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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 105 > Short Stories > Wishes


by cathgal

"SeaGreen! Come on, let's go play a game. How 'bout it?"

     SeaGreen smiled. Kim, her twin brother and best friend, had been trying to get her to play with him all afternoon. They lived alone together, ever since their owner had scammed another Neopian and been frozen, setting both Kim and SeaGreen free. They lived in a tiny cottage on the Neopian Plains, which rested alongside a rocky beach.

     "No thanks, Kim. I think I'll just stay here for a while." She turned back to the sea where she had been staring for the last hour. She lifted a light green hoof and began to sketch pictures lightly in the sand: a sun, a Koi, a Bluna. Both SeaGreen and Kim were Unis, Kim a red and SeaGreen a light green which had earned her name.

     Kim gave an exasperated sigh. "SeaGreen, you've been staring at the ocean for long enough now. Take a break! I don't see why you like it so much, anyway."

     "How can I like it?" asked SeaGreen, "How can you not like it? It's the most beautiful thing in the whole world! Can't you see the way it shimmers in the sun like a diamond, the way it is always moving, always changing? And during a storm, when the great waves crash upon the shore, can't you see the power that it unleashes?"

     "Honestly, I can't," said Kim. "We're Unis, SeaGreen, and Unis don't like the water. They just don't. It's scary, it's loud, cold, and wet, and it is not beautiful." He was looking at the sea with a look of disgust on his face.

     "Well, I think it is," said SeaGreen indignantly.

     "Well, you're weird."


     Kim looked a little puzzled at this statement, then shook his head and said, "If you insist on staring at that big blue thing all day, then feel free. But I'm going to go play in the fields -- by myself." And with that, he trotted off across the beach and onto the plains.

     SeaGreen gave a huge sigh. Her shoulders sagged as she watched her brother gallop along the hills, chasing a butterfly. She felt so alone with the sea. It was beyond her that anyone could find it ugly or terrible, for it was in truth beautiful and gentle. Her eyes followed a wave as it rolled in close to the shore, pulled itself up to a great height, and plunged with a great roar onto the sand.

     As she began to track another wave, something else caught her eye -- a splash of white spray, and then nothing. She frowned slightly as she searched for any sign of what had made it. It was puzzling, for to her knowledge there were no creatures living in the sea besides wild Koi, and they did not go to the surface. For a while nothing happened. SeaGreen had just decided that it had been a trick of the light when there was another splash, but this time she noticed what had made it, and it shocked her. It was a tail, a purple tail that had seemed like a fish's. But there were no purple fish, so this must have been something different.

     Suddenly, a head popped out of the grayness, a head that looked strangely familiar. SeaGreen gasped as she realized that it was a purple Uni! But that was impossible, for as Kim had said, Unis do not swim or even go into the water. The water-Uni stared at her for a moment, and then dove back under. SeaGreen blinked several times when the the water-Uni revealed the rest of it's body in the dive; in place of back hoofs, it had a purple tail! A tail much like a fish, and SeaGreen realized that this must have been what had made the splash.

     A memory crept back into SeaGreen's mind as she gazed open mouthed at the now empty waves. A story that she had been told as a young pet by her owner, a story about water-Unis like this one. Peophins they were called, mystical beings that lived forever and could breath underwater. But they were legend, myth, not a reality. Or so she had thought, for there was no other explanation for this strange occurrence.

     As she contemplated this thought, the water-Uni surfaced again, this time much closer to shore. It stared at SeaGreen through large dark eyes that seemed as puzzled to see her, as she was to see it. She could see now that its forehead was golden, and on the center of this gold was a red diamond. SeaGreen lifted a hoof and slowly felt the golden horn growing on her forehead. To her immense surprise, the water-Uni (or Peophin as it must be) lifted a golden hoof out of the water and felt the red diamond where it's horn should have been. SeaGreen thought that they must surely be related, if only for this fact.

     SeaGreen longed to call out to this strange new creature, but she was frightened to scare it off, or to discover that it was only an illusion. Her heart got the better of her mind, however, and she called out to it.

     "Hello!" As soon a she said it, she realized that it was a very stupid thing to say. Who says "hello" when they have just proven a myth to be true? To her dismay, the Peophin started and dove again, splashing away from the beach this time.

     "Wait! Come back! I don't want to hurt you!" she cried, but it was no use. The Peophin did not return, and SeaGreen was left alone on the beach again.

     She hung her head and cursed her stupidity. Why had she cried out? But it was too late. Now SeaGreen had something new to think about. A swimming Uni? One that could breath underwater? She looked out upon the great expanse of gray, and was filled with a sudden envy of the Peophin. Why was she created as a Uni, forced to stay on the cold, hard land forever? She yearned with all of her heart to join the Peophin, to run into the waves, to splash and dive and be happy forever.

     She was so overcome by her urge to swim that she found herself walking over the beach up to the very waves edge, and finally stepping into it. The cool water rushed along her hooves, filling her with a sense of happiness and joy. So great was this feeling, that SeaGreen cried out aloud, to no one in particular, "I wish that I was a Peophin! I could ride the waves and be truly happy!"

     She had no idea what she had expected, but whatever it was it did not happen. SeaGreen let her head droop on to her chest and sighed. Her eyes fell again on the sea as the waves flowed inward and died on the shore. She suddenly felt more alone than she had before.

     All at once something amazing happened. At first SeaGreen thought that it was simply a wave, larger than the ones around it, but still quite unextraordinary. But as it loomed nearer she could see that it was growing rapidly, until it became a giant of waves, larger than any she had seen in her sea gazing. It rolled forward towards SeaGreen with a rumble like an earthquake and showed no signs of halting. She felt an immense feeling of terror and panic, but she could not move from where she stood. The great wave rose to a power and height that seemed to cover all around her in shadow. But as it ground foreword a few feet before SeaGreen she could not help but notice that there was no shadow before it, but light instead.

     It stopped but a foot before SeaGreen's hoofs. It froze in its path, but not completely, for though water cascaded like a waterfall from the top of the wave, it lost none of its height. SeaGreen marveled at this, wondering at it and desiring greatly to both run away and remain.

     A head emerged from the center of the wave, the head of a woman. But it was unlike any she had ever seen before, for this woman had hair as bright as the sun and skin as white as the clouds. There were shells decorating her hair, what appeared to be every shell that could exist. Her eyes, such beautiful eyes, were a blue brighter than the noon sky, and they were fixed solidly on SeaGreen.

     "You are SeaGreen, I believe." She spoke it not as a question, in a voice that was gentle yet was filled with a power unlike any she had ever felt, even from the great wave.

     "Do not be afraid, little pet," she continued in the same melodious tone. "For I am Neia, a Water Faerie, and I am here to grant your wish. You desire to join the water world as a Peophin, yes? Indeed, then it shall be so. Take my hand!" And she rose from the wave, revealing that she had a fish tail, just like the Peophins.

     SeaGreen felt only a moment of hesitation before extending a green hoof to the beautiful Faerie. She found the Faerie's hand to be surprisingly warm for having been in the ocean. SeaGreen had never felt such calm joy as when she took the Faerie's hand.

     The wave holding Neia the Faerie up began to recede into the great sea, but still it lost none of it's height. As it did so, SeaGreen felt herself being pulled into the ocean as well. The waves leapt gently up against her as her body felt for the first time the sensation of water on her fur.

     As she was pulled she began to feel a strange tingling all over her body. By some will other than her own her back legs moved together. SeaGreen couldn't feel any pain, only the queer sense of change. She could feel her back legs melt together and her back hoofs forming a wide fin. She had a tail just like a Peophin. Her eyes widened as her front legs extended and slimmed, while at the same time her horn receded into her head and was replaced by the same golden plate that she had noticed on the Peophin earlier.

     Suddenly, the tingling stopped and the wave, now far away from the barely visible shore, collapsed. Neia plunged into the sea, giving one last smile to SeaGreen. "Goodbye!" she cried, then vanished beneath the waves.

     It was as though she had been reborn. SeaGreen felt her tail swirling beneath her in the cool waters. She cried out in laughter as she dove beneath the waves, letting the water flow through her like air. This was what she had dreamed of her entire life, of being free to explore the depths of the ocean. It was more beautiful than she ever could have imagined.

     For hours she swirled around the waves, taking in everything as a beautiful dream that one can never awake from. All around her were fish she had never dreamed of, coral reefs sprouting up like gardens of the sea. Even if there was nothing around her she was simply awed by the beauty of the endless blue.

     She quickly discovered that she could jump out of the water and fly through the air, if only for a moment. It was during one of the breeches that she heard a far off voice calling out. She became curious and began to follow the voice back to the shore. After only a few moments she heard the voice again, and with a sinking feeling in her stomach she realized what it was.

     "SeaGreen!" cried the worried voice of her brother Kim. SeaGreen felt a pang of guilt as she realized that she had completely forgotten who and what she was leaving behind. With dread in her heart she swam as quickly as possible to the shore where her brother was pacing, looking for his lost sister.

     "SeaGreen! Where are you?" cried Kim to the sea. He could see white splashes upon the waves, which he assumed was simply sea foam, until a distinct splash began moving slowly towards him. Kim stopped calling and watched the splash move closer to the beach and begin to take shape. Fascination filled his mind as he realized that it was Uni. A Uni's who seemed rather familiar...

     And then his eyes absorbed what he was staring at. The Uni in the water stopped swimming forward and simply bobbed slowly amidst the waves, staring with dark, sad eyes at her brother standing alone on the beach. Not knowing how it was possible, Kim realized who this Uni was. At that moment a hole formed in his heart, a hole that in years to come would never be completely filled. As he stared, feeling sorrow creep upon him like a ghost, the water-Uni that was his sister lifted a hoof out of the water, and gave a slow, mournful wave. A single tear of farewell drifted down her cheek.

     Then in a flash SeaGreen was gone, beneath the waves to the place that was truly her home. Kim gave a small cry on the beach at her sudden departure and stepped into the shallow waves, letting his hoofs touch the water for the first time in his life. He stared at the sea, then closed his eyes. Slowly he turned from the gray waves and walked alone in the direction of his house. He had only taken a few steps when he looked back at the sea, now still and calm.

     "Goodbye, my dear friend," he whispered, then turning, walked slowly back to his home on the land.

The End

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