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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Short Stories > A Very Faerie Switch

A Very Faerie Switch

by covergirl_tanemura

"Fyora is going to pay for getting me up this early!" Illusen sneered, as her large green wings flapped gently in the cool wind. Just yesterday all faeries had been assigned to retreat to Faerieland for a special meeting. While other faeries smiled just thinking about it, Illusen hated the meetings. All the meetings they ever had were based upon 'special events' like a new Faerie joining the group. A new Faerie doesn't mean you have to get only two hours of sleep. A Faerie needs to be beautiful, right? Before Illusen could continue thinking, she was briskly bumped into by a purple whiz. Illusen could tell it was Jhudora by the strong stench of foot odour. Jhudora had foot problems since she was a wee child.

     "Oh what, don't tell me you're late, too?" Jhudora hissed from over her shoulder, while her large dress fluttered in the wind like a lazy butterfly. Illusen hated butterflies. Feeling no need to comment back like an immature child, Illusen billowed past Jhudora, paying no mind to her until they reached the large pasty white doors leading into Faerie Hall.

     Illusen opened up the door and trudged in reluctantly. No sleep and a long trip could do wonders to an upbeat Faerie.

     "We’re here," Illusen mumbled, holding the door open for the snickering purple Faerie called Jhudora. The Faerie Queen was immediately in front of them, fluttering her long eyelashes at the pair.

     "Oh, my word, I'm so glad you came!" she said in that cheerfully-annoying-when-you've-just-woken up voice. Illusen continued past her, trying best not to fall over and go to sleep.

     Rightfully taking her place at the side of the long oak table, Illusen waited for the Faerie Queen to start the meeting. Millions of different Light, Earth, Water, and Dark Faeries were lined up in the chairs, Illusen being the odd one out with her ‘different’ clothes.

     "Did you hear the announcement?" the Fire Faerie next to her asked, making small talk before Fyora came in and broke everything up.

     Illusen shook her head in response, before yawning loudly and stretching out her arms.

     "SILENCE!" bellowed Fyora, and the noise of the whole chattering room turned into a deep eerie silence. All the Faeries looked to the person next to them worriedly. Fyora *never* bellowed.

     "It has come to my attention," Fyora started, as she paced back and forth in front of the silent group of faeries, "that there has been a -- how do I put this? -- competition between two faeries in our group."

     Illusen and Jhudora stared at each other, shooting daggers with their eyes as though saying ‘It’s us, isn’t it?’

     "Not only do I find it childish," Fyora continued again, "but also the two Faeries will be punished for doing so. Illusen, Jhudora, this is your cue to get up."

     Illusen snorted and stood up slowly as the prying eyes of other faeries stared at her. Feeling an odd chill, Illusen hugged herself tightly and watched Jhudora stand up with a snide look on her face.

     "Your punishment is to spend one day in each other’s shoes."

     Before either could argue, a huge white light flooded the room and Illusen was fast asleep.



     Illusen sighed and shifted positions as she felt something poking her arm.

     "Ma’am, it’s time to get up!"

     Illusen swatted away at the pest and turned herself upright. A groggy look dusted her every feature as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

     "What?" she groaned, looking around with her eyes hardly open. All she could see was purple items which danced around her room.

     "Ma’am, are you awake?"

     Illusen finally got her eyes open and stared at the bustling little Kacheek who was fiddling around the room, fixing it up.

     "Who are you?" Illusen asked before standing up and walking into the bathroom to do her daily rituals of brushing her teeth. Before she could reach and grab her toothbrush she looked in the mirror. Her heart almost skipped a beat as she saw Jhudora peering back at her.

     "WHAT?" she screamed, feeling her face then watching the mirror mimic her movement. "I’m... Jhudora?" she asked herself while she dragged a long neon green finger nail down her cheek, remembering her punishment. Woozily, she walked back into the other room Illusen supposed was Jhudora's bedroom. The Kacheek stared at her worriedly,

     "Ma’am, are you alright?" he asked, speeding over to her.

     Illusen felt her eyes soften as she hugged the Kacheek. "You poor, poor, poor tormented thing. I’m sure Jhudora has you working day and night," she said in the most peasant voice ever before setting him back down on the ground and skipping happily into the other room. How many chances do you get to ruin your enemy's life?

     "Have the day off, dear!" Illusen yelled to the Kacheek, who happily ran out into the soft fluffy clouds of Faerieland. However, before Illusen could go eat breakfast like she usually did she saw a huge line of Neopets. Some with items, some without items.

     "Oh my..." She scurried outside to see the pets up close, all of them started to cling to her like Velcro.

     "Off, off!" she squealed, batting off a Lenny and a few Lupes. All of them were shoved onto the floor and ran as fast as they could away from the spot they had been.

     Illusen sighed and sat down, remembering that Jhudora's job was to give out quests like she had, though Illusen herself never had this much publicity.

     "Next?" she asked as a timid looking Meerca shuffled in front of her,

     "Here ma’am," the Meerca said quietly as she stuffed an Usuki into Illusen's hands and bounced quickly away.

     Setting down the Usuki at her side, another pet moved into Illusen's view. This time it was a Shoyru.

     "I’ve come for a quest," the Shoyru said, just as timid as the Meerca had been.

     Pondering it over for a minute, Illusen said quickly, "Get me a Lu Codestone."

     The Shoyru's eyes widened in awe, as it muttered, "What a witch, like I have that much NP," under its breath and flew away probably never to return.

     From then on, Illusen's experiences were a blur.


Illusen continued sitting down in her chair as the last Kacheek ran away never to return. Sobbing uncontrollably Illusen remembered all the mean names they’d called her. She wasn’t a old mean witch, was she? Illusen thought, tilting her head back to look at the sky as she saw Fyora's face printed in the stars winking.

     "That must be a si--"

     Before Illusen could continue, she dozed off like before.


The next morning, Illusen awoke to nobody saying "Ma’am", just the ping of her alarm clock and the warmth of her tiny neat bed.

     "Home sweet home," she murmured under her breath as she stared at the sun rising above in the Meridell sky.

     From that time onward, Illusen picked up a new sense of respect for her least favorite Faerie, Jhudora, as Jhudora in turn did for Illusen. Though they will likely never become friends, Illusen now knows the meaning behind Jhudora's incredibly rude personality.

The End

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