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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 105 > Continuing Series > Silver: Part Two

Silver: Part Two

by ashberrie

"Got you, pretty one!" the evil Lupe hissed at the struggling Faerie, and then turned to us. "Did I hear my name?"

     "Let her go, Balthazar!" Korrinea said softly.

     He smiled, yellow teeth gleaming in the leaf-light, and whispered two words: "Make me." He stuffed the pixy into a jar as I frantically whispered to my Kougra.

     "You can't fight him now! You don't have your weapons!"

     "We can't just leave them with him!" she protested. Before I could point out that we certainly could, she had leapt over his back and knocked his sack full of Faerie jars to the ground. The faeries sprang free with a crash and began hitting the Lupe with blasts of colored light.

     The monster snarled and ran, yelling over his shoulder, "I'll see you in the dome, stripe-scum!"

     "You wish! Stay out of my forest!" Korrinea flung back.

     I looked at her, my face pale with stress (not that I could see my own face, but hey, it sounds good), but only echoed, "My forest?"

     A crease appeared between her silver eyes. "I don't know why I said that..." Then she was distracted by the pixies, which crowded around us, blessing Korrinea with about twenty abilities. "Thanks guys! It was nothing. Watch out for yourselves, though." When they were gone she turned to me. "I'm hungry." She looked around for a minute, then added, "Oh, and also lost."

     I rotated. "Are you kidding me? The village is right... over..."

     Her tail curved into a question mark. "Yes? Over where exactly?" I just glared at her. "Well, do something. You're the owner!"

     "Yeah, well you got us into this mess. Chasing that Earth Faerie like a wannabe Balthazar yourself!" I could tell she was hurt.

     "Fine," she stated, lashing her tail as she stalked away.

     "Fine!" I agreed. I wasn't going to apologize if she wasn't. I walked the opposite direction. After five steps I sneaked a peak behind me. It turned out that she had decided to check on me, too. Our eyes met miserably.

     "I'm sorry!" we called in unison and tackled each other. I pinned her down and leaned into her face.

     "Apology accepted," I said solemnly. She rolled over on top of me and licked my forehead. Her breath smelled like tchea fruit.


     "Look," I began as I scratched her left ear, "this is an island, right? So we just have to start walking in a steady direction and we'll come to the beach. Then we can just follow the beach around to the village."

     "But if we go the wrong way we might have to walk all the way around the whole island!"

     "Got any better ideas, O wise and furry one?" She didn't, so we started walking.

     We played I spy as we journeyed, and then we tried to see who could think of the most synonyms for 'walk'.







     Then we got into a fight about whether "jaunt" was a real synonym.

     "Jaunt means like 'take a walk' walk, not walking walk," I insisted.

     "It's still walk, though -- you can't just make up rules in the middle of the game!" she argued. I suggested that we move on to listing types of trees.

     "This kind of tree, the plant kind, no cheating!" I warned her, gesturing at one.

     "Speaking of which, haven't we passed those before?"

     "No," I said. It was a forest. Of course there would be the same kind of tree more than once! It just looked the same. Looks can be deceiving. We were not walking in circles.

     "Yes we have," my Kougra sniffed, "I smell us."

     "It's about time to take a break anyway." We sat on a rock and ate some purplums from the aforementioned tree.

     "Hey Korrinea, do you remember before you were 'created'?" I broke the pause thoughtfully.

     She looked at the ground. "Not really. Where do Neopets come from? Some people say eggs. Lots call their owners 'Mom' or 'Dad', but did I have a Kougra family? What happened to them? Did they have owners? I don't know." She looked up at me and realized I was feeling kind of mushy and insecure. She flopped her front half into my lap and rubbed her silver head against my chin. "'Course, you're my real family, the best ever. Family is really who loves you and argues with you and hangs out with you and takes care of you when you have Sneezles- and that's you. I still wonder, though."

     "Yeah," I choked.

     "Tomorrow's my birthday," she said suddenly.

     "No its not. You were adopted in August."

     "I was born tomorrow, though, I think." I frowned at her. "I don't know! Sometimes animals just know things. You wouldn't understand," she said defensively.

     "Whatever. It's getting dark. C'mon." We curled up on a patch of moss. She rolled into a tight silver ball and I used her for a pillow, with a blanket from my pack. I was glad we were used to sleeping like this. Normal Neopians would have freaked out if they were lost in a forest at night. Sleep came quickly to her, but I lay awake a long time, listening to the chirping grackle bugs and Korri's gentle snuffles.

I woke up at sunrise and shook Korrinea.

     "Happy birthday!" I shouted. A flock of noisy Pawkeets took flight in astonishment overhead.

     She rolled over and sleepily slurred, "Do I sense sarcasm?"

     "Take the good, ignore the bad. And have an omelette." I shared my wisdom through a mouthful of carrots, peas, and egg.

     "What? No cake?" She cheerfully devoured her slice and dashed off into the underbrush.

     "Where do you think you're going?" I demanded, grabbing our stuff and crashing after her. I came out into a clearing with the sound of water gurgling. She stood under a small waterfall in a creek, purring as she took a morning shower. "How did you know this was here?" I asked in amazement. I was not too amazed to plunge in gratefully, however. Living on the road has its disadvantages, and they don't sell deodorant in the beauty parlor.

     She climbed out and shook a small rain onto the verdant moss. "It was... like smelling, only in my head." Her whiskers twitched. "Hurry up." I watched her lick her fur into submission as I bathed. She seemed more silver than usual. Kind of sparkly, almost. It was probably just that I wasn't used to her being clean. I wasn't stupid though. I knew the signs of an adventure. Was there more to Korrinea than your ordinary Kougra? I had no idea, but it looked like I was about to find out.

To be continued...

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