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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > New Series > The Return of the Black Lupes: Part One

The Return of the Black Lupes: Part One

by Lupebreeder10

We all know the story of Shadow and Galilobo. When Shadow destroyed RiverBed Galilobo banished Shadow. A short time later Galilobo and Element, the rainbow Lupe, destroyed Shadow. And now, two years later, a new evil is growing steadily and it is ready to strike without any one knowing it....

The Arrival of the Queen
Riverbed smiled as she sat in the morning sunlight. It was the perfect morning, and as she waited for her two best friends, Flame and Petal, to come she thought about last month. She and Flame had finished their Lupe tests without too much conflict. And they were now legal members of the magical Lupe pack. Riverbed sighed in content. Her sleek blue coat was blowing in the gentle wind.

"Hey Riverbed!!"

Riverbed turned to look at who was calling her. It was Flame. His scarlet coat was already getting windblown even in the light breeze.

"Flame what's wrong?" Riverbed asked.

"The Uber Faeries and the Faerie Queen want us!" Flame answered, panting.

Riverbed stared at him. "The FAERIE QUEEN wants us?!" she asked, she still couldn't believe it.

"Look, if we don't hurry she'll be gone!" Flame said.

This time Riverbed believed him. She nodded and followed him down the hill. The whole pack was circled around the Uber Faeries and the Faerie Queen.

"Ahh, there you two are!" the Faerie Queen said in a musical voice. "Well I have a lot of explaining to do so I should start now," the Queen took a breath and spoke again, "Well, you all know how Galilobo destroyed Shadow and how we believed that he was the last black Lupe?" The pack nodded. "Well, he wasn't." The pack gasped and a green Lupe, Blade, looked like he would faint. "Shadow was in a pack of black Lupes, all in which were destroyed except for three. And one was his brother, well, that black Lupe was called NightStalker. And he learned of his brother's demise, and, naturally, he was angry and for two years it seems he has been planning to capture Galilobo and it has happened. And the Uber Dark Faerie is helping him along with the other two black Lupes."

Suddenly, Riverbed realised a couple of things. Galilobo was not there and Celest, his mate, was crying hysterically and Petal was comforting her (which was useless since Celest was basically making a river of tears). Also the Uber Dark Faerie was not there. "And so we need four brave Lupes to rescue Galilobo," she finished. The pack fell silent. Suddenly Blade spoke up.

"Uhhhh, Miss Faerie Queen why do WE need to rescue Galilobo? Why can't you and your Faeries do it?" he asked timidly.

The Queen turned her violet eyes on Blade. "A good question, Blade," she said softly. "Well, NightStalker and the Uber Dark Faerie made a portal in which we could not get through, because our magic is too strong. And so we decided to have four magical Lupes to go and rescue him. And we will bless the four Lupes that will go to save him," she finished.

The Fire Faerie spoke up. "Enough!" she exclaimed, "Let's choose the Lupes!" All the Faeries nodded in agreement.

"Okay, I'll need silence," the Queen said. She closed her eyes, and began to revolve very fast. She stopped suddenly, and turned to the Light Faerie.

"Quick!" she said, "Go and get CoalBalt!"

The Light Faerie nodded and disappeared. The Faerie Queen turned around. "As for the rest of you," she continued. I choose….Flame, Riverbed, and Petal."

The pack stared wide eyed at them. The awkward silence was broken by a popping sound, and the Light Faerie stood with a black Lupe.


The Blessing
At first there was silence and then screaming erupted the air. "Pipe down all of you!" the Fire Faerie yelled. The screaming died down although every Lupe had a look of terror on its face. "Thank you," the Faerie Queen said calmly. "Now this is CoalBalt. He is, yes, a black Lupe but he has a soul, so he is not evil. I pictured him with Flame, Riverbed, and Petal so he is going on the journey with you. All right?"

Riverbed felt surprisingly warm to CoalBalt, like she could trust him. Flame and Petal looked like they were thinking the same thing. Sadly some of the other Lupes didn't think the same. A red Lupe called Fire-Ball glared at him and snarled, "No black Lupe has EVER had a soul!!" SMACK!

Petal had rushed forward and smacked Fireball hard. "You are SO mean!!" she screeched. "It doesn't matter what colour you are as long as you are a good soul!"

The Faerie Queen cleared her thoughts. "It is time for the blessings!" she said sternly. "Flame, Riverbed, Petal please line up behind CoalBalt."

They obeyed quickly.

"Hey, uh, Petal?" A deep, rich voice said. It was CoalBalt. "Thanks for sticking up for me," he said without looking at her.

Petal smiled. "No it's all right. I'm always sticking up for Lupes who get teased," she said.

"All right!" the Queen's voice interrupted them.

"Riverbed come forward to be blessed by the Water Faerie."

Riverbed came forward, the Water Faerie smiled and removed the shell in her hair and strung it on a string. "Here," she said as she put it on Riverbed like a necklace. A brilliant light shone from it. "There, now you have the power to breathe under water and communicate with water NeoPets. And you get an awesome looking coat." Riverbed looked down and gasped. Now her coat had a pattern of raindrops. Riverbed leapt forward and licked the Water Faerie. She laughed a lovely laugh and smiled. "Okay it's your turn Petal!" the Queen said. Petal walked forward, beaming. The Air Faerie came forward, smiling. She took a hair from her elegant head and tied it around Petal's neck. Suddenly, Petal sprouted wings! And her soft pink coat turned into a bright sunset pink. "There, you can fly and even control the wind! But you can only control the wind for ten minutes a day. "Petal was so happy she was crying she had wanted wings FOREVER. "Thank you!!" she managed to choke out between her sobs of happiness. The Queen smiled and said, "Flame it is your turn." Flame was up before she had finished. The Fire Faerie came forward laughing. She brought out a big orb made of fire and took a handful of fire. Flame looked a little nervous when she strung it around his neck like a necklace. The flames spread rapidly around Flame's body like snakes. When the fire dissolved Flame stood in front of them looking spectacular! He looked as if he had been painted fire, but he still had his moon scar on his forehead of course. "Now you can walk through fire and swim through lava! AND if needed you can call me! But only once a month!" she said excitedly.

Flame let out a happy howl and bounded back to us. CoalBalt came forward before his name was called. The Queen came forward, smiling she leaned forward and kissed CoalBalt on the forehead. Where the kiss was placed a white lightning scar was there. "Now you have psychic powers, you can read minds, throw psychic blasts at enemies and my kiss has the power to restore life, but only a tear can make it work," she finished. "Now, it is time for you to go. What you have to do is follow the road on the map. If you go the right way you should find the place where Galilobo has been taken. Good-luck!" And she disappeared in a puff of silver smoke.

To be continued...

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