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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 109 > New Series > Alexis’s Beauty: Part One

Alexis’s Beauty: Part One

by beau_lis

Alexis woke to the unmistakable sounds of morning at the Neopian Pound. All around she could hear the patter of paws rushing to get ready for their day’s events. Each pet at the pound obviously in a hurry to get to whatever it was they had planned. Alexis lounged in bed a little while longer. This was a luxury that didn’t allow for much time. Mr. Pickles would have breakfast ready soon. If Alexis wanted to get her fill of food for the morning, she had to be in the dining hall bright and early.

     “Good morning Alexis,” came a shrill voice.

     Alexis turned her head and looked towards the doorway of her room. There stood Ruby the red Usul. Ruby was good friend to have around. She was very helpful and usually did what Alexis requested.

     “Do you want breakfast?” Ruby inquired.

     “Yeah, but I’ll come down to the dining hall today,” Alexis replied with a sigh.

     Alexis remembered the conversation she and Ms. Snowflake had the other day. Ms. Snowflake insisted that Alexis come down to the dining hall for meals. There was to be no more of the other pets bringing her meals to her, unless she was sick of course. Then she was to have her meals brought to her in her room.

     But I am sick, thought Alexis. Sick and tired of being treated like everyone else.

     Alexis thought more about her plight, feeling sorry for herself. The fact was, as Alexis saw it, she wasn’t like everyone else. She was in a league of her own. She was a beautiful striped Shoyru. Shoyrus are the most popular pet in all of Neopia and have been for as long as she could remember. Plus, she was painted one of the most coveted colors in Neopian history. Adding to the list, she was charming, witty and intelligent. For Alexis it was obvious that she was a pet to be honored and cherished. In all honestly, she may even be better than most pets of her species as well. So why shouldn’t she be treated with the respect she deserved?

     “No one understands what its like,” Alexis groused aloud.

     “Understands what?” Ruby questioned as she was tiding up Alexis’s room.

     “Nothing,” came Alexis’s reply. “You couldn’t possibly understand what I have to go through.”

     Rising from her bed, Alexis decided to meet the coming of day. Not to mention, she was hungry. She prepared herself to be presentable to others. After all, it takes a lot of hard work and inspiration to make herself look as beautiful as she usually does each day. Taking a last look at herself in the mirror, Alexis and Ruby left the room and proceeded to the dinning hall. On the way, they passed the recreation room, where a group of pets were standing around the announcement board. Alexis realized that something must be going on to create quite the crowd. She quickly changed directions, bumping into Ruby in the process. Without so much as a ‘pardon me’ Alexis continued on to the announcement board.

     Many of the other pets automatically moved aside to allow Alexis access to the announcement board. This wasn’t an unusual action for others to take because Alexis deserved to go first. She knew it and she made sure the other pets knew it as well. So it wasn’t surprising to see Alexis had become irritated when she found a green Elephante standing in her way.

     “Excuse me!” Alexis said in an impatient voice.

     Alexis watched as the green Elephante, just stood there for a moment. She could hear her friends, including Ruby, giggling around her.

     What is wrong with this green thing? Alexis thought to herself, trying to remember that Elephante’s name. El… Ellie… Elorah!

     Slowly, Elorah turned around to face the group. Alexis stood there, with her paws on her hips, glaring at the Elephante.

     “I said excuse me. You’re in my way,” Alexis complained with an impatient tone

     Alexis listened while that large green thing, Elorah, mumbled her apologies and then quickly left the room. Already in a bit of a mood, Alexis looked to the announcement board and read the message. The Neopian Beauty Competition was open! All one had to do was submit a picture of themselves. Oh this was just the thing Alexis believe would finally show everyone how much better she was then the other average pets! Still, Alexis did feel a bit of guilt because if she joined the beauty competition, no one else would have a chance. Obviously, Alexis had no competition, so she would win with the unanimous vote. The moment passed and Alexis knew she would sign up for the beauty competition. Turning away from the board, she went to the dinning hall for breakfast, accompanied by those pets who always wanted to be her friends.

     Over breakfast, Mr. Shankly mentioned that today, Ms. Snowflake along with some other staff would be taking a trip to the watering hole. Alexis was up for that trip. It had been a long hot summer. Besides, she looked really beautiful when the water shimmered on her wings.

     “That’s the picture I’ll send in to the beauty competition.” Alexis commented to Ruby. “I’ll draw me lightly doused with water shimmering off my wings.”

     Alexis smiled to herself all through the rest of breakfast and even up to the time when Ms. Snowflake called everyone to the bus for the trip to the watering hole.

     Entering the bus, Alexis and her friends headed to the back. This was where the best seats were. Alexis always sat in the back of the bus for trips and no one really bothered to dispute this.

     After Alexis was seated, she noticed that Elorah was sitting up closer to the front. She took up a whole seat by herself! Alexis couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be that large, that green and that plain. Just behind Elorah sat Joy, a blue Ixi and Caddy, a yellow Lenny. They were obviously engaged in a conversation. Alexis focused her attention on Elorah. She could not believe the nerve of that Elephante, taking up a whole bench seat by herself. How selfish could Elorah possibly be? If Elorah had given any thought to others, she wouldn’t have come if she can’t share a seat.

     I suppose it’s up to me to take care of this problem, thought Alexis sighing as if the weight of all the worlds were resting on her shoulders.

     “Some pets would take up the whole bus if they were allowed to!” Alexis rudely announced.

     There was giggling from other pets on the bus. Alexis looked on to see if her hint had been understood. She saw Elorah and her friends continuing in conversation. Alexis realized that apparently they hadn’t heard her.

     “There just isn’t enough room on this bus if others take up whole seats!” Alexis stated with a sigh.

     This time, Elorah, Joy and Caddy looked over at Alexis and then continued on in their conversation. Alexis was again irritated because of their rude behavior of ignoring her helpfulness. But what could Alexis do if others weren’t as well mannered as she was.

     Alexis put this all out of her mind once they arrived at the watering hole. She and her friends had fun splashing and playing in the water. Plus, Alexis had some very good poses to choose from for her picture she would enter into the beauty competition. It was definitely a good day for Alexis.

     The next morning, Alexis awoke to a lovely summer day. Once again, she lounged a bit in bed, while Ruby came and cleaned up Alexis’s room. Alexis thought about how nice it was to have friends willing to help out when needed.

     Soon after, Alexis and Ruby were making their way to the dining hall for breakfast. Alexis was in an especially good mood because she had submitted her entry for the beauty competition the night before. Glow, a lovely electric blue Blumaroo, caught Alexis’s attention and she stopped to talk for a moment. Ruby decided to move on ahead and save a table for Alexis. As Ruby passed the recreation room, she noticed Elorah was standing in front of the entry box for the beauty competition. Ruby made a quick turn and walked into the room. She watched as Elorah stood there holding a piece of paper. Obviously that had to be Elorah’s entry for the beauty competition.

     “What are you doing?” questioned Ruby accenting each word.

     “Nothing,” Elorah softly replied.

     Elorah lowered her head and tried to leave the room. Ruby positioned herself so she stood between Elorah and the doorway.

     “Were you trying enter the beauty competition?” Ruby laughed. “You? Such a large pet as yourself trying to win a beauty competition? Hey Alexis, come here! You have got to see this!”

     Ruby continued to laugh as she watched Elorah standing there, holding her picture.

     “What?” Alexis answered as she entered the room.

     “Look at that! SHE is entering the beauty competition! As if THAT will win!” Ruby continued laughing in her annoyingly shrill voice.

     Without warning, Alexis snatched the picture away from Elorah. She took a good look at what Elorah had drawn and then showed it to the other pets who had come into the recreation room to see what all the commotion was about. While it is true that Elorah was a great annoyance to Alexis, she still felt some pity for the Elephante. It has to be very hard to go through life being so large and unattractive. Being the good hearted pet she was, Alexis felt she was the one who should set Elorah straight.

     “Not bad Elorah,” complimented Alexis. “I just feel I should tell you though, that pets of your size and ummm… features… don’t win beauty competitions.”

     Alexis watched as Elorah stood there looking back at her for a moment. Before Alexis could collect her thoughts, Elorah suddenly moved forward and grabbed the picture back. She ran past Alexis and out of the room.

To be continued....

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