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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Short Stories > Lupin Hood

Lupin Hood

by luckof7

It was a nice sunny Saturday morning, with only a few tuffs of clouds and a mild temperature. My owner had just gotten on, and she wanted to show us something. She pulled out my Shoyru sister, dragonoftheclouds, and me, Pawprintinthesand into the outdoors of our NeoHome. Amy, for that was her name, smiled and said she had a story for us. I slouched down at this. I was over 200 hours old! I didn’t need to hear baby stories. Amy frowned at me, and started her story.

“Along time ago,” I sighed. Another one of these stories I thought, “There lived a brave red Lupe. He would help the poor by stealing from the rich. His name became known throughout the land and anyone with over 500,000 NP started fearing for their treasure. That Lupe, whose name was Lupin Hood, was strong and very brave. The hat and cloak he wore soon became a symbol of a pure heart, and are known as the Forest Hat and Cloak today.”

With that she checked her watch. “Hey, I’m going to play some Meerca Chase and run some errands in the Plateau. Do you want to come and have some fun at the plateau?” We nodded and started to head to the airport.

On the airplane there, Dragon, that’s what we call her, whispered to me, “Why don’t we become the next Lupin Hood? We could go, get the cloak and hat, and give away food and money to Newbies.”

“Sure. One problem, do you know how much those items cost? Especially two pairs, would cost us like 1,000 NP.”

“No sweat. I thought of that. Okay, Amy taught me to play Pterattack. I can get us 1,000 NP.”

So we did it. Amy set out to play the Chomby and the Fungus balls game, and Dragon played Pterattack. It was kind of awe inspiring to see that Boogie Slide in action. For those of you deprived of that sight, it’s a huge red beam, then a flash of light. Almost nothing is able to stand the Boogie Slide. Within a half an hour, she had gotten 2,000 NP. By that time, Amy had come back. We asked if we could go shopping, and she told us she had to go, so yes. We smiled to ourselves. This would be fun.

On the airport, we could barely contain our excitement. I, as a normally calm Kau, was jumping up and down. As soon as we touched down, Amy set out for the Logout Building, and Dragon and I went to the Shop Wizard. We asked him to find us some Forest Cloaks and Hats. He showed us a shop that had 10 of each, priced only at 600 and 300 a piece. We went their automatically.

The shop was huge. On the sign, it said The Cash Flow, owned by nooneinparticuliar, size 50. There was tons of stuff, like Stuffed Frog to a Silly Hammer. There was even a Faerie Paint Brush! After ten minutes of getting lost in the store, we each found a cloak and hat. After paying our 2000 NP, for we had got food too, which was surprisingly cheap, 5 NP apiece, we left.

When the warm sun hit us in full bloom, we scurried of like Aisha Thieves into the forest. It was all pretty, with only the chirping of a Pteri and occasional looks from wild Usuls, Gelerts, and the assorted other NeoPets, we flicked on our cap and cloak. They were surprisingly light, and very comfortable. In our packs, we each carried some food, like carrots and baby food. That’s when we set off.

It was nice out side. I could run faster than Dragon, and we set off, looking for some poor owners. We went near the Soup Kitchen. There was a long line of lots of sad NeoPets and owners. Hiding our faces, we started at the end of the line. There was a thirteen year old girl stomping her feet and flicking her brown hair. With her was a yellow Chia. I talked to him.

“Hi, why are you in line?”

“My owner has 200 NP because she won’t play the games or anything, and we come here everyday, even thought I’m already bloated.”

With a sidelong glance from the Chia, we went to the next people. There was a twelve-year-old boy in line, with four bleak looking pets. I pulled over the Eyrie of the group. He told us that his owner had been hacked from 300 thousand NP down to 0 NP They were going to play some games to earn back their fortune, but first they needed food. Dragon pulled open her sack and got out a couple of omelettes for them. Their owner thanked us, and left the line graciously.

Three people down, we met an alone starry Zafara. She looked ready to sob, so we pulled out a special treat, mint chocolate. Between tears and bites, she told us her story. Her owner had forgotten her password, and she had no where to go. She spent most of her days playing games, trying to earn enough to live on. With a thank you, she left the line and headed to the Arcade.

We continued down the line. Thankfully we had lots of omelettes, and those helped a lot, because they could be eaten three times. Dragon and I met a lot of people who’ve been hacked, abandoned, lost their money in the stock market crash, etc. By the end of our packs, we had fed ten pets.

As tired as can be, we dragged our feet to Winding Wood Drive. Right as we were entering our NeoHome, there was a flash of light. In front of us stood the Uber Light Faerie! I nearly cried out, she was my favourite Faerie. She smiled when she saw us.

“The Soup Faerie told me what you have done. That was very kind of you.” She paused for a sec and studied us over, and smiled. “Are you trying to mimic the great Lupin Hood?”

We stuttered, at a complete awe. We had never seen a Faerie before, except in books and over priced at 8000 NP in a shop. Now, to be complimented by one was mind-boggling. The Light Faerie continued to smile.

“You certainly deserve a reward.”

With that she put her hand over her head, in typical Uber Light Faerie fashion, and there was a flash of golden light. There was a feeling like swimming in cool water after a draught, or eating ice cream after being in 100-degree temperature. We didn’t know what happened until tomorrow, but climbed into bed.

The next day, Amy came to wake us up at 9:00 AM and she nearly screamed when we saw us. We had no idea why... we thought Dr. Sloth came to us in the middle of the night and changed us both into Mutant Moehogs or Chias. Our owner, quite loudly, yelled, “HOW DID YOU EACH GROW TEN LEVELS AND GET A WHOLE LOT OF ABILITIES AND SUPER STRENGTH, AND ALL THAT STUFF IN ONE NIGHT!?!?!”

It turns out she was exaggerating, but we still had improved by a couple of levels and gotten stronger and that stuff. Anyway, we had fun being the two modern Lupin Hoods, and finally being able to boast about our abilities.

We kept the cloak and cap, but didn’t use it. We kept on giving out free food and all that, but never told Amy. I wonder what she thought of her little Kau and Shoyru’s sudden level growth?

The End

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