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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Short Stories > Diary of a Lupe Trainer

Diary of a Lupe Trainer

by silvermoonLupe

Swiftly through the darkness we run. A 16-year-old human, with a level 27 fire Lupe by her side. Warrior and trainer. Faithful partners through and through. But it wasn't always this way. Nope, let's start from the beginning...

I walked into the Create-A-Pet centre and found myself completely in-over-my-head. I was just a browsing Newbie. On the screen in front of me were pictures of all the different species of NeoPets--most of them I hadn't seen before. I poured over them while gushing over the Shoyru's adorable eyes, or the Zafara's pointy tail, or the Peophin's beautiful mane. I wanted one of every single type! How could I choose? Then, it was love at my first sight of the wolfish Neopian known as the Lupe. Strong, yet agile, and of course with the canine grin and the cute whiskers. I HAD TO have a Lupe. A blue Lupe puppy of my own! Now he needed a name... I decided his name had to have "wolf" in it. I stared at the screen with my mind a complete blank. I decided to think up an original word that seemed to describe the happy-go-lucky blue Lupe puppy face. Lalli! Lalliwolf he was! At the push of a button, it was official--Lalliwolf the blue Lupe was born!

Of course I was excited at first, but when I got him home, my excitement dwindled. I wasn't prepared for exactly how wolfish Lupes were! The adorable blue Lupe puppy was a terror! He had boundless energy and demanded all sorts of attention. I was always struggling to keep up with his appetite. Being a Newbie, I was short on Neopoints and reduced to playing Kacheek Seek to afford food for my pets. When I took Lalliwolf out to play, he'd always hide in the most difficult places, and then viciously jump out at me. As I recovered from being ambushed, he'd give me a toothy-Lupe grin like it was all a game. (Okay, so it was, but that's not my point!) When I brought Lalli back to Pet Central for the night, he wouldn't stop barking. When I came to check on him, he'd just stare at me innocently with a, "Who? Me?" look on his face. I sighed in frustration.

Finally, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the "Disown" page, left the Lupe puppy on the desk, and turned to leave while calculating all the Neopoints I'd save without having to feed that ravenous rascal. Then I did something which affected the entire outcome of my future on NeoPets. I looked back. There was Lalliwolf, my new Lupe puppy, crying. He'd trusted me. He really wanted me to be his owner. I walked right back to the desk and picked him up. He immediately wagged his tail and slobbered my face. Then, something happened that I'll never forget. Lalliwolf began to glow! A wisp of magic flew through the air and chilled my spine as a random event popped up in front of me. It read, "Lalliwolf has suddenly gained a level!" I HAD A LEVEL 2 PET!! (Being a Newbie, this was quite exciting.) I looked into Lalliwolf's eyes, and he looked into mine.

"Lalli," I said. "I will train you to be as strong as you can be, and I'll never EVER abandon you..." From that moment on, I knew I was destined to be a Lupe Trainer.

Soon, I became a pro at Kacheek Seek. Often jumping on Lalliwolf's hiding places and giving HIM an ambush. All I had to do was show Lalliwolf I was both his boss and his friend. Instead of caring for a Lupe like it's a pampered pet, treat him as an equal, and he will respect you. Soon, Lalliwolf grew out of his puppy habits and started turning into a strong young Lupe. (This was noticeable, considering it was around the time the Lupe design changed.)

Lupes, I soon discovered, can evoke the Potato Chip Disease. You can't have just one.

While roaming the NeoPets site, I often stopped into the adoption centre. You know, just for a look around. The moment I walked in, my jaw dropped to the floor. In the cage before me was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in Neopia. A white Lupe! Caged in the adoption centre! Quickly, I rushed to the desk, dumped what little NP I had on the counter, and speechlessly pointed to her cage. She came home with me that day. Her name was MistyDreamz, and she was older, more mature, and more experienced than Lalliwolf. Needless to say, my first-born was stricken with jealousy the minute he saw her. He grumbled for days about why I couldn't just buy HIM a white paint brush, and how had he thought he was my one-and-only. The more I tried to explain, the more Lalliwolf complained and sulked. One day, while I was out, Lalli finally confronted MistyDreamz.

"So.. you think you're so special..." Lalliwolf retorted. MistyDreamz simply smiled.

"And you don't think highly of yourself?", she remarked. Lalliwolf, taken aback, didn't know what to say. He just stared at the white Lupe. He noticed, for the first time, how strikingly beautiful she was. He quickly dashed away before Misty could catch him deeply blushing. Lalliwolf was completely smitten. It was a few more days before he could work up the nerve to speak to MistyDreamz again, and Misty herself grew fond of the spunky young blue Lupe. Soon, the pair became very close. Lalliwolf and MistyDreamz never went anywhere without each other, and I never went anywhere without them!

Then one day, I noticed an interesting advertisement. The Battledome was coming soon. Excitement flowed in the veins of my Lupes and I. I pictured Lalliwolf and MistyDreamz, strongly and fearlessly winning against every opponent. We would have to work hard... but that comes with being a Lupe Trainer, doesn't it? And so our journey began. Those were the "good old days" when faeries were generous and books were plentiful. Lalli, Misty, and I embarked on a quest across Neopia as we tended to the faeries' every need. But it was worth it -- my fondest memories come from this time. Boundlessly exploring Neopia with my two young Lupes. However, our traveling days didn't last forever. We slowed down when I noticed a change in Lalliwolf and MistyDreamz. They seemed to go into some sort of mysterious trance. Instead of chatting lively around the campfire, they just stared at each other lovingly. Often, they wandered away from camp to do nothing other than gaze at the stars. Finally, my faithful Lupes approached me and told me the news. We were expecting a puppy. About a week later, under a full moon, the cry of a newborn Lupe puppy split the air as little DreamyMoonz entered the world. The blue coat she was born with resembled Lalliwolf, but she definitely had her mother's temperament. Even so, little Dreamy was wandering off to explore as soon as she could walk! Lalli was so proud. As I watched the family play, I thought to myself, "When Dreamy grows up, she'll look so much like her father. I'll hardly be able to tell them apart!" That's when it came to me.

While my Lupes were off adventuring in the woods one day, I decided to walk down to the Rainbow Pool. After a quick look around I knew what I wanted to do, and headed to my bank account. I had considerably more NP since my days playing Kacheek Seek for a living. When my Lupes returned, I unveiled a surprise for Lalliwolf. A fire paint brush. He leaped on me, wagging his tail and slobbering; something he hadn't done since puppyhood. The once little terror was now a loyal, fearless, strong, and handsome fire Lupe. I couldn't be prouder.

Fearless and Proud

Nope, the story doesn't end here. Potato Chips, remember? Nowadays, I have a whole pack of Lupes! But of course, my Lalliwolf and MistyDreamz are most treasured. Still training and still by my side. The Lupe is a wild spirit. Instead of caring for a Lupe like it's a pampered pet, treat him as an equal, and he will respect you. Words of a true Lupe Trainer.

The End

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