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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Continuing Series > Jhudora's Neopet: Part Six

Jhudora's Neopet: Part Six

by opalgirl26

So, I decided to play one more game of Ultimate Bullseye -- and I got a score of 24. So 24 + 12 = 36. 36 x 6 = 216. So I gave myself pocket money of... 216 NEOPOINTS!!

     Might as well not spoil it. I headed to the National (no idea why they call it this, people every use it, it should be in International Neopian Bank) Neopian Bank to deposit some. But I heard whispers around me - about my mum - lucky they didn't know who I was!

     "Have you heard...?" a voice asked her friend.

     "Heard what?" the Friend asked back.

     "Have you heard about the new Neopedia entry?" Friend 1 asked.

     "No, what?" friend 2 asked back.

     "You know, that Jhudora girl?" Friend 1 asked again. They answered like every question with a question.

     "Yeah. Who doesn't? She's in the Times like every week." Friend 2 finally non-asked.

     "Yeah. And she doesn't do all of those things everyone accuses her of doing!" Friend 1 also non-asked.

     "So... Illusen's a liar?" Friend 2 asked.

     (At this point of eavesdropping I hid a smile. I'll tell Illusen that next time I was with her.)

     "No," Friend 1 said. "She has spies ... and slaves ... and a ton of other people at her command!"

     I gasped. The two friends looked at me the way Illusen might have done - well friend 1 did, anyway.

     "Can we help you?" Friend 2 asked. It occurred to me that she had an "American" accent.

     "Um," I smiled, "No."

     I went to the bank and deposited 150 NP. So that now made 2,628 in my bank account. Not bad :)

     On leaving, I quickly snuck a look at my mum's Neopedia entry (that someone had left on the table, like typical leaders). Even in THAT she hated Illusen. And then, everything finally dawned on me.

     I went home as fast as I could; it took like half an hour longer than from Meridell - maybe mum was waiting for me.

     Lucky for me, she wasn't just as I arrived I saw her go through the same door that I used when I was scared out of my wits by the Rock Beast/Grarrl. But when she opened the door, something different was behind it. A code box. It looked like she typed a password, it let her in ... and there were like 50 NeoPets, faeries, users, and petpets! Hannah was there - and actually, so was Illusen's Staff. Yay :)

     I decided to actually sneak inside and hide. Then I'd find Hannah ... and we'd get everyone outta there!

     So. I walked into my house as silently as I could. I slowly approached the door. I ran past mum when she was turning to see who accidentally tapped the door (me).

     But once there, everything was too hard. Each prisoner was in a cell (ack!) that was blocked by a code. This was not going to be easy.

     Hannah mouthed to me, 'What?'

     I mouthed back, 'Truth.'

     She mouthed back, 'Huh?' only she didn't mouth it and actually whispered.

     I groaned. Mum would pick up her whisper. And my groan.

     I was right; I heard her sigh.

     "Jhuisa, what do you want?"

     "Um ... uh ..." I came up with an idea. "The truth."

     "Now?" she half-sighed, half-laughed.

     "Yup," I said, "You have spies, don't you?"

     "I might have, yes," Jhudora said, "What's it to you?"

     "And, you spy on Illusen. That's why she hates me. That's why you -" I pointed at her, "- are a liar."

     "And that's why you're grounded," Jhudora said, folding her arms.

     "And, I don't even care," I said. "Besides, why punish a Kacheek for being five seconds late? It's FIVE SECONDS!"

     "Exactly," mum said, her eyes narrowed and making me almost turn down and cry, "Five seconds. He was late. Five seconds can mean the difference between failure and success! In fact," she paused, "it is."

     "And, why criticize Illusen, when no-one there actually cares? The only reason everyone will ever DO your dumb quest is because they want a dumb Wand of the -"

     "SILENCE!" Jhudora yelled. "Please Jhuisa, you will go straight to your room and stay there. If I ever hear you downplay me again, you'll have me to face."

     "Whoa," Hannah said under her breath.

     "Not doing it. No way. Nuh-uh."

     "Jhuisa, don't forget we have people --" Jhudora began, so angry she could have blown up Mystery Island, "watching us, and if we're not careful I'll go on and reveal what an idiot you are." I finished for her.

     "You'll never understand," Jhudora said - I believe she used the same words like a month later.

     "Big deal," I replied - very differently to the person she said it to a month later.

     "Actually, it is," mum replied, "Watch your mouth!"

     "Or what?"

     "Or -- or -" mum had trouble thinking up a good punishment. "Or - you'll be a memory."

     "Yeah," I replied, "It hasn't occurred to you yet that NeoPets can't die?"

     "I know that," mum said, "But they can disappear - on a one-way journey."

     "Right," I said, "A never-ending holiday? All right."

     I suppose Jhudora was making being a villain look very hard.

     Jhudora remained silent. But her eyes said everything she could not find words for. It was a sort of passionate hate; it could scare the living daylights out of most of us. But not me.

     Then, slowly, mum put down her wand. Me, Hannah, and everyone else stared open-mouthed at this gesture.

     "Now," she said, "We use hands."

     I wanted time to freeze. I bit my lip. I was not very strong - at least compared to my mum. I would fail. I knew it.

     I was jerked out of my time-freezing-hope moment, as Jhudora made towards me. I jumped into the wall. Dumb me. I could at LEAST do something more impressive.

     But then I gasped. Because, standing at the door, clad in green, standing defiantly, was Illusen.

     "You said hands," she said to my mum, shrugging, "I can do that."

     "I -- her -- um, OKAY," she said, reluctantly.

     "Let the games begin," Illusen shrugged again.

     I stood back. I stood on something lumpy... a broom or something. I looked down. It wasn't a broom. It was Illusen's Staff.

     I gasped. I realized that if I could work it, I could get everyone in the room to - er, stop being prisoners.

     I just had to work out how to work it.

     Or maybe -- this wand wasn't the answer? Because there was my mum's wand on the other side of the room, and it was more likely to unlock Dark magic.

     I silently got to the other half of the room. I got to my mum's wand.

     "Wands out!" I told Illusen. She retrieved her wand, and, like me, pointed it at Jhudora. To our surprise, she sobbed. I looked at Illusen and shrugged. "Trap," I suggested.

     Then I pointed to wand at the ceiling and concentrated, hard, on everyone being free. A bolt of silver light shot out, hit the ceiling and rocketed in 50 different directions, making all the locks unlock.

     A stampede for the door erupted. I tossed the wand away, and walked out with Hannah.

     I had made a friend. But mum wasn't too happy.

     "Good thing that's not the everyday," mum huffed as we ate toast (TOAST!) for dinner.

     "It isn't?" I asked, faking surprise.

     My mum knew this but also knew I was kidding her. "Nope," she smiled.

     "Drat. I was looking forward to beating you again."

     "Not in your lifetime," mum smiled wider. "But you're still grounded for a week."

The End

Author's Footnote: Well, good to see that's sorted :) Keep checking back for more Jhuisa/Hannah stories soon!

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