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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > New Series > Search: Part One

Search: Part One

by Griffin337

Okay! Okay, here we go. Yes, it's Griffin337 here, the fire Lupe. Just don't tell dragonshark173 I'm using her computer! It's just that mine doesn't have an e-mail address! Shh....

It was a cold night around the middle of the Month of Collecting. Dark clouds enveloped the sky, yet not a drop of rain made its way down to earth. But boy, I'll tell you, that wind blew harsh! I, Griffin L. Kingsley the fire Lupe, sat in my tent, a blanket curled all around me except for my forearms, forepaws and my head. I was studying a book called 'A History of Chias'. It was pretty interesting, really, and very enjoyable. It had from King Tutchiatotahm of Ancient Sakhmet to Nigel Chia from modern times, the millionaire from the stock-market. And then there was...wait, I'm going on about the little details, aren't I? My owner said that I should read something with more substance...

Well, anyway, here I was, cold in my tent, a thin blanket wrapped around me. I turned the page in my book to see an incredible sight! There, sitting right there, was an ancient, bright golden rectangle with an eye in the center and an 'X' behind the eye. Well, it was a picture of course, but incredible anyway! I read the description next to it. "The Quadheximos, most commonly known as the Golden Eye, played an important part of Maraqua when it was just-new. It was said to have built the shops and air bubbles, however it is only a myth.

I cocked my head one way and closed the book. That was funny...pretty neat, I thought. But it looked so familiar! I thought for a minute and then pulled out the latest newspaper. On the front cover, there was the Golden Eye! I shook my head and read on.

Today was a dark day for the archeologists at the Shark Museum in Maraqua. The most valuable of the artifacts there, the Quadheximos, a.k.a. the Golden Eye, was stolen from the museum at light night on the 16th of the Month of Collecting. As the most highly protected Museum in Neopia, the Golden Eye the first and only item stolen from there, the police squad are highly confused and frustrated about the entire ordeal. The thieves left a single note, with no fingerprints or DNA left on it. It read this: 'Arr, you scurvy dogs aren't getting yar Golden Triangle back. Try and find us if yar dare, but I warn yer little scaly hide, we are deadlier than death itself.' As the police are still trying to figure out where the suspects are, they believe they have not left the Maraqua area...

I was stunned. My jaw dropped. I knew that Maraqua couldn't survive without that triangle. I had to take action--fast, before the ancient city was destroyed! I Slapped my supplies into my backpack, tent and all, grabbed my hat and slapped it on my head, and tied my bandana around my neck. I looked back at the site. I looked like I was never there. I turned back around and started galloping away as if my life depended on it, racing through the woods as fast as my legs would carry me.

I started to slow down at the edge of the forest. The rain still poured down on me like there was no tomorrow, but I continued down the path. Where the forest ended, a huge field began, where a gravel road lead to the nearby town. I trotted down it, and after about a mile, I was in the town.

After walking down the stone path, I noticed that nobody was outside, as it was late out. I got to a corner and raised my paw for a taxi to arrive, and after waiting in the rain a while, one came. When I got in, the driver seemed like a friendly fellow, a stout green Shoyru with a cap on. "To the airport." I said.

"Man oh man, you look like you've been trekking all night in this rain, puppy!" the driver said.

I laughed. The driver had no idea that that was exactly what I had been doing. I put his paw on the button that rolled the window down and stuck my head out the window, panting like...well...a dog. The taxi stopped at the airport and I handed the man a bag of fifty Neopoints and shook my body like a dog to get some water off my fur. I entered the airport and looked at the cashier.

"Yes, can I have a ticket to Mystery Isle?" I said, getting out my wallet.

"That will be three thousand Neopoints, please." She said. I grumbled and took out my charge-card. I knew Valerie, my owner, wouldn't mind. Would she?


After the plane landed on the island I so loved, I got off the jet-plane, my backpack on his back. It was morning now, about 10:03AM. Lucky for me, it was sunny here today, and so I smiled and rubbed my paws together as I padded off towards my NeoHome at 2648 Training Square.

As I arrived, I barged in and smiled at my family. Valerie, my owner, was sitting at the table eating Neocrunch, Draco was watching the television, and Tex was working on a model of an airplane, and Frightful was sitting down playing with his Greeble. At hearing me come in, they all smiled and ran up to him. Valerie approached slower and looked at me and we high-fived. "Why back so early?" she asked.

"I think I've got a new mission! I need to find the Quadheximos," I said.

"But, Griffin...look, I know you've been through a lot of life-or-death situation, but're dealing with rough-and-tough thieves here, ol' buddy!" she said, concerned.

"Eh, don't worry about it! Call Al up. He'll probably know more on this, being a scientist and all!"


By about noon, Al and I sat at the dining room table of the NeoHome, sipping hot coffee. Al is a blue Chia, one of Griffin's good friends at that, and was an expert at Lupology, or the study of Lupes.

"So Al, that's great to hear about your brothers...but do you know anything on this?" I said, opening the book up to the page of the Golden Eye and passed it to Al.

Al looked a little confused, but seemed to know what it was. "That," Said Al, "That is the Quidheximos. If it's taken away from Maraqua, it's rumored that horrible things will happen there!" He said.

"Then I guess you haven't read the news lately, Al..." Griffin said sort of surprised. "The Quadheximos was stolen a few days ago."

Al was astonished. "No!" he said, his eyes wide. "No, that couldn't have happened!! Maraqua will surely be destroyed...and then after that, the entire world of Neopia will slowly be destroyed! It will turn brother against brother, sister against sister...Making best friends become greatest foes. Neopia will be no more!"

My eyes widened. "'s just a silly myth, right?"

Al shook his head. "I don't know, Griffin...that's one part that I don't know."

"But Al, either way, we're going to get it back," I said.

"We? What do you mean 'we'?"

"Don't be such a wimp, Al. Come on. We'll start the search tomorrow. I'll rent a boat out to Maraqua"

"Oh fine...but if I get critically hurt, you're paying the doctor's bill, not me!"

I laughed. Al laughed. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow at the harbour then. Eight o'clock sharp. Bring only things that are vital or things that can help on the search."

To be continued...

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