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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Continuing Series > The Wings of a Faerie: Part Two

The Wings of a Faerie: Part Two

by laurensama

Nadriella sat on her bed in the dormitory, staring at the pink marble ceiling above. She wasn’t thinking of anything in particular, but was just casting her mind around the recent encounter with the Queen. Her intentions seemed kind and selfless, but she knew that something must have been behind it for no one was ever pleasant to her.

     She closed her eyes and listened to the wind quietly whispering through the window, bringing with it the giggles of other faeries outside as well as the hustle and bustle of the Faerie city below, and the odd click clack of claws.


     Nadriella opened her eyes slowly and slipped off her bed. Her room appeared to be empty, but she could still heard the sound or someone (or possibly something) wandering around her bed.

     "Hello?” she asked the empty room. The strange noises quickly stopped at the sound of her voice. The Faerie looked around, somewhat baffled. She scratched her head and turned back to her bed, but something was different.

     Someone was on it.

     “Hello!” a young Gelert happily chirped. Nadriella’s eyes opened quickly with shock and surprise, but realizing that the Gelert was not a threat she gave a warm-hearted smiled and scratched behind the pet’s long ears.

     “Hello young pet, it looks like you’ve gotten lost,” she cooed. The Gelert opened up its eyes and turned towards Nadriella.

     “Lost? No, no… I don’t think so, this is the place, I know it is,” it said distractedly looking around the room as if searching for something which would confirm its assumptions. Nadriella furrowed her brow in confusion; why would a Neopet have business within the academy? Pets were not allowed inside its walls, so why was this one looking for something inside it? But before she could inquire more about what it was looking for, the Gelert asked her a question.

     “You are Nadriella, right?” the Gelert questioned. Nadriella nodded and the Gelert let out a sigh of relief.

     “Oh that’s good! Cause the lady told me to find you and I had to stay with you! Phew, I’m glad I got it right, and—“

     “Stay? No, I’m afraid you really cannot stay Gelert,” the Air Faerie said. The Gelert looked distressed, its large brown eyes growing wider and wider.

     “But… but… the Faerie said that I had to stay with you, and you had to stay with me. She said we were… we were… ummm… what is the word?... BOUND! Yeah! That’s it!” the Gelert exclaimed happily, turning around on the bed in a sort of triumphant dance that she remembered the word. Nadriella was horror struck at the Gelert’s words.

     “B-bound? No you’ve made a mistake, only powerful faeries specially blessed by powerful, high ranking faeries are allowed to be bound and I wasn’t! I mean, a Faerie needs to be present to be bound to a pet and I know that I wasn--…”

     "Of course you were, silly!” the Gelert clarified, putting a paw on Nadriella’s hand, its soft blue fur on her pale skin. “I can’t remember who said it really, but a Faerie said that I was bound to you and you to me. I’m to be your friend…and I only hope that you’ll be mine,” It added hopefully, giving a sheepish grin. Nadriella’s heart felt as if it was to burst with happiness, but something held her back.

     “But, I’m a flightless Faerie, doesn’t that disgust you?” she asked sadly. The Gelert looked over Nadriella’s shoulder at her wings and then at her face.

     “Nope, at least you have wings! If it makes you feel better I don’t even have any wings, nor can I fly. So it’s kinda like we’re equal!” the Gelert laughed and, she couldn’t help it, Nadriella joined in. They two stopped laughing, and at that time the Faerie realized that her friend had no name.

     “What is your name?" she asked. The Gelert launched into a bout of thinking, its tongue in-between its lips as it thought.

     “Hmmm… I dunno. I guess that means I don’t have a name,” it said, looking over at Nadriella a spark of happiness in its eyes.

     “Will you give me a name, wonderful Faerie?” it asked hopefully. Nadriella smiled and tried to think of a name, finally coming up with one that sounded perfect.

     “Would you like the name, Celalith?” Nadriella asked, feeling that it would only be proper to ask the Gelert’s permission to use the name. The Gelert let out a bark of happiness and jumped up and down.

     “Ohhh! Celalith! I like it! I really, really like it!” she howled, full of joy. Nadriella felt within her heart the joy that Celalith felt at the moment, for now that the Gelert had a name, the two were bound, one in the same.

     “Thank you! Thank you for the name Nadriella!” The Gelert hugged the Air Faerie and she hugged back. At that time the bell rang, singling the end of class…and Nadriella’s break. With the excitement of what had happened, she completely forgot that she had classes the rest of the day! She looked at the Gelert, a bit of fear in her eyes.

     “What’s wrong, Nadriella?” Celalith asked, concerned.

     “I have to go to class now, but… if the other Faeries find out that I was bound…they’re not nice Celalith… and I’m afraid they might try to curse you out of jealously,” the Faerie explained. Celalith let out a snort and jumped off the bed, skittering towards the door.

     “I’m not afraid of them! And I’ll make sure that they don’t scare you either, Nadriella!” Celalith vowed with a powerfully surge in her voice. Nadriella smiled, it was so odd to have a kind conversation with someone. She had not done that for a long time…

     The Faeries began to file into the class, each small group laughing about their last class. The large room quieted down as the frail Faerie walked into the room…and…with a pet at her side?

     A few Faeries goggled at her; what was she doing with a PET in the academy?

     “Oh, she’s in trouble!”

     ”Stole a pet!”

     ”Ohhhhh, you’re out of here for sure now, broken wings!”

     “Whaca got the Gelert for, méclya?” laughed a Fire Faerie Nadriella turned towards the Faerie…but was it really Nadriella? There was a noticeable difference in her face. What was once an appearance of fear and sadness was now different. Stronger and… possibly happier?

     “I have a Gelert, because we have been bound,” Nadriella said, looking down at her new friend with a as a haughty earth Faerie fainted from shock.


The days that Nadriella and Celalith spent together were full of a sort of resplendent happiness. With a pet Nadriella and Celalith could do all kinds of amusing activities that were normally permitted for pets with owners. They took on a few jobs at the employment office every weekend, or when school work permitted, to earn some extra pocket money. Of course, the Faeries in the academy rarely had use for Neopoints, but Nadriella felt that to deprive Celalith with toys and games to entertain herself with was rather unkind.

     For Nadriella it was a new experience to have someone to confide with. When she talked about things that made her weary heart sad, instead of mulling them over as she did before, she felt as if her spirit had become liberated from the old problems of the past.

     Celalith was even more than a confidant to the Faerie she also proved to be rather fair in understanding the ballads written in the old Faerie languages, which was extremely useful when Nadriella’s books were written in the old languages.

     Languages classes were now designated for independent study. The former teacher had still not returned from her expedition in Meridell (a rumor was circulating that she had been turned into a Mortog). After the only one day of teaching the class Fyora never returned. All the students just assumed that she had far more pressing issues to manage than to teach young faeries how to properly conjugate the sentence on page 391.

     But none of that mattered to Nadriella and Celalith, for there were more urgent matters upon them, for Nadriella was reaching the age where she was starting to end her time inside the familiar walls of the Faerie and was soon to take the assessment which all students took. It was a test to determine what skills one Faerie excelled at and what skills they lacked, which were critical in assigning them a trade in the world. Nadriella always pondered what happened to faeries that could not be placed…and if it would happen to her. But Celalith scorned her friend when she spoke of such things.

     “Don’t talk like that Nadriella!” Celalith would snap, pounding her furry paw on the table. “Your better than all those fake little faeries you take classes with! And, if they’re fair judges, you’ll get to be Faerie Queen!”

     The Air Faerie would blush and deny it, but the words the Gelert spoke were true. She was now fast becoming one of the most skilled faeries in her grade, and quite possibly one of the top fifteen in the academy. It was quite a turn around from her ranking in the class before, where she could barley make a thimble levitate.

     The time flew by unnaturally fast for Nadriella, but it was far too late to turn back now…

     It was time for the trials.

To be continued...

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