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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Continuing Series > Of Speckles and Stars: Part Two

Of Speckles and Stars: Part Two

by furbyfun

Starilya sat in her room, sulking. She'd known her real family would find her someday, so why had she chosen to run away and join that Neopian family? If Furbyfun and the others came to rescue her, they'd be putting themselves in danger as well, especially her owner. Neopets rarely came to this part of the world, and owners almost never. Knowing how headstrong and stubborn her owner was, though, they'd undoubtedly be coming for her if they hadn't already arrived.

     "Starilya! Nice to see you again!" she scowled. Only one person could be that annoying, so it had to be her brother. Her twin brother, to be exact.

     "I ran away for a reason, you know," she informed Risaryé, and the starry Shoyru grinned.

     "Dynurel wants to talk with you, and he's not too happy."

     Starilya groaned. Their father might have technically been king, but Dynurel, their older brother, had always been the real ruler, the power behind the throne. Risaryé brought her back to Neopia with a question: "So, what's this reason you had for running away?"

     "For one thing, Risaryé, I needed to get away from you, Mr. Annoying Twin. Second, Dynurel was acting like he really was the king, and third, everyone was just a bit too... too... too controlling of me."

     Risaryé didn't seem able to argue with that, for he didn't respond and instead just walked out of the room. A few minutes later, Dynurel stormed into the room. "Starilya Nylorie FallingBlue," he screamed, "you shouldn't have run away! You should have stayed and helped run the kingdom, like any normal princess and little sister would!"

     Starilya shrunk back in front of the furious fire Shoyru. His color suits his personality, she thought, all hot and fiery. "You never gave me any freedom!" she accused.

     "I actually gave you more freedom than a lot of princesses enjoy. You should be thankful for that."

     "I had nowhere to go to get away from you and Risaryé, and you tried to watch and control my every move. Besides, you always acted like the king when you're not."

     "Not the king? Our father vanished long ago, shortly after you left, on a trip to the Lost Desert. I have been given the position of king, being the oldest of his children."

     Starilya's mouth dropped in amazement and disbelief. It couldn't possibly be true! Then again, he could be telling the truth, but Dynurel was known for lying when it was to his advantage. He paused for a moment, and then continued to talk. "Your so-called owner and her other pets attempted to retrieve you from the castle. The owner was captured and turned into an Angelpuss but somehow managed to escape and return to human form anyway, because of that blasted shadow Shoyru and his stupid potions."

     "His name is StarSkyFire, and he's a better brother than you are, coming to rescue me," said Starilya. "Anyway, I'm not Starilya Nylorie FallingBlue anymore, really, just Starilya. My family is with my owner, Furbyfun, and her pets Shaylily, Aerolani and StarSkyFire."

     Back in Neopia Central, I was pacing my NeoHome in front of my other pets. "Princess Starilya FallingBlue? I always thought she was just plain Starilya," I mused. StarSkyFire had retreated to his lab, with an occasional explosion from that direction, and Shaylily was leaning against the jelly wall with her head in her hands. Aerolani was in the NeoGarden, the honks of her Trumpet of Deafening (which she was using to try to get the bushes to compress themselves) reflecting off the rows of Glass Roses and into the open window. Suddenly, an idea struck me. "Ow!" I yelled as it hit me between the shoulder blades. I turned around to see that it wasn't my brilliant idea that had hit me; it was StarSkyFire. He was holding a jar of brightly colored powder, or was it sand?

     "I told you before, you can't use my Bottles of Sand for your inventions. Those are for sand sculptures." Distracted by StarSkyFire, I had forgotten my brilliant idea.

     "This isn't your sand! It's exploding powder!"

     "Exploding powder? Aren't there enough explosions in your lab already?"

     StarSkyFire sighed as he lowered the jar slightly. "That's not what it's for! It's for making fireworks! I found it in my closet and thought it could help rescue Starilya!"

     "Fireworks-making powder? What does that have to do with anything?"

     My shadow Shoyru was clearly exasperated; I could see it in his face. "I wasn't going to make fireworks with it! I was going to make it explode, and maybe knock her wall down or something!"

     I stared at him. "You know what?"


     I grinned. "That idea is so brilliant it's almost stupid!" StarSkyFire broke into a matching grin.

     Meanwhile, at the palace, Starilya was in a bit of a sticky situation. Dynurel announced, "Starilya, your so-called owner has no chance of taking you back. She and her pets have fled the palace, and you will be gone before they have a chance to return."

     "Really? Why's that?"

     "I have arranged for you to be taken from the kingdom and left in the valley nearby, and the surrounding mountains, this one included, are so tall and steep, you will have no chance of escaping. Before you ask why I'm doing this, it's because you have renounced your family name, and therefore removed the protection you had as a member of the FallingBlue royal family."

     Starilya was shocked. How could this fire Shoyru standing in front of her, coolly ordering her exile, possibly be the same Dynurel who had been like the perfect big brother, only a bit bossy, before she left? Risaryé was the same as ever, but what had happened to Dynurel? Yes, he'd always been bossy, true, but never like this. The same fire Eyrie who had taken her to the castle threw the door open and said in a gruff, loud voice, "I'll take her down to the valley, sire." And, without another word, threw her on its back roughly and flattened his wings over her screaming rainbow-colored body so she couldn't jump off.

     After arming his sisters and me with bottles of the multicolored exploding powder, StarSkyFire pulled a Speckled Paint Brush from his backpack, which I was sure I'd put in my safety deposit box.

     "What's that for?" I asked.

     "Disguising Starilya once we find her, so she can sneak past the guards," responded StarSkyFire. That said, we set off for the palace.

     Risaryé watched as his sister was marched by his door, and he couldn't just stay put. I have to do something, he thought. Just because she had an owner now didn't mean Dynurel could treat her like that! He opened his door and silently snuck down the hall behind the Eyrie holding Starilya. When the fiery Eyrie reached for the door handle, Risaryé made his move. Grabbing its tail, Risaryé shrieked, "Where d'ya think you're goin'?" and whacked him on the head with his own heavy tail armor.

     "Why, you little..." yelled the enraged Eyrie, and pulled out an Eyrie Rainbow Flash.

     While her captor and Risaryé were fighting, Starilya wriggled out from under the orange, red, yellow and black wings and jumped off his back. Making sure the Eyrie was focusing all its attention on the fight, she started to run in the opposite direction.

     Noticing that Starilya had slipped loose, Risaryé abandoned the fight and ran after her. With an enormous bang, a substantial hole was blown in the wall. Beyond the hole was a human girl and three Shoyrus, painted disco, white and shadow, each holding a bottle of multicoloured powder. The top was off the disco Shoyru's bottle, and the girl, most likely their owner, had wings.

     "We're here to rescue Starilya!" yelled the white Shoyru.

     "Who are you?" asked Risaryé and the owner at the same time.

     "I'm Risaryé FallingBlue, Starilya's twin brother," said Risaryé.

     "I'm Furbyfun, her owner, and the Shoyrus are Shaylily, Aerolani and StarSkyFire, her brother and sisters."

     "Furbyfun?" asked my rainbow Shoyru, who appeared not to have been listening.

     "Starilya!" I cried in happiness. We hugged each other and jumped up and down (I could see both Shaylily and Risaryé rolling their eyes), and Starilya said, "I will never, ever, ever complain about you again, Furbyfun."

     I smiled and said, "I won't hold you to that." Just after we left the palace, I opened my shadow Shoyru's backpack and removed the paint brush. "I was going to use this on you because I love the look of the speckled Shoyru, but here you go now," I said, and painted Starilya. She looked like a completely different Shoyru speckled, and I thought it fit her personality. We started to leave the area, but the Korbat guards standing a short distance away from the palace stopped us.

     "Who are you and where are you going?"

     They don't know who we are, I thought. Thinking fast, I made up some names.

     "I'm Starry_towers and these are my pets, Kasirell-" I pointed to Shaylily, "Inturan-" I pointed to StarSkyFire, "Oparra-" My index finger now pointed at Aerolani, "and Syrinna." Starilya was the last to be pointed at. There was a hint of nervousness in my voice; could the two Korbats detect it?

     "We're going to Meridell, and we just came from the Lost Desert." Aerolani mouthed the word Meridell? The guards didn't notice, but they said to Risaryé, "Prince Risaryé FallingBlue, you know perfectly well that you're not supposed to go outside the castle without an escort. You could fall down the side of one of those mountains and never be seen again." As they led him back, we headed back to our NeoHome.

     Back home, Starilya had spent at least an hour in front of the mirror, trying to decide if she liked being speckled or not.

     "Being painted a new color does take some getting used to, you know," commented Shaylily. She would know, having been painted several times before becoming disco.

     "How did you come up with those names?" asked Starilya. "I mean, Kasirell and Oparra would be okay names, but Syrinna and Inturan? Syrinna sounds like a Neocola competitor, and Inturan is just plain weird!"

     I smiled. "They just came off the top of my head. Speaking of heads, it's time you guys get yours in bed!" I added, looking at the clock. As usual, Shaylily read the latest issue of Crime Fighters Magazine while I put StarSkyFire, Starilya and Aerolani to bed, in that order.

     I came into her room and reached for the light switch, but she put the yellow-covered magazine down and said, "Tell me a story, Furbyfun! You never tell me bedtime stories!" I sighed and sat down on her bed.

     "Well, how about the story of the Shoyru who turned out to be a princess, then got kidnapped and rescued by her owner and siblings?"

     My disco Shoyru giggled. "Furbyfun, that just happened to us! Today!"

     I sighed, and told her a somewhat silly story about a petpet spy instead. When it was over, I turned off the light. Before I could leave, Shaylily muttered, obviously to herself, "First I find out that I have magical abilities and am from Larishi instead of Neopia, then my owner grows wings, and now Starilya turns out to be a princess. I wonder who'll have something weird happen to them next?" As I logged off for the night, I was wondering too.

The End

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