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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Articles > The Secrets Of NeoQuest

The Secrets Of NeoQuest

by neostephania

The Secrets Of NeoQuest - NeoQuest is an adventure game involving skill, challenge, hazards and risks. If you are brave enough, you will play a Lupe who must choose the correct path to complete the journey. Throughout the journey, you will fight many monsters, gather information, collect items, and complete quests. Here are some fast facts about NeoQuest:
  • Each one of your Neopets can have their own separate game in NeoQuest, so you can have up to four games running at the same time.
  • Change your active neopet in order to play that Neopets' game.
  • Mountains, water, solid rock, and stone walls cannot be moved onto.
  • Locked doors require their own key to pass through them.
  • To enter a cave, dungeon, ruin, or another place, direct you Lupe onto that place and click the “Go!” link that will appear.
  • In caves, dungeons, etc. you have less visibility around you than when you are exploring outside of these places.
  • There are 50 levels altogether, and your Lupe always starts at level 1.
The first step is to click on 'normal' mode. This is the difficulty of the game you are playing. Normal mode is the easiest mode. It is also the mode you will play if you are just starting out. If you have been killed in normal mode, your Lupe will return to Neopia City, and you will lose some experience points. If you die at a high level, you will lose much more experience points than if you happen to die at a lower level. At the end, there is one boss to beat, Jahbal. There are two other difficulty levels, but I will discuss those later.

The next step is to select different skills to build your Lupe's fighting abilities, and you can choose from five different skill trees. After your game has been created, you are allowed to spend seven skills points, and after completing each level you gain one point. You can only spend a skill point in a skill if you have more skill points in the previous skill. For example, you cannot spend any points on Field Medic unless you have at least one point in Life Weapons first. The first skill in a skill tree has no prerequisites, meaning you can always raise those as high as you want, to a limit of 10. From past experience, my advice is to never choose the same skill when you are spending your first seven skill points. It is your decision, however, which skill tree(s) (fire, ice, shock, spectral, life) you wish to spend them in. I usually spend 2 points in Life Weapons, 2 points in Field Medic, 1 point in Shock Weapons, 1 point in Disable, and 1 point in Fortitude. This way, you can do many abilities when in combat, and when walking around. I find 'Life Magic' to be quite a good skill tree as it allows you to heal while walking around and while in combat. I would, however, advise never to spend any skills on Resurrection. I find it to be a waste of valuable skill points, and, if played properly, you should never die. I have also noticed that skills that are level 1 do the most damage/defence, level 2 skills do a little less, level 3 skills do even less, etc. Therefore, level 10 skills do the least for your Lupe. Overall it is your decision which skills you wish to spend your points on, but be sure to spend them on the skills you believe will help you the most. Don't forget to click on the question marks beside each skill name to see what each one does.

The next step is to choose a starting weapon, which will enhance your combat abilities. Don't worry, you can get all of the five weapons later, and much stronger weapons later in the game. However, choose the weapon that you have spent the most skill points in. If you spent most of your points in 'Shock Magic', choose the Yellow Wand. If you carry a stun weapon, the chance of stunning your opponent increases.

Now you are done. The first thing you should realize is that your movement type is set to normal. Change this to either hunting or sneaking. A 'normal' movement means you have an average chance to encounter creatures on each step you take. When you are 'hunting' you have a greatly increased chance to encounter creatures (you are hunting them down). Finally, when you are 'sneaking', you have a greatly reduced chance to encounter creatures (you are trying to avoid them, although you do find a creature every so often). Never leave your movement type on 'normal'. If you want to find creatures, set your movement to hunting, and if you want to avoid them, set it to sneaking. Once you have finished that, talk to the NPC's (non-player characters) in each corner of Neopia City, and be sure to talk to Eleus Batrin in the middle.

NPC's are scattered all over ancient Neopia. Some say talking to NPC's is a complete waste of time and they serve you no good. But I find them very informative and very useful. So why talk to the NPC's? There are a variety of reasons, for example, they may have a quest for you. If so, they will give you the information you need so that you know what items to collect for them. They may also tell you where to find the items. If you complete a quest for them, they will reward you by giving you, in most cases, either a weapon or a piece of armour. Some NPC's also heal you. 'Boraxis the Healer', for example, is located in Neopia City and he will heal you to full health whenever you visit him. Wish we could carry him around! Some NPC's will have additional things to say once you complete certain quests or defeat certain creatures. 'Eleus Batrin', for example, has additional information for you after you defeat Xantan the Foul.

When you are ready to fight, combat the fire and snow imps surrounding Neopia City until you move on to level two. As you combat the evil monsters and creatures, you gain experience points, and sometimes items. The number of experience points you receive depends on the level of your Lupe in relation to the level of the monster you are fighting. Sometimes, however, you will not gain any experience points at all. This is because the level of the monster you just defeated is WAY less than your level, although you can still get items. For example, if you defeat a creature that is level 2, and your level is 24, you are unlikely to receive any experience points. Once you have enough experience points, you gain a level. The higher levels require more experience points than the lower levels. I would never battle with a monster that is higher than your level, as they have much more strength and skill than you, and you are more likely to die. If your health is zero, or is lower than zero, this means the monster you tried to combat has won the fight, and you have been killed. I will discuss what happens when you are killed a little later on.

Once you are on level 3, my plan is to go to the following places (in that order):

  • Dank Cave. Work your way Southeast, but don't go down to the second floor until you are at least level 5. When you are on the second floor, walk around to the Northeast corner stairs, and wait until you are level 6 or 7 before you go to the third floor. There is yet another set of stairs on the third floor, just below the entrance, but you have to work your way around. When you are at least level 12, you are ready to defeat Xantan the Foul (level 10).

  • Jungle Ruins. When you are on the Jungle Ruins entry level, you have two choices: head upstairs to the tower, or head downstairs to the dungeon. Since the doors to the tower are locked, go downstairs to the dungeon. When you are on the first dungeon floor, you will immediately see another set of stairs in front of you. Ignore them at first and head through the maze towards the east. Don't forget to talk to Margoreth on the way. Work your way over to Kreai at the top, and be sure to wait until you are level 17 to defeat him (he is level 15, able to stun for 2 rounds, but will give you a rotting wooden key at the end), as he is a more difficult boss. After you defeat Kreai, use the teleport which will take you to the stairs at the beginning of the level, allowing you to work your way further down.

    After you go down to the second dungeon level, ignore the stairs you will see at the bottom right. Instead, go Northeast to the top right corner, taking you to the teleport maze. Go through the first teleport you see (you should go straight then one space north), then through the only other teleport in that space. When done, go to the teleport at the very top instead of the one attached to the main path. Finally, go through the other teleport in that area. Now you should be in the “Jungle Ruins Hidden Underground Garden.” This is a pretty large map, but just walk straight up to fight 'Gors the Mighty', who will give you your second tower key. Be prepared for him as he is level 20 and able to stun. Use the teleport behind him which will lead you to the entrance back at the second dungeon level. Go down the stairs to level 3. Work your way down towards Rollay Scaleback, who is in the middle of the island at the bottom of the map. He will give you a 'rusty medallion' (important later on) and a 'jeweled crystal key'. Use the teleport behind him, which will take you back to the level one dungeon entrance. Go up the stairs at the top. Work your way to the stairs at the center of the map. After going up those stairs, head towards the locked door in the bottom center and go up the stairs. Use your keys and head towards the middle where you will go up the stairs again. Work your way over to the door in the top left corner, and once again go up the stairs. Finally, you can talk to Korabric, an NPC who will give you valuable information.

  • Temple Of Roo. Once you enter, you will realize the entrance is invisible, but it is in the sandy part where you are standing. On this level it is tough to find where you are going, but walk east on the dirt path then down. Once you see a body of water, head west, then go south again through the trees. Finally, head Northeast again until you reach the stairs leading down. Go down the stairs. Now you are on a somewhat complicated floor. Monsters on this floor range from levels 26 to 30. There is an invisible note a few steps east just after you walk in (it is on one of the dirt squares). Read the note as it will give you the order that you will visit the rooms. Each room has a 'main monster' which holds the key to the next room. Be sure not to leave a room until you have the key. 'Archmagus of Roo' is in the last room, where you will defeat him and he will give you a 'clouded gem'. Use the teleport behind him to return to the entrance of the Temple of Roo.

  • Techo Caves. Enter the first cave. When you exit, you will see two caves: one on your left and one on your right. Choose the left one, and go in. When you exit, go through the other cave on the left. When you exit this one, it will take you to Sunny City where you can trade your Rusty Medallion for a Keladrian Medallion. Be sure you get your Keladrian Medallion as it will help you fight a boss later on. Now go back through the caves until you reach the area where you chose the left cave. This time, choose the cave on your right, and enter. After you exit, choose the cave on your left, not the one on the bottom. This will take you to the 'Mountain Fortress'.

  • Mountain Fortress. This place is a little different. There are five different areas, and each area holds a guardian of a specific magic (fire, ice, shock, spectral, and life). These bosses are all level 40. Be sure to attack the boss that holds the magic of what you specialize in. He will give you a very powerful weapon, 500 experience points and Neopoints. The other bosses are optional, but I always attack them as they give you their weapon, experience points and Neopoints.

  • Kal Panning. A large complicated level, but work your way to Faelinn (level 45) in the Northeast She is an easy boss to beat, simply show her your Keladrian medallion. After, the ruin will be restored, meaning sand and dirt will turn into walls and floors. This makes the way out much easier.

  • Palace of the Two Rings. Enter the Two Rings Gatehouse. The gatekeeper will not let you through unless you have the key from Faelinn. Be careful as you cannot leave the Two Rings area once you entered. When you exit the cave you should be on the first level of the palace. Lead towards the stairs which are in the Northeast corner. After going up the stairs, make your way all over to the west end where the stairs are. This is your last chance to level, Jahbal is close by and there are no other monsters. The last level of the game (on normal mode... discusses later) has Jahbal and no other monsters. Wait until you are level 50 to defeat Jahbal as he is very powerful. He is level 50, has 700 hit points, can stun, and do lots of damage!

    Congratulations! You have just beaten normal mode in NeoQuest and you should have a bronze trophy. As I said earlier, there are two more difficulty levels to go. Now that you have beaten normal mode, you can begin evil mode. Finally, once you have beaten evil mode, you can begin insane mode.

    Evil: Evil mode is not much different from normal mode. If you die, you are returned to Neopia City, and you will lose experience points. At the end, however, there are two bosses to beat, Jahbal and Mastermind. Mastermind is a harder boss than Jahbal, so make sure you have lots of healing potions. After this level is beaten, you will receive a silver trophy for your cabinet.

    Insane: Insane mode truly is insane! If your opponent defeats you then have been killed and must restart from level one! You also need more experience points to gain levels. There are three bosses at the end this time, Jahbal, Mastermind, and Xantan Reborn. I am still in the process of beating insane mode though, and don't know much about Xantan Reborn. After this level is beaten, you will receive a gold trophy for your cabinet, which very few Neopians have.

    Well, there you have it. I hope this has helped you and cleared up and misunderstandings about NeoQuest. Still have questions? Tell me them here.

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