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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 105 > Short Stories > The WereLupe Files: What If?

The WereLupe Files: What If?

by neojolteon2

*Note from Author* In order to understand this story better, you should read the previous case*

What If....

     You know, it always wondered to me that what if Khell had succeeded in drinking his growing potion? Hmm... lets find out...

     ...Khell (a Faerie Gelert) opened the Neocola bottle and dumped it out into the sink. Then he refilled it up with the growing potion.

     “Now Moon won’t find out,” he whispered to himself. He put the bottle back in the fridge and slammed the door shut.

     “Khell? Is that you?” Moon (a Starry Lupe) called from the living room.

     Khell threw the pot into the garbage and walked into the living room.

     “What Moon?” he asked innocently.

     “Khell, I know you went through a lot yesterday. And I felt bad that I should have went with you. So I bought you this,” she handed him a video game.

     “Oh wow! Defenders of Neopia Three! Revenge of Hybrid Knox!” Khell exclaimed in excitement. “Thanks Moon!” He immediately ran up to his room. Then he felt thirsty. Running downstairs again, and forgetting he had replaced the Neocola with his potion, he took a glass with ice cubes and the whole bottle up to his room. There, he sat down, poured himself a glass, and turned on his new game.

     Hours went by and Khell played on taking a sip of his “soda” every once and awhile. He never really noticed he was hitting the A and B button at the same time since his paw was getting larger. He didn’t noticed how his bed seemed to be shrinking. What he did notice was his paw breaking his controller and him losing the game. Khell got so angry that he hit his bed, breaking it.

     He sat here shocked at what he had done. He finally looked at himself and noticed how large he was. Then he remembered that he had put the potion in the soda he was just drinking. He stood up and noticed he was about ten feet tall. He gave a smile to himself and grabbed the bottle. He quickly chugged what was left.

     “Now that gang will pay for calling me a pup,” he said evilly as he felt his body beginning to grow. His back touched the ceiling and he was still growing. He began to push against the roof until it gave way. The giant Gelert jumped out of his house and took off for down town.

     Moon jumped straight up when she her the crash. She ran up to Khell’s room wondering what it was. She opened the door just to see as a giant Khell jumped out of the house and going down the street. Moon stared at shock and disbelief at her destroyed roof and the giant Khell.

     “I better get Colbolt (WereLupe).”


It took Khell no time to find the gang of Neopets that picked on him. They were busy eating at the park and leaving their garbage on the grass. They didn’t notice at first as a giant shadow loomed over them. Some did look up and dropped their mouths open in horror, their food falling from their mouths. The one called Nightwing was the last to notice him. He first saw the shocked on his gang’s faces.

     “What’s wrong?” he asked. The Aisha pointed up. Nightwing tilted his head back to see a giant Khell looming down on him. Nightwing’s sandwich fell from his hands.

     “B-b-b-b-ig,” he stammered. Khell lowered his giant head and growled. The gang took off screaming. Khell wasn’t going to let them off that easily. He grabbed every last one of them in his paw and went over to the peanut butter factory. He ripped off the roof easily and dripped the gang into a vat of peanut butter. They all screamed for help and mercy as Khell took them over to the Chia Pillow Factory, which had just rebuilt itself from the blast Khell had set off at my store, and ripped off its roof. He slammed the gang into the pillows causing feathers to fly everywhere. The gang sputtered and began to cry and they looked just like Khell had when they picked on him. Khell laughed out loud as he set them down and they took off crying for their mommies.

     Now, its not like the streets were quiet right now. People were screaming and pointing at the giant Gelert

     “Run! Its Gelertzilla!” a yellow Chia yelled. A blue one popped up beside him.

     “Actually its not Gelertzilla, due to international copyright laws,” he explained.

     “But still! We should run like it is Gelertzilla!” the yellow one shouted.

     “But it's not,” the blue corrected. They both took off down the street screaming.

     Khell soon learned that he could have a lot of fun at this size. He first noticed the power lines. He put his one paw on it and felt an electrical jolt go through him. He giggled and did it again. He then saw the lights around him would blink as he put his paw on it. He began to do it repeatedly and laughing at his little game.

     He became bored of that soon, and his vision was blue, and began to explore downtown.

     His first stop was the Ice Cream Factory. He ripped off the roof and grabbed a whole vat of chocolate Chia ice cream. He shoved his muzzle into it and began to eat. When that one was empty, he grabbed another and ate it all.

     After he settled his appetite and wiping his muzzle with his paw, he began his walk again. The ground shook, poles and cars were crushed under his massive paws. Paw prints were left in the streets. Houses were destroyed by his wagging tail. Then the police showed up. Tail sat down happily and wagged his tail flipping cars and smashing windows.

     “Oh boy! Cops and robbers!” he exclaimed at the police took out their rainbow guns and aimed them at Khell. Khell easily picked up two officers at they began to shoot but not penetrating Khell’s fur. With his other paw, Khell picked up a police car and began to play cops and robbers. He had the two cops being chased by the car.

     “Better watch it bad guys or the cops’ll get you,” he pretended. He pushed the police car into the cops stomach pretending they were caught. The cops were screaming for help.

     Then, a helicopter flew up and shined its light directly into Khell’s eyes.

     “Ow! That hurts,” Khell said in pain dropping his two “toys”. He swatted at the chopper causing it to make an emergency landing.

     Meanwhile, I had already been informed of what happened, both bed and Moon, and had constructed an antidote. We were downtown but need a way for Khell to take it orally.

     “I’ll distract the cops and lead them away. Maylas, you fly up and give Khell the antidote,” I said transforming into my WereLupe self. Maylas (Colbolt's brother -- a Starry Draik) nodded as I ran for the police scaring them away and chasing after me. Maylas took for the air and up to Khell’s nose.

     “Wow! A Maylas action figure!” Khell said reaching for him. Maylas jumped from Khell’s paw grab.

     “Khell, you have to take this antidote and return to your normal size,” Maylas told him.

     “But I don’t wanna. I’m having too much fun,” Khell refused.

     “Khell! You better take that antidote right now or I’ll take away your video game forever!” Moon threatened. That got Khell’s attention.

     “No, no Moon! I’ll take it,” he said cornered. Maylas threw the antidote into his mouth and watched as Khell began to shrink to his normal size. I returned as my regular self just in time.

     “We better get out of here before the cops arrest Khell,” I told them. We took off into the night.

The End

Well, that was quite interesting. Now I know not to let Khell around magic anymore. The ending turned out just like the real case. Except Khell being punished and his game taken away for a week. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go and find that growing potion again. Apparently, I shouldn’t have played that practical joke on Maylas in the first place. Being tiny stinks.

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