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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 106 > Continuing Series > Searching for the Stars: Part Seven

Searching for the Stars: Part Seven

by adoriblelapin

Rushing out of the building and to through the city, Ajliso raced, her heart throbbing. Tears of relief flowed down her cheeks, and she was never happier to see her crew, those smiling faces and helpful personalities, whether they had a grudge against her or not.

     Eyelle had climbed on top of Rosch, who carried the baby Shoyru with difficulty, as it was hard to keep up with Ajliso racing on top speed. They hopped through obstacles, running non-stop. Ajliso stopped at the outskirts of town, where a large ship had landed itself.

     “Oh Fyora,” she croaked, her voice weak. “I can’t believe they came for me! I can’t believe it! I thought they would have just left me here.”

     Many alien Aishas marched from the ship toward them, armed and looking very relieved. They cheered individually at her, glad to see their former shipmate. Ajliso was stunned, and she showed it.

     “They came back, and they missed me, too! They’re so nice. They must have missed me a lot, or the commander must have bribed them somehow,” the alien Aisha squealed, nearing them.

     They gathered, and allowed Ajliso, Eyelle, and Rosch to enter the ship. The troops welcomed them warmly, offering them some late dinner. Ajliso accepted graciously, happy to finally have a taste of her home food again.

     The crowd entered a large eating hall, the tables aligned with various pieces of food. Drinks were poured into their ship’s un-Neopian-like cups, the saucers made of the same material and design. Ajliso seated herself, beckoning Rosch and Eyelle to do the same.

     The commander came from behind and shook her hand. “Welcome back,” he greeted gruffly, before marching off through the halls.

     “Thank you, everyone!” she exclaimed, her voice practically unheard through the excited whispers. She waited for them to quiet down a minuscule amount and said, “This baby Shoyru here, the green one with wings, is named Eyelle. And this Doglefox, see he’s soft and not robotic, his name is Rosch.”

     Ajliso ate from her odd saucer and drank from the goblet cheerily, chatting with the other members of the ship. She asked how they were, what had happened, but they all seemed to say the same general things. They were traveling round and came for her, and that was it. Ajliso shook her head at these and said to most of them, “There must have been more to it than that!”

     Eyelle was more than happy for Ajliso, but she was home, he was not. He missed his mother dearly, and wanted to return to what it had been before, a life with his mother, father, and Rosch. When they were together and having fun, even though troubles seemed to peek through their windows everyday.

     But if Eyelle brought them to Neopia Central, they could live there and be happy for every, like paradise. The Shoyru admitted that it was fun in the bustling city, and soon they would have many friends and go to school.

     Soon, night arrived, the crew of the ship still greeting Ajliso kindly, and she was still at the eating hall. The alien Aisha accepted dessert and ate it swiftly, before claiming she was very drowsy and tired.

     “It’s like the food is making me sleepy,” laughed Ajliso with a wide yawn. Soon after, another alien Aisha escorted her through the hall to her room, as Eyelle and Rosch simply sat at their seats, looking at their untouched meal.

     Gradually, the lights flicked off, leaving the two sitting by the table, unnoticed by the many alien Aishas around them. Finally, the commander confronted them and guided Eyelle and Rosch out of the hall. He left them at a small door a few winding paces from the eating hall, as Rosch tapped it. The door creaked open, and when they entered the pitch black room, the metallic exit slammed shut.

     Meanwhile, Ajliso was in her familiar room, smiling as she sat on the foot of her bed, chatting with two alien Aishas she had known for a while, Mosie and Ornikai, but like the rest, avoided her.

     “I really can’t believe you came back for me!” Ajliso confessed. “I thought you’d just leave me there, you know. My communicator was messed up, and you guys were nearly off my radar map. It was really scary, but I’m glad to be home. For once.”

     The two Aishas merely nodded as Ajliso said this, and only responded to questions. Ajliso asked how they were, what they had been doing all this time, and many more basic conversational things.

     Ajliso paused after questioning the duo, before tapping her head thoughtfully, and inquiring, “What will happen to Eyelle and Rosch? You’ll let them live here, right? Until they find their mother, of course.”

     “Their mother was on board this ship,” explained Ornikai. “A few of the team are bringing them back together, and they’re most likely heading back home as we speak.”

     “Oh,” Ajliso said. Her expression sank, as she whispered to herself, “Without a goodbye?”

     “Pardon me?” Mosie asked, most likely almost hearing Ajliso’s musing. “Well, it’s getting late. We had better get back to our rooms, before the commander lectures us.”

     Ajliso laughed, as Mosie and Ornikai walked out of the room. Ajliso felt lonely for a moment, turning off the light and crawling into bed. Everything seemed to end well. Perhaps it was a little too well for her liking. Ajliso shook this thought out of her head before she slept. She replaced it with the fact that she was home again, she was safe, and everything would be like how it was before.


Eyelle slid his bare hand along the metallic floor, trying to feel his way around the room. Rosch sniffed the room and walked around in circles, of that was where the trail led. They had strolled around the room, looking for something or someone that could help them.

     “Over here, over here I think!” whispered Rosch through his translator. The Doglefox beckoned Eyelle toward them, as they neared a wall. “There the door right there, see? I think there’s a panel of some sort hanging beside it, and it has all sorts of different smells on it.”

     Eyelle clambered onto Rosch’s back eagerly, then leaping to the side panel and tugging on something that felt like a switch. The wall, or door rather, opened mechanically and slowly, as they squeezed through the door before it had completely opened.

     Eyelle and Rosch made their way around the dark halls, tapping on all the doors they could find, but none of them budged or had any noise in them. The baby Shoyru’s heart sank. They couldn’t find Ajliso now, and besides, if they could, they would be intruding in her happiness.

     At last, the two found a previously opened door and sneaked inside. The commander awaited them from his chair.

     “Ah, how unexpected, two intruders escaping from their little prison. If I hadn’t left the door open, what could have you done? Spoiled my plans. Ah, that would never have been well,” the commander said with a large grin, which did not suit his stern face.

     “What do you mean?” demanded Eyelle, as the door behind him close and the room’s lights flickered on, the sudden brightness blinding.

     The commander continued to smirk. “Meaning you two will be disposed of, and we will capture that friend of yours with the others. Telling others their plans is a mistake most villains make, but that is what makes us evil. Besides, I have the most highest security and such complex plot nobody could ever follow, except for me, of course.”

     “But you’re the commander!” Eyelle exclaimed.

     Rosch agreed with a “Yeah!” and neared the commander, growling.

     “You can both talk now, can you?” the commander inquired, scratching his chin thoughtfully. As he said this, Eyelle held the translator between his two paws tightly. The commander continued, “No matter. I will keep you from speaking soon enough, as it is vital to my plan. As I was saying, I will capture your friend and everyone else who has prevented us monsters from rampaging.”

     “But –” Eyelle began, the voice form his translator speaking shakily as he was thinking his speeches. “You’re a commander! You helped too!”

     “Ah, that is what you think, little pest. All these alien Aishas are clones of the ones I had captured. Yes, every single one of them, except for your friend who we have found anyway. Once we have everyone, we will guide them to our land and let them feel our wrath and anger! We will destroy their ship, and the alien Aishas as well.”

     Eyelle gasped, as Rosch stared at the ‘commander’ in disgust. The commander smiled, and suddenly was in the form of a large blob. He slithered across the room and grabbed Eyelle and Rosch with his newly formed hands. The monster snatched the translators and ripped them out.

     “Now you can no longer talk,” the creature said through his evil cackle. “And then I shall lead you to a secluded room, in which you can do nothing but wait and see the result of this plot.”

     The monster took hold of them once again, carrying them through the room and to a closet. He stuffed them inside in the darkness, Rosch whimpering and howling in sadness.

     When the door was closed shut, Eyelle petted the Doglefox in comfort and clung onto its neck. Sighing, Eyelle shut his eyes and slept.

     It felt as though a few seconds had passed when Eyelle woke up with a jolt, Rosch no longer by his side. The Doglefox was scratching the door helplessly, and soon Eyelle joined him.

     Seconds of scratching turned into minutes, and easily formed into an hour. Eyelle stopped and looked around the room. He could hardly see anything in the darkness, but he looked up at the ceiling, only to see a door with light peeking through its rims.

     Eyelle pointed toward it, Rosch turning around. The two leaped up as best they could and managed to spot a rope latter a few heights taller than they were. They managed to grab onto the bottom and made their way up. Eyelle and Rosch pushed the door open with much effort and climbed out of the room.

     They were on the upper level of the ship, and saw the exit in the far distance. They ran up to it and escaped. The ship had landed in a forest, the rays of the sun peeking through the tree leaves. Wind and breeze rusted the leaves of the plants, the greenery swaying.

     The midst of the morning greeted them, Eyelle drawing in a deep breath. He glanced at Rosch and the Doglefox looked back. Footsteps came from behind, as the two whirled around swiftly, only to see Ajliso come up to them.

     The Shoyru was about to explain everything to her, from where they were, what had happened, and what the monster (disguised as the commander) had said, but Eyelle merely opened his mouth and no sound escaped from it.

     “Hello, guys! Glad to see me? I sneaked out of the ship earlier this morning because I wanted to see if you were all right. By the way, where’s your mother? I would be more than glad to meet her – hey, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking?”

     Eyelle gasped and stared at the many troops coming from behind Ajliso. They were armed and ready to fire, cages and nets prepared to be of use. The Shoyru nudged his companion, Rosch growling afterwards.

     “Words come from the heart,” Eyelle managed to whisper, although anyone who heard him would not have been able to tell it from a gurgle.

     One alien Aisha came from behind and lifted her Asparagus Powered Ray Gun to aim at the trio, as Eyelle yelled, “Look out!”

To be continued…

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