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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Continuing Series > Al vs. Aliens: Part Three

Al vs. Aliens: Part Three

by al_the_chia

Al blinked twice. Phil blinked once, then rubbed his eyes. Fluffy didn't blink at all. The Lupes continued their wild cheering as the rather short Princess daintily shuffled from her seat and into the arena.

     "Now, LET US BEGIN!"

     Phil laughed. "You can't be serious! How could a puny thing like you poss- AAAH!"

     Ginniyakamirklepaw had thumped Phil over the head with a large, glowing golden rod. He was out like a light and was quickly removed from the ring by a few Lupe guards. Al and Fluffy glanced at each other, then at the smirking Princess, and finally gave yelps of surprise before turning tail and fleeing around the ring in frantic circles. The Princess cackled and raised the rod, hovering a few inches into the air.

     "You can run, but you can't hide, considering this arena was built for direct one-on-one fighting!"

     She pointed the rod at Al, and a bolt of purple and neon green light similar to the ones in the Lupe's blasters, but much more dazzling, shot from the tip. It struck the ground behind the panicking Chia, and his glasses audibly snapped as he tripped and rolled across the floor.

     "OH, SWEET PILFERED PIFFLE!" he yelled, gathering himself up and searching blindly for his broken glasses. Fluffy screeched as the Princess swept up behind him with surprising speed, raising the rod to smack him over the head in the same fashion as his brother. With a hiss, he leapt from the ground and sunk his teeth into her paw.

     "OW! HEY! That's not fair!"

     Dropping the rod, she snagged the Cobrall and yanked him off her paw, giving him a thorough shaking to make him dizzy. Dangling him above the ground by his tail, she reached to pick up her rod to give him a final blow...

     And instead, found nothing but dirt in her paws.

     "Wha? But... HEY!!"

     Al carefully examined the rod from the other side of the ring, a new pair of glasses from his pocket now on his face. He turned it over and inspected the top carefully, then laughed as he recognized a small symbol on the side.

     "Interesting... powered by the same Lupe hair as most everything else in this planet!"

     He screwed open the top and emptied the hair out onto the ground. Cybil snarled, dropping the Cobrall and zooming after him.

     "HEY! Give that back! Don't do that!"

     She yanked the rod from his arms and shoved him over, still glowing with power. He tripped and fell over backwards with a thump, his glasses askew and his mouth hanging open as she raised it above her head.

     "Now, Al, I shall finally avenge my father!"

     With a grunt, she brought it down on Al's head with a hollow, wood-like clunk.

     "OW!" Al yelled, clutching his head. "That stung!"

     Her eyes widened, confused. "But... my super powers! Why haven't you gotten a concussion?"

     She lifted it up and brought it down onto Al's head again, but only with the same results and another yell from Al. Confused, she lifted the rod up to her now auburn eyes.

     "I see. Well, now that my performance-enhancing hairy super rod is worn out, I'll just have to do this the hard way."

     She tossed aside her weapon and threw her fists up into the air.


     "AAAH!! That's CHEATING!!" Al bellowed.

     He and Fluffy jumped the fiery wall of the arena, scampering onto their feet and fleeing through the Alien Lupe's vessel, all the while hotly pursued by the Princess's guards. Al ducked his head down as a bolt of purple light shot from behind him, hitting a control panel on the wall. The doors just behind him slammed shut with a loud smack.

     Al screeched to a halt, turning around and looking at the closed doors. Apparently, one of the Lupes had stopped too late, and his severed paw was now scuttling across the floor towards him. Fluffy hissed, then leapt upon it, swallowing it with a gulp.

     Al gagged. "EEEEW!! FLUFFY!!"

     Fluffy belched loudly, shrugging. The door behind them suddenly began to buck and thrash. Al realized they had little time left. He and Fluffy fled down the hallway until reaching the door labeled 'Escape Pods.'

     Al hurled the door open and ran inside, slamming it shut behind him just as Glycopaw nearly snagged his collar.

     "CURSES!" he yelled. "Quickly, break down the door!"

     The Lupes quickly complied. Teaming up, they all backed up a few paces, then dashed towards it. It splintered underneath their combined weight, and they all collapsed into the room. Glycopaw trampled over them, blaster raised, but it was too late. The escape pod was already disappearing into the starry sky.

     Glycopaw fired his blaster uselessly, then chucked it onto the ground and stamped his feet, causing the Lupes underneath him to yelp.

     "CURSES!!! He's gone!! The King will be FURIOUS!!"

The Purple Planet, Days Later...


     "Don't worry, your Majesty, I'm certain we'll be able to fix the situation..."

     The King began to thrash in his bed, desperate to strangle the timid-looking messenger sitting at his bedside.


     "Ye-ye-yes, your majesty."

     The timid messenger scrambled from the King's bedroom, disappearing out the giant wooden doors. A few moments later, the Princess walked into the bedroom, looking even more timid than the messenger.

     "Did you call, daddy?"

     The King's anger had subsided a little bit, but he still growled.

     "Ginni, I'm disappointed in you. I even gave you super powers with that rod and you still couldn't defeat Al?"

     "Well, I REALLY tried, daddy." She gave him a tearful look. "But he was just too fast for me! Oh, I hate him ever so much!"

     The King couldn't help but smile, his eyes turning a warm sunset color. "Oh, but dear, at least you tried to murder him, and that's the important thing! Next time, the whole family can go to Neopia to destroy him! Doesn't that sound like fun?"

     "Oh, yes daddy!" she giggled. "That makes me feel so much better!"

     The King nodded. "Now, you be a good little daughter and tell the media that I'll be healthy enough to return to duty tomorrow."

     "Sure thing, daddy!" she beamed, pecked him on the nose, and hopped out of the bedroom, the door slamming shut behind her.

     As soon as it closed, she began seething.

     "DARN! He's recovering! This is no good! I'll have to rework my plans... I've made the people lose trust in him, and yet they won't revolt! I've poisoned him, and yet he recovers seamlessly! And I can't even win the people over to my side without defeating that stupid Chia, and he BEAT me! WHY WON'T HE JUST DIE AND LET ME TAKE OVER THIS MEASLY PLANET?!"

     She turned and glared at a nearby guard. "And what are YOU looking at?!?"

     "Uh, sorry mam."


     Ruffled, the Princess gathered her green dress and huffed down the hallway to take a bubble bath and cool off...

Lupe Forest...

Al breathed a sigh of relief. His second telescope party was going off without a hitch, and this time he had provided the Lupes with a little more entertainment. The video camera in his lab coat had captured his entire experience, and the Lupes were now gazing raptly at the projection on the screen.

     "That is SOOO COOL!" Little Dippaw gushed. "I wanna be a Lupologist some day!"

     l beamed as he poured himself more punch. As he looked at the footage of the battle, he couldn't help but feel as though he had forgotten something...

Outer Space...

Phil scowled as he was ejected from the alien ship, soaring off into space. As he whirled around, he rammed into another Lupe

     "What the... who are you?"

     "Oh? Oh, hi! I'm Gorklepaw, and MAN, I've been dying for a snack! I was hoping for an avocado, but you'll do!"

     "Wait, WHAT?? STOP!! NO!! NOOOOO!!!"

The End

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