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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 105 > Short Stories > Fallen: Finale

Fallen: Finale

by oily106

A sacred, precious moment forever imprinted on my mind. The former Uber Light Faerie and her former pet, a pure white Zafara, whom I called Angel. Both were fallen, broken winged, hurt but they were soon to be risen again – risen and reunited. Two wanderers coming together under the endless stars. Two of the Fallen who intended to rise again.

     Angel looked up at the Faerie, her sapphire eyes muted.


     They both seemed to understand the question.

     "It is hard," the Faerie said quietly. "We must replace the one who replaced me."

     I too understood – the Faerie needed to retake her rightful place as Uber Light Faerie from the current occupant of the position, who had stolen it.

     Angel nodded. Her reunion with her Faerie seemed to have filled her with a strange, solemn strength, born of hope.

     "I wandered in a dark place for a while. But I have come home. I believe now that we can rise again, for we are good, and good overcomes evil."

     Angel’s statement seemed childlike in her simple division and evaluation of the world. But it made sense to all of us.

     "But how do we get to Faerieland? Our wings are broken…" she said.

     The Faerie looked thoughtful. Her gaze alighted on me for a moment but she dismissed me.

     "No wings."

     I felt dejected, but I knew the Faerie had not meant it unkindly. It was a simple statement of fact. I should have been resigned to my flightless future long ago. But they had wings, albeit broken ones, and I had none at all. I forced my mind off the track of self-pity and willed myself to be more useful.

     "There are a few carrier services – winged pets who’ll carry you up to Faerieland," I ventured.

     "There are?"

     The Faerie seemed surprised - she obviously had never had use of them till now. I felt more valued and less like a superfluous observer. I was proud to help Angel and her beautiful Faerie.

     "I can show you…"


A long night trek and a short Eyrie rise later, we arrived in Faerieland. Throughout the ride, the Faerie had been uncomfortable, unused to relying on mere Neopets for flight. When she and Angel alight on Faerieland, she nodded to me.

     "Thank you," she said absentmindedly. "Come, Angel."

     I watched Angel obediently follow the Faerie away.


     They both turned.

     "Can I not come?"

     The Faerie looked me over and then glanced to Angel, who nodded quickly. A touch of impatience seemed to enter her voice -- she was eager to rise.

     "If you must, you can wait here. Once everything is in order, I shall summon you."

     I nodded gratefully and settled down on the soft cloud floor, determined to wait. Angel and her Faerie quickly headed off towards Faerie City. I lay down, staring up at the starry sky and imagined Angel dancing between them…


In the hesitant light of early dawn, I had begun to drift asleep when I felt a sudden tug. I was jerked onto a small cloud platform. I looked down and realised it was floating above Faerieland. The fallen Faerie, Angel's Faerie, was there, her eyes fixed on the current Uber Light Faerie. Angel was also there, standing by her Faerie. There was another pet, who I guessed to be the Uber Light Faerie's pet - a pure white Ixi, white feathered wings spread out behind her. A length of golden chain connected her to the Uber Light Faerie. Angel and her Faerie looked small and ugly by comparison. The beauty of the Risen is an impossible perfection - the Uber Light Faerie's sparkling eyes and flawless face was only matched in beauty by her pet, whose silky fur shone pure white. But I still saw more beauty in Angel's sapphire eyes and broken wings than in anyone else.

     "You condemned me to fall," Angel's Faerie said quietly.

     "And, thus, I rose. Such are the games we play."

     "Ah, but you cheated. You encouraged the others to help replace me and they did so, foolishly thinking you the lesser of two evils and throwing their lots in with you."

     "Is there anything you can do about it now, desca (Fallen one)?"

     "I can be more powerful than you. And thus regain my rightful place!"

     "Oh yes, let us talk of right and wrong. Power is all you need and you know it too."

     "Then pure power is what shall defeat you!"

     I threw up a paw to shield my eyes just in time. A searing blast of light erupted from both Faeries, engulfing them all. It was over far too quickly. Angel's Faerie had fallen to her knees. A Faerie's magic is rooted in her wings and her tattered, broken wings left her magic weak. Angel helped her Faerie to her feet, teary eyed.

     The other Faerie's lips beautifully curved into a hard and cruel smile.

     "Too easy. And now, I must make sure you fall for good this time - fall too far to ever rise again…"

     She raised her power, blazing light from every pore.

     "Ko'entri (Goodbye)"

     She raised her staff… and the fallen Faerie smirked.

     The Uber Light Faerie's eyes widened in horror.

     "The other Uber Faeries - their magic has almost…gone. They're really weak, with barely any power…"

     "Whereas, you have too much," said the other Faerie. "The magic is unbalanced. Light is powerful, every other element is weak. Thus, the Uber Light Faerie must be too powerful - too powerful for her own good and too powerful for Neopia's."

     The Uber Faerie screamed in frustration. She had been outplayed. She'd got too powerful and now, she would be moved on from Neopia.

     Fyora appeared next to the Uber Faerie.

     "Come," she said simply.

     The Faerie seethed with rage and nodded curtly. She laid down her staff on the cloud, its white wood almost blending away. She seized the chain that bound her to the Ixi and snapped it harshly. The Ixi clung to her, begging to go with her. The Faerie shook the pet off irritably. I watched in horror as the Neopet fell, her beautiful white wings as useless as Angel's, streaming out behind her as she plummeted. Without a Faerie, she had no chance of ever rising again and would live a wretched half-life, forever fallen. There was no change in expression on any of the others face, though Fyora's eyes flashed briefly. She looked at me calmly, trying to convey me a warning and then she simply faded away, taking the Faerie with her.

     Angel and her Faerie walked over to where the staff lay on the cloud. Once they completed the right rituals, they would rise once more. Angel compulsively turned to me.

     I could not have done it without you, Dreamer."

     I smiled and gazed into her eyes. It would be worth it to see her attain the perfection she should reach -- to mend her broken wings, to make those sapphire eyes fill with joy, to rise…

     The final goal was within reach; Angel's story was nearly complete…

     We must help angels fly…

The End

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