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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Short Stories > Snowflake and the 7 Neopets

Snowflake and the 7 Neopets

by covergirl_tanemura

"The new Neopian Times has to come out in five hours. Get a moving Snowflake!"

      Snowflake sighed as she shoved a stray strand of brown hair behind her ear. Her hand lingered on the mouse clicking through all the different Neopian Time entries as she watched the screen with sleepy eyes. Stacks of papers enveloped her desk, piling over the top of work she had yet to get done.

      "I'm moving!" she replied quickly, while she clicked onto the next story

dear Snowflok,

      hi. i want to know wat you think about my storey. it iz about a fawerie-

      Snowflake let another sigh escape her sleep deprived throat as she quickly clicked to the next story, her ears tuning into the insane chatter around her.

      "I said 'DO YOU WANT SOME COFFEE?' Earth to Snowflake!" asked an insanely perky buzz, a pencil propped inside her 'Neopian Investigator' cap.

      Snowflake yawned, and nodded her head as she read through the last entry and sent another rejection. Feeling her eyes slowly close, she allowed herself to fall forward and rest her head tiredly against the keyboard.

      "Work got you tired and down?" said a mysterious voice.

      Snowflake's eyes slowly fluttered open. She groaned, and let her head droop into a nod.

      "Then you need our miracle product called 'The 7 NeoPets'!"

      Snowflake looked up from her drooping position, her gaze narrowing onto the screen, which had a huge popup on it. On the top it read '7 NeoPets changed my life!', while below had a sharp looking Moehog, his lips curved into a sneaky smile.

      "What's that?" Snowflake inquired, her eyes showed a tiny bit of interest. Dusting a few specks of dirt off of her spotless white wedding dress, Snowflake sat curiously.

      "Why don't you click on this popup and find out?" cooed the snazzy Moehog, his sneaky smile turning into a smirk. "Come on, you know you want to.."

      Snowflake shrugged. 'What could it hurt?' she thought, 'It's not like computers can do anything to you!' Gathering her courage, Snowflake reluctantly pressed the popup. A tornado of colors popped from the screen, sucking Snowflake into its enigma of red and blues.


"Are you sure she's alive?"

      Snowflake sighed and rolled over before swatting at the air, "Get away! I already did The Neopian Times!" Snowflake snuggled against a huge pillow, her white wedding dress flopping off the side of the couch.

      "Wake up!" Something tugged roughly at her dress and sent her flying to the floor. She groaned and reluctantly opened up her sleep drenched eyes, staring at about seven NeoPets that surrounded her. Snowflake's mouth opened, then shut again, then opened. /

      "Hello. Why are you in our cabin?" asked a tiny Usul at her side.

      Snowflake looked at him, then closed her eyes. "This is all a dream Snowflake. You've obviously been reading too many stories. WAKE UP!" she told herself. She pinched her arm in the hopes of assuring herself it was just a dream. "Ow!" she squeaked, cradling her arm and staring at the nice red mark she'd made.

      "Of course it's not a dream," said a Kacheek near her legs, before sneezing on her shoe, "Sorry about that. I'll clean it," he said in a slow voice before trudging into the kitchen.

      Slowly, Snowflake sat up and examined all the pets. Seven in all. "Explain to me... Where am I?"

      A grumpy looking Lupe stared at her, "You're in OUR house!"

      Squinting a bit, Snowflake could see all around her. Every inch of the place was covered in a thick sheet of dust. "If I clean up the place will you tell me WHERE I really am."

      All the Neopets looked at each other and shrugged. "Okay," they said in union.


In a place not so far away...

"Snorkle, Snorkle on the wall! Who’s the greatest writer of them all?"

      The Snorkle snorted out a reply, "The Neopian times writers together claim that honour, Madam Jhudora."

      Jhudora glared at the Snorkle, and shot it out of the window. "NEOPIAN TIMES WRITERS! HOW COULD THEY?" she screeched. In her fit of anger, the Faerie kicked all the rejection letters off of her computer desk. They flapped around the air like birds, millions of them stated in clear broad letters:


      Jhudora sighed, and waved her first around in the air,

      "I will get my revenge on you, Snowflake! I WILL!"



      Snowflake triumphantly dusted herself off. A thick coat of dust now covered up her not-so-white wedding dress, but nonetheless the house was clean.

      "Good job," grumbled the Lupe. "You’re in our house. Happy?"

      Snowflake grumbled, and wiped the dust off of her forehead. Closing her eyes she had a quick flashback.

      'THE POPUP!' she thought, as she eyed all seven pets -- a red Kacheek, a green Usul, a yellow Chia, a green Lupe, blue Shoyru, blue Poogle, and a Red Cybunny.

      "It’s time for work!" called the Cybunny's squeaky voice as they all lined up in alphabetical order, and huddled out the door. "Oh yeah. Don’t touch anything while we’re gone!" called the Usul before the door was closed.


At that place not so far away again...

"Crystal ball, crystal ball! Where is Snowflake after all?" Jhudora crooned, her finger dancing along the crystal ball’s sides. "Ooh! She’s right under my nose..." Jhudora said with a grin, as the crystal ball revealed the poor editor's location. "Good. Good. Good."


"No... computer. No... pen or paper." Snowflake flopped against the couch. She was going through writing withdrawal. She twitched nervously, and watched the clock tick. Slowly... ticking...


      Snowflake jumped suddenly. She scuttled towards the door and opened it.

      "Hello?" she asked the tiny old lady in front of her. The old woman's back was hunched over and her purple skin had many soft creases and wrinkles in it.

      "Can you spare a bit of Neopoints for a Broccoli and Cheese Pasty?" sobbed the old lady, a basket filled with Broccoli and Cheese Pasties accompanied her ancient arm.

      Feeling sorry for the old lady, Snowflake nodded and grabbed onto a Pasty. Paying the lady her few Neopoints, she sighed and nibbled it.

      "Erm... weird taste I-"

      Snowflake fell to a heap on the floor, unconscious.


"We’re home we’re home we’re home!" the pets sang as they returned.

      The Chia was first to stop in her tracks when she saw Snowflake. "What’s wrong with the cleaning lady?" she asked, poking Snowflake with her paw.

      The Lupe and Kacheek grumpily picked Snowflake up and set her on the couch,

      "Look at that pasty!" spoke the quietest pet, the Shoyru, who was shifting nervously from foot to foot.

      The Lupe sprang up, "What if it's poisonous? Wait, don't you remember a story about this?" He raised an eyebrow, "When the poisoned girl kissed her true love she awakes."

      The Cybunny looked around him, then ran over to the table and picked up a paper and pencil that Snowflake hadn’t spotted, "I knew I remembered her! She's from The Neopian Times. Writing must be her true love."

      All the pets giggled as they set the paper and pencil on top of Snowflakes head and--



      Snowflake suddenly awoke as she felt a cold paw grasp onto her shoulder,

      "W-w-w-what?" she asked, her eyes wide. Wasn’t she fainted? She looked up into the eyes of the worried green Buzz.

      "Are you okay? You’ve been sleeping here all day," the Buzz asked.

      Snowflake took in a deep breath and nodded as the Buzz floated away. She quickly turned on the computer screen, at the top of the screen it said ‘You’ve Got Mail’ she quickly clicked on the email. She checked out the first story title:

      ‘Snowflake and the Seven Neopets’.

The End

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