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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Short Stories > The Sinister Camarilla: Veg’s Claim to Fame

The Sinister Camarilla: Veg’s Claim to Fame

by wolfofthewoods

King Pin sneered snakily as he shut the clasp on his large leather briefcase.

      “I expected as much,” he said huskily. He withdrew a long, subtly shimmering, powder blue rod from inside his secretive black trench coat pointed it at the very much trembling Quiggle. The Quiggle gasped in shock.

      “W-where in the name of Coltzan did you…” he trailed off, his wide eyes hungrily staring at the Cloud Rod. King Pin snorted.

     “Mind your own business, you nosy twit,” he snarled, his charcoal scales bunching.

      “Y-yes, sir,” stammered the Quiggle.

     “Now,” continued K.P, “here’s the deal. You give me all o’ dem healthy goods without a fussin’, and I give you da ‘points. Got it, slime?” The Quiggle nodded vigorously. “An’ if any indecent sniveling snot like yo’self asked where it all went ta’?” he asked, eyeing him intimidatingly.

      “M-m-my Slorg ate it,” he replied shakily.

      “Righ’. And if you lousy pile o’ Kau dung breathe a word to any’n?”

      The Quiggle twitched as K.P. lowered a finger to his Cloud Rod.

      The extremely tall, muscular Krawk almost smiled.

      “’Den ‘dat’s ‘dat.” He snapped his ring-decked claws and there was the sound of vehicles backing up outside the small, broccoli-shaped building. A lean, desert-coloured Kyrii stuck his head through the glass double doors.

      “S’all ready for ya’, boss,” he stated, his head whipping back outside. He returned laden with a large, rust covered crimson wheelbarrow.

     King Pin snapped his fingers again, and this time it was Veg the Quiggle’s turn to come to attention. The very overwhelmed store-owner opened a door leading to the back of the shop, where was stored everything he was going to sell over the next year.

     K.P. licked his lips and rubbed his scaly hands together.

     “Marishio, put it in all tha’ truck. Pronto.” The desert Kyrii scampered into the room and heaved out two large boxes of grapes, one in each arm.

      “Yes, boss.”

      And so continued the Sinister Camarilla’s first theft.


The members of the S.C. had met in a large meeting of Neopian robbers and unknown villains. A major organizer in the event, King Pin had claw-picked five of the most sneaky, vindictive, venom-tongued cheats, and cordially invited them to join his little group.

      By cordially, I mean that he threatened them with the good old Cloud Rod and would have handed them to Dr. Sloth and his big, bag turn-things-into-sludge ray should they have had the guts (or stupidity) to refuse his offer.

      So, as a practice job, King Pin was getting the Sinister Camarilla to rob the health food store. This would have been the easiest assignment in the Neopia, had some of his creepy, ruthless comrades-in-arms been a good deal less dim.

      The first mishap to take place was when Sparx the brown-painted Zafara had slipped her Cobrall dagger into her black, ruby-studded anklet, instead of her belt. It was common knowledge around the Neopian underground that Sparx was the number one gal when it came to scaling walls, getting into buildings through the roof, stealing whatever she wanted, and leaving without making a sound.

      Her reputation now disintegrating before her lucid eyes, Sparx sat with her bandaged foot resting on the truck’s dashboard. She sobbed and blew noisily into her Pet Ghostkercheif.

      Sparx’s partner Taupé glared at her as he sharpened his poison-tipped blade, his jaw clenched. Taupé’s job was to accompany Sparx, pick any locks that stood between her and her goods, and disable any security. You would be surprised at how many heat and movement-sensing invisi-lasers were activated in the large cement broccoli-shaped building that was the health food store. The flame-licked Gelert was a fair bit angry with Sparx, as he was pretty much useless if she couldn’t do her job.

     The second thing to go wrong was that Speire had a head-cold. It was his own fault, of course, as he had attempted to break Neopia’s slushies-eaten-in-five-minutes record. The first place contestant was a very obese, crimson Skeith: two thousand, seven hundred, eight slushies. But, filled with foolish determination, the headstrong Lupe Speire had none too gracefully lost the competition, the great roars of applause emanating from the viewers towards the Skeith— who let rip a large belch or triumph— causing Speire to teeter on the brink of madness. King Pin had to drag him out of the hall by the scruff of the neck.

      Then, there was Loco. Loco was a bit, well, eccentric. He was an electric Mynci, who had been put into the scaly claws of Dr_Death. No one knows how Loco escaped the Pound and showed up at the Crime Ring (the name of the villain gathering), and Loco has made any move to tell. He sat in the truck, a shiny yellow yo-yo in his clutches. Loco always seemed very useless and self-absorbed, making Speire, Taupé, Sparx, and Marishio wonder at King Pin’s decision to let the Mynci in.

     But right now, King Pin was doing business. And when King Pin was doing business, no one dared interrupt him, lest they be his next ambush-and-smother-with-pudding-covered-sponges victim.


“Quiggle,” growled King Pin, “stop fidgetin’.” The Quiggle moaned and kicked out uselessly as he was shoved into the fridge, where had once resided dozens upon dozens of cartons of Kau milk. Veg shuddered as King Pin slammed the door shut. Marishio pressed his twisted face against the glass and crossed his eyes.

      “Is he making fun of me?” muttered Veg irritably, turning his non-existent neck to avoid the Kyrii’s menacing gaze. “Oh, for Coltzan’s sake, they forgot that box of cheesy asparagus… Hm…”

     King Pin tapped his claw impatiently as Marishio, the only member of the Sinister Camarilla capable of doing hard labour, packed the boxes of fruits and veggies into the back of the truck.

      He glanced at his platinum watch and tutted. “Marishio.” The Kyrii snapped to attention. “Hurry up wit’ ‘dose. ‘Da authorities’ll be off ‘o ‘dere seats any minute now.”

     Marishio inclined his head and hurried back into the store. A minute passed; two minutes; five. King Pin snarled and clenched his fists.

     “Hurry up, ya lazy -- ARGH!” Something wet, slimy, and extremely awful smelling had slapped him across the face. He clawed the yellow and green mush from his eyes furiously. “MARISHIO!” he bellowed, going into the health food store at a run. Marishio was, indeed, there. He just wasn’t exactly moving. Standing, with a glint of heroism in his eyes, above the konked-out Kyrii was a very intimidating, armed Quiggle.

      “Eat cheesy asparagus!” he shouted hurling another fistful at King Pin.


“Okie-dokie, Mr. Veg. Thanks for helping rid the community of filth--” King Pin twitched “—and valiantly finding a use for those cheesy asparagus things. Congratulations…” The very bored looking Chia droned on, not noticing that Veg wasn’t listening to a word he’d said.

     A huge mass of Pets and their Owners were gathered around his humble shop, bulging wallets in their pudgy hands.

      “Mister Veg, sir!” squealed a red maned Usul. “My Owner can’t afford any battle items, so could I buy some cheesy asparagus? Pleaaaase?” She batted her long, caramel eyelashes.

     Veg smiled and filched green, steaming, yellow-covered lump from his pocket.

     “Go ahead,” he beamed, plopping it into her hand. “It’s on me.”

The End

Author's Note: Fan-mail, constructive criticism, and hatemail are always welcome. :) Also, I'm planning on writing another short story involving the SC, so stay tuned for more!

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