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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Continuing Series > The Aisha Legends: Falling Snow -- Part Four

The Aisha Legends: Falling Snow -- Part Four

by oily106

Aishas of Snow

Despite the snow, Imril could see the lone guard waiting out a cold watch outside the main doors. Her vision had always been remarkably perceptive -- indeed, her owner had always said she had pretty eyes… Imril wrenched her thoughts back to the present, clouded with bitterness. She fitted the blowpipe to her mouth and blew softly. The single guard stationed at the doors was more for ceremony than protection. After all, who would attack the Faeries? The guard went out like a light and landed softly on the snow, snoring gently. Imril chuckled and rubbed her tan coloured paws together. This should be easy.

     Imril beckoned to Torin. Together, the pair slipped inside the doors, along with a flurry of snowflakes. The splendour of the crystal hall momentarily robbed them of their breath. Imril scowled.

     "They're building a luxurious palace in the clouds while we rough it on a desolate Neopia, scavenging around for a piece of filthy bread!"

     She sneered. Torin viewed the hall with disgust but wariness.

     "Let's just hurry," he said.

     Imril nodded and scanned the hall. Her eyes came to rest on the magnificent throne at the head of the hall.

     "Quickly, behind that! Then we can scout the place from cover."

     The two Aishas softly ran across the hall, crouching quietly behind the throne. Imril ran a paw over the carvings and admired the plush purple velvet of the cushion.


     She held a paw to the cushion.

     "Still warm -- someone was here not long ago."

     Torin agreed with Imril and then his roving eyes caught sight of the door to the antechamber.

     "In there?" he asked.

     Imril nodded and the two scurried across to the antechamber and opened the door a crack. Torin slipped inside, closely followed by Imril. They crept forward, captivated by the objects inside. Torin fingered the sword with interest, wondering at its sheen, but it was Imril who spotted the crown.

     "Look!" she breathed. She picked up the crown, studded with the six gleaming jewels. "Light as a feather, too." The facets of the jewels glowed with a soft magical light. Imril giggled and placed the crown on her head at a jaunty angle.

     "I'm the Faerie Queen! Build me a palace! Fetch my jewels!" She waved her paw imperiously. Torin smiled and hugged her tightly. The two Aishas had been forced to grow up too young and too quickly -- now, they could reclaim their old life as best as they could.

     "We're going to be fine," he said. "I'll take the sword; you grab the crown.

     We'll never have to worry about survival again. Job done." He scooped up the sword and held Imril's paw daintily.

     "After you, Miss Queen."

     She swept out of the room giggling and Torin followed.

     The hall was dark and dim.

     "Imril," Torin hissed. "It's gone dark!"

     Imril bit her lip, worried. Had the loss of the artifacts been discovered already? Then she sighed in relief. "It must be the snow -- it's falling so thickly that it's blocked out the sun."

     The two Aishas edged nervously to the wall. They were half way along when a burst of purple light illuminated the hall. The two jumped, turning round in surprise, and the crown slid off Imril's head, clattering loudly on the floor. A Faerie was seated on the throne, with immense bearing and presence. They knew it must be Fyora, the Faerie Queen. To the side of her was a Water Faerie that looked somewhat familiar to the Aishas, seated at Fyora's elbow. The Aishas tried to run, but they couldn't move a muscle. Fyora looked stern and a tendril of violet light wrapped around the crown and brought it back to her. She placed it on her head and spoke.

     "Why do you enter a Faerie dwelling, which is forbidden to you, hurt our kin and steal our items?"

     Imril jutted out her chin defiantly.

     "We're starving down there. Life is harsh for us, while Faeries live in splendour."

     Torin drew close to her, supporting her words. Fyora turned to the Water Faerie.

     "Taelia, please bring the others." The Water Faerie nodded and disappeared. It wasn't long before the main doors were flung open, revealing a Water Faerie pushing a group of harangued Aishas in front of her. Fyora surveyed them.

     "Why do you cause hurt to those who care for you?" she asked.

     Imril spat. "You care not! We starve and times are hard."

     "The Soup Faerie will feed all those who come to her," reprimanded Fyora.

     "Life is not what it was before, perhaps, but it is possible to survive. It must be hard to lose your owner…"

     "I care not for owners!" Imril screamed. She tried to regain control but Torin spoke for her.

     "For others, it is perhaps possible to survive. But I had a luxurious life, because of our owners. All of us had owners. And we lost them because of you!" Torin spoke with anger. Years of bitterness and resent welled up inside the group of Aishas. The sorrow of their owners' departure spiked their anger further.

     Fyora drew herself up. "We all did wrong and I am sorry for your loss. I cannot repay to you what you are owed, and neither can you by stealing my items and lying to yourselves. Money will not pay to mend broken hearts. But owners will come again to Neopia and the Faeries will arise. Not all that is lost is forever gone. I promise."

     Imril's eyes blazed. "We led a life of luxury once and now we must drink soup with the rabble! Why should we not take what should be ours to repay what is owed? Your talk about hearts and healing and love -- who cares? We want riches, for ourselves. We don't need owners."

     Fyora looked grave. "You are greedy and that is your folly. I understand your hate, your anger, your desires. I will teach you a lesson -- not for punishment for your actions, but for your own sake. For you consider yourselves above others and you have broken our rules. We placed a harsh law upon ourselves -- to forsake the planet we so love to let it heal. We did not abandon you through hate, but through love. Yet, you have spurned out sacrifice. I should punish you for this. But punishment is perhaps the wrong word."

     Fyora looked grave. The Aishas drew back a step. Then she smiled slightly. "I have the answer to both of my problems." She beckoned Taelia forward.

     "There is the Negg Faerie, the Space Faerie, the Soup Faerie, the Library Faerie, the Island Faerie…This day, I decree that there shall be a Snow Faerie. That will be you, Taelia. I entrust to you the area of 'Terror' Mountain -- its mountain range, the caves of ice within it and the valley next to it. I also charge you with the care of these Aishas. They did wrong in harming you; you can help them atone."

     Imril stood forward, shaking slightly.

     "We will freeze! We cannot withstand cold! I refuse to accept this!"

     Fyora looked at the young Aisha. "You have done what you've done -- now accept your fate. I would not, of course, have let you freeze. From this day forward, you will be special and unique, as you have always desired. You will be set apart from other pets -- and this is also your punishment. You will not be able to meet other pets normally or live as they will. When humans return, then still you shall remain in your elite pack, without owners."

     Fyora raised her hands.

     "Here is your just reward!"

     A glowing light engulfed the Aishas. Their fur grew thicker and longer and the colour leached out of it until it was pure white. On Imril and Torin, feathery wings began to sprout.

     "See here your new lives. For you are Snow Aishas and your leaders, Faerie Snow Aishas. You will walk through blizzards unharmed, you will live on snowy slopes, you will prosper and grow. But few will know. For you will blend away in the snow and have no contact with others except for yourselves. You have got what you sought."

     Fyora turned to Taelia.

     "Go, Snow Faerie. Do what you will and be happy. Your friend will find her true path, too."

     Taelia smiled.

     "Thank you, Fyora. I pray you will watch over Jhudora for me."

     Fyora nodded and touched her fingertips to Taelia's. Purple and blue light began to pulse together and Taelia glowed.

     Taelia transformed. Her scaled tail split into legs, her black hair grew shorter and sparkled with blue flame, her eyes shone bright sapphire, her skin grew snow white and she was dressed in a warm furry coat. Her wings sported blue and white feathers and she summoned a glimmer of icy blue magic between her fingers. The Snow Faerie walked over to the Snow Aishas, who were still looking shocked.

     "Come," she said.

     And they faded out of the crystalline palace and out of Neopian memories, into the snow…

The End

Still the Snow Aishas roam, as a myth, a legend, a rumour -- nothing more. But they are real and they bear their gift and their curse still. As far as Neopians know, they are but an Aisha Legend.

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