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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > New Series > The Case Files of Brucelzy and Dash475: Part One

The Case Files of Brucelzy and Dash475: Part One

by Fantasy_2001

I glanced at Brucelzy as she gobbled down her dinner of Mac and Cheese. Her Christmas coat looked like she had just been wrapped as a holiday gift for someone, even though it was spring and the flowers were sprouting out of the ground, reaching for the sun. She looked up at me and smiled, spots of cheese dotting her mouth. I smiled back and started to eat my own dinner.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dash475, a cloud Gelert. Our owner, Fantasy_2001, rescued me and Brucelzy, a Bruce, from the pound. We both have a taste for mysteries, and we love solving them together! You can usually find old Sherlock Holmes books scattered around our bedrooms in our nice NeoHome. We think he is the greatest detective ever! Our owner buys us books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so that we can fulfill our need for a good mystery. She reads them to us aloud as well!

The phone rang and Brucelzy ran to get it as I turned around in my chair to listen to the conversation. Her face was set in an excited, yet serious expression as she talked to the person on the line.

"Yes, this is Brucelzy and Dash475's house. I'm Brucelzy," she was saying into the receiver.

After a pause, she replied: "Yes, ma'am, we do solve mysteries." I sat upright in my chair and waited anxiously as she continued. "Of course, we'll be right over! Good-bye!" Brucelzy slammed down the receiver and turned to me.

"Well, who was that?" I asked impatiently.

"That was Kauvara! It seems that someone is sneaking into her shop at night and stealing potions! Come on, I'll tell you on the way." Brucelzy tossed me my jacket and slipped on her own.

I followed Brucelzy out the door into the dim evening sunlight. A light sprinkling of snow swirled around us as we hurried to Kauvara's shop.

"When Kauvara opened her magic shop yesterday, she found that a whole shelf of potions had disappeared!" Brucelzy wrapped her coat tighter around her body and continued. "When she closed for a quick lunch at the Breadmaster's Bakery, she locked the door. She's sure of it! After her lunch, when she returned to her shop, she realised that more potions had gone missing! She has asked us to find out who the potion thief is!" Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

Within a few minutes, we reached Kauvara's Magic Shop. We went inside, happy to be out of the cold, and wandered over to Kauvara. She looked up and smiled.

"You must be Brucelzy and Dash475! Welcome to my shop!" Her smile faded quickly. "I need you to help me catch a thief that keeps stealing potions from my shop when I'm not here."

I nodded and jotted down a few quick notes as she talked. "Have you found any patterns in what this person or pet steals? Do they only take potions, or do they grab Faeries too?"

Kauvara thought a minute. "Well, on both occasions I noticed that only Dark Faeries had gone missing along with a few potions that helped in brewing dark spells."

I scribbled some more notes and listened intently as Brucelzy continued the questioning.

"Have you found any footprints or anything that may lead us to the thief?" she asked.

"Now that you mention it, I did notice a snow covered paw print on the carpet just inside the door. The only problem is that most NeoPets have paws. Look at your sister, for example. She has paws because she is a Gelert. It could have been almost any pet!"

Brucelzy calmed her down and asked a few more questions as I wrote down some information that may be helpful to us. We thanked Kauvara and told her to call us right away if she found more potions missing.

As we trudged back to our home, the snow continued to fall. The stars shone brightly in the dark sky and most of the evening shoppers had returned home. We noticed our friend, Sundance8, rushing out of the battle magic shop, her sparkly coat matching the sky above our heads. We nodded a hello as she approached.

"Watch how much you haggle that shop owner…when he means get out of his store, you'd better listen!" She smiled at us and noticed the serious expressions we wore on our faces. "Another case? Cool! I have to go and get back to my house, but I want to hear all about it! Bye!" Sundance8 galloped off down the deserted street and we continued toward our house.


Brucelzy sat down at the kitchen table as I prepared some hot chocolate for the both of us. I poured it into teacups and sat down next to her, warming my paws on the warm glass.

"So, who do you think is stealing the potions?" Brucelzy asked, taking a sip of the hot liquid.

"I'm not sure, but we can rule out all NeoPets without paws. We also know that the thief seems to like dark magic, or has powers to use it."

Brucelzy nodded. "I guess." She glanced at the clock on the wall over the counter. "It's later than I thought. We should go to bed soon, so we're rested and ready for a day of mystery."

I glanced up from my drink and gasped teasingly. "Brucelzy wants to go to bed? Are you all right?" I leaned over and felt her forehead and she pushed me away.

"Ha ha." She finished her drink and put the cup in the sink. "Come on Dash, let's go."

I stood up and gulped down my hot chocolate and put the cup next to hers in the sink.

To be continued...

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