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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Short Stories > The Adventure After the Surprise

The Adventure After the Surprise

by charmedhorses

A glimmer of sunlight breaks through the otherwise dark sky, creating a ray of light upon Neopia. It seems that all is still, the birds in their nests, the Neopets in their beds. That is except for one small Faellie who rose early on that particular day.

      Trini had been living with SeaZ0ne and her pets Ramoose_, a rainbow Tonu, and Puppy_Trix, a baby Gelert, for just a few weeks now. She had been a surprise for SeaZone's birthday and had immediately been welcomed in their family.

     The young Faellie had no complaints about her family or their living style. In fact, she rather liked it. Ramoose_ with his big hooves and wide grin was always happy to go galloping off with Trini holding tightly to his ear, and Puppy_Trix with her childish personality loved getting into fixes with her. Then there was SeaZ0ne, who always had a treat hidden for her.

      Her family remained in bed, SeaZ0ne breathing heavily, a wisp of hair rising and falling on her face as she did so, Puppy_Trix curled up in a tight ball, her bed covers snug around her, and Ramoose_ sprawled across his bed, his hind right hoof hanging over the edge, and his covers crumpled at the foot of it. Puppy_Trix held her paws against her ears, still sleeping soundly, as Ramoose_ snored loudly in the neighboring bed.

     However, Trini was up and about, packing a little knapsack in the corner of the room she shared with Ramoose_ and Puppy_Trix. She tossed in some of the items scattered on the wooden floor, and then shoved the rest aside and tied the knapsack closed.

     Trini swung the pack onto her back, gazed around the room at her brother and sister and quietly headed for the door.

     At the far side of the room, Ramoose_ groaned and lifted his head to peer at Trini through a partially opened eye. "Oh, see ya Trini," he said sleepily and then put his head back down.

     "Bye, Ramoose_," Trini said calmly as she left the room.

     Without another distraction she left the small NeoHome, closing the door quietly behind her.

     "Ready to go?" barked a pudgy pup waiting at the street.

     "You bet, Dart!" exclaimed Trini, patting the Warf's creamy colored head. "Now let's get going. I have a brilliant plan!"

     The two headed down the twisting road toward an awaiting adventure.

     In the meantime, Ramoose_, Puppy_Trix, and SeaZ0ne had gotten up and were loitering around the kitchen.

     "Have either of you seen Trini?" asked SeaZ0ne as she set a box of Neoflakes on the table. Ramoose_ and Puppy_Trix shook their heads.

     SeaZ0ne sighed. "Puppy_Trix, would you mind checking on her?"

     "Sure!" With that Puppy_Trix began down the hall for their room.

     After a minute Ramoose_ and SeaZ0ne heard paws scampering back toward the kitchen.

     "Trini's gone!" yelped Puppy_Trix worriedly.

     SeaZ0ne's jaw dropped and her eyes became large with concern.

     Suddenly, Ramoose_ recalled seeing Trini leave that morning and a guilty look crossed his face. "Umm… actually…" he mumbled. "I…uh… saw Trini…"

     SeaZ0ne and Puppy_Trix turned to face him, their expressions inquiring. As if on queue, they both said, "Well?"

     "Heheh… I just saw her leave… this morning."

     "And you didn't ask where she was going?"

     "It was early. And I was half asleep," Ramoose_ said defensively.

     "Ugh," said SeaZ0ne shaking her head. "Now what should we do?"

     "So where are we going?" Dart asked excitedly.

     Trini laughed as she looked at the Warf practically bouncing in his step. "I've got a hunkering for a far-off land," she said as she raised her eyebrows mischievously.

     "Faerieland?! We're going to Faerieland? Oh boy!"

     Back at the NeoHome, the three sat around the kitchen table in a cloud of thought and worry.

     "She's a clever Faellie, she won't be gone long," SeaZ0ne said, trying to convince herself more than anything.

     "Yeah," says Puppy_Trix. "She'll come home…"

     "We're on the edge of Faerieland!" Trini said, pushing through a lavender mist of early afternoon.

     "What are we going to do once we get there?" panted Dart curiously.

     "Ever heard of Jhudora?"

     Dart stopped in his tracks.

     "I thought we'd pay her a little visit. See what she's really like."

     The Warf eyed her nervously.

     "Awww... come on, Dart," Trini said, urging him onward. "It's not like she'll do anything to us."

     "Ha," said Dart disbelievingly, "that's what you think." But he began moving forward again.

      "Should we send out search parties?" Ramoose_ asked worriedly. "Maybe they'll be able to find her."

     "Should we go look for her?" asked Puppy_Trix.

     "No, no. Let's just stay here for a while. She's bound to call, or come home, or something!' SeaZ0ne said, trying to remain calm.

      "So what'd you tell your Cybunny?" Trini asked Dart. "Does she know where you are?"

     "I told her I had some business to attend to and she didn't ask too many questions."

     "Cool," said Trini distractedly. "Hey, look!" she shouted, pointing at a large castle towering above them amidst an array of clouds. "Now, Jhudora's Cloud is West of here… so let's go this way," she said, changing her path so she was facing a dark cloud in the distance.

     "You're sure you don't want to go to the Wheel of Excitement instead?" asked Dart worriedly.

     "Nah, that's okay. Let's get going."

     And with that Trini headed on, Dart following reluctantly.

     After a time, Trini stopped, took the pack off her back, and took two green apples from it. She hungrily took a bite from one and passed the other to Dart.

     When they began walking again a light sprinkle of deep purple rain drops started to fall.

     "We must be getting close," said Trini.

     All around them was a haze of clouds, the light purple gradually turning dark as they neared Jhudora's Cloud.

     Heavy rain pounded down upon the two Petpets, Trini with a determined expression forged through it, and Dart sloshed through the drowned clouds, pouting.

     "Come on, Dart. It's not that bad," and with that Trini pulled out two umbrellas from her pack.

     Dart took his and opened it so he was protected from the rain, while beside him Trini did the same.

      A boom of thunder beat through the air and a flash of lightening lit up a huge castle. Purple lined with lime green, it gave off a scary yet enchanting feeling.

     Trini looked on with awe, while Dart shook uncontrollably.

     Trini bravely stepped up to the large front door and picked up the knocker. With a Ka-Thunk, Ka-Thunk, she knocked on the door.

     Time there was lost, for it was always dark and Trini waited impatiently at the door.

     Annoyed, she knocked again, harder this time.

     With a crash the door was thrown open, revealing Jhudora in an elegant purple dress, a scowl on her face.

     With a pleased look, Trini let herself in, turning to see Dart still out in the pouring rain. She motioned for him to come inside, and he did so, cowering behind Trini.

     Jhudora looked at them both with disgust. "What is your reason for disturbing me?" She asked Trini.

     "Well, we were out and about and I just thought--"

     "Silence!" booms Jhudora. "You must leave at once!"

     Dart headed for the door, but Trini stepped in his way, her wings beating angrily and her small eyes alive with rage.

     "You have no right to tell us what to do!"

     "Do you dare to question me?" thundered Jhudora.

     Trini took a step forward, her eyes locked with Jhudora's. "And if I do?"

     A glimmer of respect entered Jhudora's eyes as she looked at the small Faellie at her feet. Then with a wave of her hand she sent Trini and Dart out of the door to land on her doorstep. Behind them the door slammed shut and Trini and Dart picked themselves up and headed for home, Trini glaring at the closed door over her shoulder.

     As Trini opened the door of SeaZ0ne's cozy brick NeoHome, SeaZ0ne, Ramoose_, and Puppy_Trix jumped up from the couch and rushed to the front door.

     "Trini! Where have you been? You missed dinner…"

     "You're home!"

     "What happened?"

     Trini made her way to her bedroom, "Yeah, yeah. I love you all too," she said.

     Then she entered her bedroom, closed the door behind her, and retreated to her corner as if nothing happened.

     Still in shock, SeaZ0ne, Ramoose_, and Puppy_Trix looked at each other disbelievingly and then shrugged.

     What could they say? Trini was home safe and sound, and obviously not in the mood to talk.

     That's Trini for ya, thought SeaZone smiling.

The End

Author's Note: This story continues with the characters from my previous story, 'The Birthday Secret'. However, Puppy_Trix was originally spelled without the underscore, but after a Gelert under the same name was created, I edited the character's name. The same goes for SeaZ0ne, whose name was originally spelled with an o rather than zero.

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