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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 108 > Short Stories > Steyria Finds a Friend

Steyria Finds a Friend

by beau_lis

It was a lovely autumn day out. Actually, it was just a bit before the season of the colorful swirling leaves. The sky was clear with a hint of a chill in the air. It was the kind of day that just called to the pound pets to come outside and play. Among those pound pets answering the call was Steyria, a fire Eyrie. When she exited the back of the Neopian Pound, she looked around her. She could see the other pound pets scrambling to get out the door and be the first to do whatever it was they were planning on doing. None of the other pets even bothered to glance back at Steyria as she made her way down the steps. Even as she continued on towards the wooded area behind the Neopian Pound, no one made any attempt to greet her.

     Steyria entered the wooded area and looked around for a nice place to sit for a while. It wasn’t as light in the woods as it was outside of them, but there was still enough light to make it pleasant, as pleasant as it could be when you were alone. Soon her eyes fell upon a nice mossy patch under a very tall tree. Steyria made herself comfortable and then pulled out a small package she was carrying in her little back pack. She carefully opened the package to find a very tasty cinnamon swirl, her favorite treat. Tears formed in Steyria’s eyes as she thought of Mr. Pickles handing her the wrapped package when she left the dining hall this morning. No one had ever taken the time to do anything special for her before. In fact, no one had ever taken the time to do anything for her at all. This made the treat from Mr. Pickles all the more special.

     Taking a bite of her cherished treat, Steyria felt the little throbbing ache in her heart. She knew that no one wanted her. Why else would she be in the pound? Not even the other pound pets had the desire to play with her. She slowly chewed her bite of cinnamon swirl. Even this small treat had lost its flavor. Steyria thought that it would have tasted much better if someone were there to share it with her.

     She thought back to when she first came to the pound. It wasn’t a very good day, as Steyria was sure most pets felt the same way when they first came here. Many of the pets just watched her as she had been given the tour by Ms. Snowflake. Then she was placed in her bedroom which she shared with another pet, Ember, a fire Nimmo. Within a few days, Ember was adopted. No one else had been placed in Steyria’s room, so she had the room to herself.

     Once again, mind wandering, Steyria realized that she started coming into the wooded area when she had enough of feeling ignored by others. Being in the wooded area seemed a much better option than being ignored to her way of thinking. Steyria remembered each of the moments she ended up being left alone. She could feel each memory as if it were happening at this moment. So many times, she sat at a table with others, yet no one even bothered to look her way. In the recreation room, the pets would come together to play games, watch TV, read or just chat with each other. When she went in to the room, she ended up sitting alone, in a corner. If she went outside to play in the playground, the other pets just played around her. No one even took the time to look at her.

     “Why won’t anyone play with me?” Steyria asked aloud. “I can be fun.”

     Steyria understood why other pets didn’t want to play with her, but she didn’t want to think about it. Yet she couldn’t help but think about it. She knew she was different than other pets. She was a different color than most of the pets and she was also a fighter. Of course, she only fought in the Battledome. But still, it was enough for the other pets to not like her for what she was and what she liked to do.

     Not able to eat anymore of her treat, Steyria wrapped it back up and placed it in her back pack. Her back pack was bought for her by Ms. Snowflake. Steyria was going to go to Neoschool when it began. All of the pound pets would have this opportunity, even a fire Eyrie. Looking inside her back pack, she could see the contents of her school supplies. She always carried her back pack and Neoschool things with her because she was excited and never had much that she could call her own.

     The light in the wooded area was dimming, an indication that it was becoming later in the afternoon. Steyria decided that she should head back to the pound, head back to the other pets ignoring her.

     If only I had a friend, Steyria thought to herself. Just one friend and then everything would be okay.

     Oh how she wished for a friend. If only Steyria knew what awaited her.

     The next morning, breakfast went as usual. Steyria sat alone at the end of the table. She quietly ate her eggs as she listened to the conversations of the happy pets around her. She usually ate her meals quickly in an effort to leave the dining hall as soon as possible. Ms. Snowflake insisted that all pets take their meals in the dining hall unless a pet was sick. Steyria considered meals in the dining hall a necessary evil and just preferred to get it over with as soon as possible. When she finished, she left the dining hall and headed toward the back exit of the pound. Mr. Pickles caught up with her just as she was about to exit the pound. He handed her another small package with a cinnamon swirl in it. Thanking him, Steyria took the wrapped package and placed it in her back pack, with the other swirl that she didn’t finish the previous day. Then she headed out towards the wooded area.

     Steyria looked for a different place to sit and found a little patch of grass by the stream. She could feel the chill in the soft breeze. In all aspects the day looked like another perfect one, except for it being another lonely and friendless one.

     Before Steyria’s mind could wander too far into her thoughts, she heard a rustling sound from behind her. She turned to peak at what may be there, but saw nothing. She heard the noise again, but this time it came from another direction. Steyria stood up quickly and turned to face the noise. She could see the brush in front of her was quivering. Starting to feel the panic rise, Steyria was trying to figure out if she should run. She had almost decided when the brush shook violently and then out popped a beautiful white Gathow.

     “Ahhhhhh!” screamed Steyria in surprise.

     The white Gathow squealed, 'AAIIIIIIIEEE'.

     Trying to catch her breath, Steyria looked at the little petpet.

     “Where did you come from, little guy?” asked Steyria

     The white Gathow purred softly as he rubbed up against Steyria.

     “You must belong to a pet around here,” she said more to herself.

     The white Gathow hissed at her... ‘HHISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.’

     Steyria looked at the petpet, unsure of what to do. She figured that such a lovely petpet had to belong to someone. However, she realized that none of the pound pets would own this petpet because she would have seen it before now. Plus, the Neopian Pound was outside of Neopia. So there weren’t any other pets around, besides the pound pets.

     The white Gathow jumped up in the air, and landed with a thud. Then it made a strange clicking noise and hiccupped. Steyria laughed at the antics of the little petpet.

     “Your name will be Blizzard,” Steyria announced to the white Gathow. “How do you like that name?”

     Blizzard blinked at Steyria and then said 'Brrrflp', 'Chrrrrpp chrrrrp'.

     Steyria knew, without a doubt, that this little petpet was going to be her friend, her first real friend.

     Petpets have an amazing way to bring out the best in their owners. They can make their owners happy and sad and frustrated and feel very good, as Steyria soon discovered. She also discovered the special way a petpet will always offer unconditional acceptance of their owners. Blizzard gave Steyria a chance to share the love and caring she had inside her. He taught her how to be a friend to others and how to accept friendship in return.
     Steyria and Blizzard have been adopted by meganium7 and are living life to the fullest. Steyria has even learned how to make cinnamon swirls, a favorite treat of her mom as well.

The End

Author’s Note: Special thanks to meganium7 for allowing me to use her pet, Steyria and petpet, Blizzard in my story. I hope you enjoyed my short story. Please feel free to offer comments.

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