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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 105 > Short Stories > Aolynn's Tale

Aolynn's Tale

by shura_dono

Aolynn the green Uni was born with a rich owner. He was an older player, with tons of Neopoints, yet she was his only pet. Of course, being young, she didn't know how strange this was; she only knew that he doted on her constantly. She was soon painted white, and had a Flizzardo as her petpet. Life was great for her, living in a beautiful Faerieland mansion with robot servants following her every whim. Then Draiks were found near Meridell. Aolynn noticed that her owner suddenly wasn't as attracted to her as he used to be, and this feeling of neglect increased as more Draik colors were created. Soon he was downright ignoring her.

     About a month after the introduction of the Draik, Aolynn's owner came in and asked her if she wanted to go for a little boat ride. She happily agreed, almost ecstatic that he was once again paying attention to her. He had his own boat, and they set sail in the crystal blue seas around Mystery Island. They had been on the water for hours and the shore was out of sight in all directions when they anchored for lunch. Aolynn was just finishing up her apple when her owner said that he wanted to talk.

     "Aolynn, I've only ever wanted to have one pet. No more, and no less. And now that Draiks are out, I want one badly. But I despise abandonment in the Pound; it is quite cruel to the poor pets and they may wind up being deleted forever. So I will set you free out here in the wild, and hope that you find an owner eventually, or if it suits you, even decide to stay free."

     "Out… out here?" sputtered Aolynn, "B-but I can't swim! I thought you loved me!"

     "I do love you, Aolynn, but I really, really want a Draik, and this is so much better than the Pound, I assure you. I did this to the pet that came before you, and now I'll do it to you. As for the not being able to swim part, I came prepared for that," he said, and pulled out a Blue Peophin Morphing Potion.

     "NO! I DON'T WANT TO CHANGE! I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU!" cried Aolynn as she wrapped her legs around his. He merely pushed her off and forced the potion down her throat, and she fell to the floor as her hind legs joined together into a fish tail, and her horn shrank into the jewel of a bronze faceplate. She had soon fully changed from a white Uni to a blue Peophin. Then he took her little Flizzardo away, saying that she wouldn't need it anymore, revved up the boat, and threw her unceremoniously over the side and into the sea.

     She thrashed and floundered in the water, never having swum before in her life; indeed, part of the problem was her new and completely different body, which she had not even been given time to get used to. By the time she reached the surface, the boat was a speck in the distance and even the wake was dissolving. She swam franticly after it, but soon even the wake was gone, and she was alone and lost out in the wide ocean. She was exhausted now, and allowed herself, sobbing, to sink below the waves. Many-colored fish swam past her, and once she saw a school of Baby Blu staring curiously at her. Finally, she reached the sandy ocean floor. She lay there for a long time, not bothering to eat. Then she saw a whole herd of Peophin playing right above her. She thought that she might join them, and swam up happily to greet them. But they took one look at her and shouted, "She smells of humans, she cannot be part of the herd! Go away; go back to your owner, little pet!"

     It was the same everywhere, she smelt of humans, and therefore she could not be wild as they were. Eventually she gave up, and pursued life in solitude. She was deeply mistrustful of humans, and never let one catch more than a glance of her. They were the cause of her outcast status; they had been cruel and deceitful to her. She had been thrown away like an old toy and was replaced by a new one. She almost felt sorry for the Draik that would now be in her old owner's care. Doubtless it would be thrown away, too, when a new species came along. She also wondered what poor thing she had replaced. What had happened to them? Where had her owner 'set them free'? She felt horrible that she had caused another to experience such pain as she had.

     One morning, she was looking for food and not having any luck at all. She always had to get whatever was left after the resident Peophin herd had finished. She had just found a patch of sea grass, when a dark shadow passed overhead, and she heard a muffled song coming from above the waves. Curious, she surfaced and saw a rather smallish pirate ship. A lone teenage girl was steering it while singing in a loud voice, "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!" over and over again. She looked rather silly, and despite her misgivings about humans, Aolynn could not help but like the girl. So she swam alongside the boat for a while, and when she wasn't noticed, she tried jumping a few times and slapping her tail against the water. At this the girl looked down and said, "Ahoy there, wanna come up?" and Aolynn nodded. The girl lowered a rope ladder and the shy blue Peophin found herself on deck. "I'm Shura the pirate, and who might you be?"

     "I'm Aolynn. Are you really a pirate?"

     "Course I'm a pirate! Why else would I be sailing 'round in a pirate ship singing pirate songs? I don't have a crew though. Say, you look like a Peophin that's pretty knowledgeable about the ocean! Why don't you join on; it's great fun!"

     "Well… all right. Do you have any other pets?"

     "Nope, I never thought about having pets before now. Guess you're my first, eh Lynn? I can call you Lynn, right?"

     Aolynn was surprised and pleased; she had never had a nickname before, and she answered, "Yeah, of course you can Shura! I don't mind in the least."


That was the beginning of a lasting bond between the two. Aolynn learned how to use a sword, a 'pirate essential' as Shura put it. She also acquired a Nuranna by the name of Nemo, who, to Aolynn's surprise and delight, turned out to have a very friendly personality.

     Aolynn realized that there was something between Shura and her that had never appeared in her relationship with her former owner, and that was the element of friendship. Her old owner had given her everything she could ever want, but he had never really been her friend, or he wouldn't have gotten rid of her as he did. Shura could rarely afford to give her anything really nice, but she made up for it with love and kindness, and that was what counted.

The End

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