt Pie.

Author's note: Thank you very much elementalrainbow, cryamiltears4me, ssjelitegirl, calaberro and nadese! This is my first article, may be a bit dodgy! Comments on this article are enjoyed for me to improve next time! By the way, I'm sorry if my article got a conflict with some other articles on Dirt Pie!

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