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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Continuing Series > Searching for the Stars: Part Eight

Searching for the Stars: Part Eight

by adoriblelapin

Eyelle’s words of warning rang out into the silent morning. It echoed, and everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Ajliso turned, her feet rubbing against the dirt ground, a fog of dust rising from it.

     She reached for her Asparagus Powered Ray Gun at her side and lifted it to aim, just as some others shot theirs. An angry monster raged at his minions, bounding up toward them.

     Eyelle squeaked and held his head, as Ajliso ducked and shot her ray gun simultaneously. It hit one alien Aisha, and as it tripped to knock down some others, they each turned into wrinkled and stationary blobs.

     Rosch barked, the Doglefox’s call echoing through the trees, the hills, the land. Ajliso’s eyes widened, as the commander-monster neared, holding up a dark, purple sphere. It was translucent, as the insides caused this. Otherwise, it would have been perfectly clear. The outside was a transparent shape, holding a glowing gathered energy. It swirled and brightened ever second it was being held, before the commander-monster tossed it at Ajliso.

     Everything suddenly glowed a blinding white light, slowly turning into the violet colour of the sphere that had just been thrown. Slowly, eyes squinting, the light dimmed, turning into pitch darkness.

     Eyelle blinked, and he was… he blinked again. Where was he? The Shoyru looked around, seeing Rosch a little distance to his left. Ajliso was nowhere to be seen; neither was the commander-monster or the fraud alien Aisha troops.

     Rosch barked. Eyelle glanced to his side, from left to right. The place was familiar; he knew it. A dirty path lay ahead of him, Rosch running around him. Small, deformed homes lay messily around the lot.

     The Shoyru blinked again, the Doglefox circling him wide. Eyelle shook his head – he couldn’t be, he just couldn’t be… was it just his imagination, or was he back in his home? It couldn’t be possible, the houses were not damaged and filth did not cover every inch of the area, as it had been when he, Ajliso, and Rosch had left it.

     The Doglefox continued to bark in glee. Eyelle took him and sat on his back, waiting for a ride. Stomping on the ground, he noticed something, as if this place was merely an illusion…

     He opened his eyes. He was back in Neopia Central! What was going on? He touched the ground and ran around the town, predicting to land in some other place. To his relief, he did not, but Ajliso was still not among them.

     Rosch was greatly puzzled, looking around ponderously. Eyelle guessed that he missed his home more than he had, and that was why he was running around with joy. The Shoyru was determined; no matter what happened, he had to find Ajliso.


“Where… am I?” Ajliso rose to her feet, feeling weak and exhausted. She fell back to the floor and attempted to rise again.

     “It is useless, fool,” a voice growled.

     The alien Aisha turned, gathering enough strength to sit. She saw a blurry blob in front of her, and when she rubbed her eyes, she confirmed it was, demanding, “Who are you?”

     “I am Ishatomougis,” replied the blob, smirking at Ajliso.

     She smirked back, and changed her expression to great confusing. “Isha what now?”

     Ishatomougis ignored her. He was, of course, the commander-monster that had tossed the sphere at them. “As for your first question, we are in my world. The world of spectacularly hideous and demonically evil creatures.”

     “So that’s why you have such a ‘spectacularly hideous’ name,” commented Ajliso in a mumble. “And I don’t believe that we’re in your world.”

     Ishatomougis continued to ignore her, as he ordered her to stand up. Ajliso did, the gravity pulling her down again. “I will not repeat myself once more. Get up.” The alien Aisha tried, but she shot back down in the effort. Ishatomougis cackled evilly, throwing a green sphere at her afterwards.

     The ball exploded, gas and suffocating fumes spewing outside of it. Ajliso coughed and squinted, trying to spot where Ishatomougis had gone. He had disappeared from his original position, as Ajliso scanned her surroundings.

     “So you want to play tough, do you?” she scowled, picking herself up with such ease that it looked as though she had been acting at first. “Come out, come out…”

     A shadow lurked from behind Ajliso, as she whirled around and took out her Asparagus Powered Ray Gun, which was placed back onto her belt before. No figure stood before her when she turned, as she aimed her ray gun up into the air and fired. A howl of pain came from above and Ishatomougis appeared in front of her.

     “How did you know?” he growled, his blob body jiggling grotesquely.

     “I didn’t join the team for nothing, Isha-blob-thing,” Ajliso replied, putting her ray gun back on her belt. “Now, you wanted me to get up?”

     Taking his word for it, Ajliso ducked down and leaped into the air. She landed on the commander-monster’s head, as he growled and threw her across the ground. The alien Aisha coughed, picking herself up.

     She was fighting a losing battle, she knew it, especially in this high gravity. Ajliso breathed in deeply, taking some objects from her belt. It was her only hope to win an early battle.


Eyelle had sneaked in the Neolodge with a stolen key to their room. He stood on the tip of his toes on Rosch, unlocking the door with great effort and walking in.

     It was hard to tell what the two did the rest of the day. Rosch walked around restlessly, before lying on the carpeted floor and whimpering every few seconds. Eyelle looked out the window, half expecting to see Ajliso cross the streets and toward the hotel.

     He waited, his stomach churning with fear and anxiety, as the feeling of excitement grew to tire and hunger. Eyelle’s stomach roared and growled, attempting to battle the feeling by clutching onto the ledge of the window.

     Night eventually arrived, Eyelle hardly surprised it was that time already. He had been sitting there for many long hours, mixed feelings swarming his mind. His age would have been much too young to be worrying, let alone talk, but that was what he did.

     He continued to wait, overcoming his hunger and sleepiness. Rosch had dozed off beside him, sleeping soundlessly. Eyelle eventually drifted to sleep, and slumbered until noon the next day.

     Eyelle was awaken by Rosch soft barking and his harmless light scratches. The sun peeked through the clouds that covered the surface of the sky, seeming to stretch out for many distances.

     The Shoyru’s stomach lurched. He squirmed, as he made his way down the tall stood which he had been sitting and sleeping in. He and Rosch walked out of their room, went down the stairs, heading toward a store.

     They bought food with the gold Ajliso had left behind. The lonely duo made their way to the Neolodge again after their meal, and went down again for lunch and dinner. They did this everyday, until days sneaked by slowly, as though the days were wary and cautious.

     On the third day, Eyelle and Rosch were making their way to a small store for a snack. Their lives felt hollow and empty, away from their home, Eyelle’s mother, and now they had lost Ajliso too.

     It was enough that they were away from them, but another negative side was the fact that they did not know where their home, the Shoyru’s mother, or Ajliso were located.

     The two worked their way, unnoticed, through the streets of Neopia. The shop was only a little distance away, the two saw from where they were. A store to the right of it looked very odd, it was a deep blue colour with a shiny coating. The roof was round and the rim of the doorway was carved in an awkward design.

     There was no door, but rather a circular whole. Eyelle could not believe his eyes, as an alien Aisha emerged from the building.

To be continued…

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