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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 102 > Continuing Series > A Great Journey: Part Four

A Great Journey: Part Four

by erika_idle

The day was unknown, as Gioacchino had hurled the day-by-day calendar at Jon and missed, sending it into the depths of the oceans of Neopia. The mutant Kacheek and the red Eyrie were fighting as usual, this time it was over Jon's consumption of the Air Faerie's bag of winds.

     "You moron! You thought it was a grackle stuffed turkey!" yelled Gioacchino.

     "Well, I was hungry! And delirious! And the bag tasted very good, if you're wondering!" retorted Jon.

     A small white Aisha named Yoko sat in the middle of them with her four ears plugged and eyes shut. "La-lalala... I can't hear you two!" she half-screamed, half-sung. She peered out of one eye and gasped. "LAND!" she yelled.

     The two hadn't heard her, and were continuing with their argument.

     She stood up, poking at Jon. "Land! I see land!"

     Jon ignored his brother's comments and turned to where his sister was looking. He gasped. "Finally!" he yelled, grabbing an oar and paddling as fast as he could to the shore.

     Even Gioacchino gave up on his argument with Jon and grabbed an oar. The three reached the shore in record time, and the boat hit the sandy shores of the coast with a slight bump.

     Gioacchino hoisted his backpack onto his shoulders. "I'm going to go off and look for supplies again. You two better stay here. Try to fix some of the damage on the boat." And with that, the mutant Kacheek had wandered off into the forests of the area.

     "Yes, your royal braininess," mocked Jon, glaring at his brother's back.

     "Oh sand, oh glorious land, oh wonderful... huh? What's this?" Yoko asked nobody in particular, as she poked a fluffy object in the ground. A dark shadow crept over her. She looked up.


     Gioacchino trekked through the forests. He came to a clearing in the center that was very dark and spooky. Rickety houses were hidden among the trees, and a very scary and intimidating building stood off to the left, decorated with well placed tombstones.

     "Okay, Gioacchino, calm down. It's just a house. Let's just ring the doorbell, and ask for directions," he said to himself.

     He walked up to the door, and looked for a doorbell. In his search, the door had opened wide with a loud creak. A voice echoed down the spooky-looking hallway, "Come in, my dear."

     Gioacchino gulped, but walked slowly down the hall. The portraits seemed to watch his every movements, and the shadows that the furniture was making looked like monsters at every corner. And for some odd reason, Usuki dolls littered all of the rooms. Gioacchino entered the room where the voice was coming from.

     "Hello, pet!" cackled the voice. A figure turned around.

     Gioacchino gasped. "You... you're Edna! Edna th-th-the witch!" he stuttered.

     "That I am," said the green Zafara, furrowing her eyebrows. "And you are Gioacchino the mutant Kacheek, brother of Yoko the white Aisha, and Jon the red Eyrie."

     "How did you know?" asked Gioacchino, curiously.

     A grin spread across Edna's face. "For they have become part of my collection!" she laughed, beckoning to the Usukis scattered throughout the room. Lightning illuminated the room, and thunder boomed overhead.

     Gioacchino raised an eyebrow. "So you're saying that you turned my siblings into Usukis?"

     "That is correct!" cackled Edna.

     "Could you possibly change them back? I mean, Jon's doing most of the paddling, so I kind of need him to row."

     "No!" cackled Edna. Lightning illuminated the room once again. Thunder boomed as usual.

     Gioacchino sighed. "Well, then how about a compromise?"

     Edna thought for a moment. "Very well. If you can guess which Usukis are your siblings, then I will change them back into their former selves. If you cannot guess correctly, you shall become part of my collection!" she cackled, as lightning illumi--

     "Cut the special effects. I'll do it. But, if I guess correctly, you have to tell me how to get home," Gioacchino said.

     "Fine," said Edna in a huff.

     Gioacchino paced the room. Literally thousands of Usukis lined the room, on shelves, in bookcases, even in teacups on Edna's table. They were all different and unique to every other plush Usul in every way. Gioacchino sighed. It seemed like a hopeless competition. Until he saw it. An albino Prom Usuki.

     "Hello, Yoko," mumbled Gioacchino, picking the Usuki out of the teapot it was sitting in. He turned around to come face to face with another surprise: a talk-to-me Safari Usuki with red wings. Gioacchino pulled at the string on the back of the Usuki. It whirred and then spoke.

     "We're hopelessly lost and it's all your fault, and thanks to you, I'm missing the season finale of my favorite soap opera!"

     "Ooh! A grackle-stuffed turkey!"

     "Land ahoy, Cap'n Gee-Gee!"

     Gioacchino picked the plushie up. "This one's Yoko," he said, pointing to the Prom Usuki, "and this is Jon," he said, pointing to the Safari Usuki.

     Edna fumed. "How dare you! How ever did you guess?"

     "Family ties," Gioacchino mentioned. "And now for your end of the bargain."

     Edna sighed. "I don't know how to get back to Neopia Central, but a very good friend of mine does. Her name is Mrs. Prenderghast. She is a ghost Aisha, and she lives at..."

     "Let me guess. In the depths of the ocean in the farthest corner of Neopia across a flaming river in the darkest cave?" Gioacchino guessed.

     Edna looked at him. "Actually, she's my neighbor," she said. "She will tell you how to get home."

     Gioacchino nodded. "Now can you change my siblings back?"

     "Do I have to?" Edna whined.

     "As much as I hate them sometimes, yes, you have to," Gioacchino muttered.

     Edna waved her green hands in the air and with a loud 'pop', Jon and Yoko were back to their normal selves. Jon scratched his head. "How did you guess it was me, Gee?"

     "I have done what you asked, now get out of my house!" shrieked Edna, pushing the three out of her house. Gioacchino, Jon, and Yoko walked across Edna's yard and into Mrs. Prenderghast's graveyar-- erm, backyard.

     "I wonder if Mrs. Prenderghast is nice?" asked Yoko.

     "I guess we'll just have to find out," said Jon.

     Meanwhile, back at the Adoption Agency...

     Erika looked at all the pets. The chirpy pink Uni in charge of Adoptions smiled at her. "So have you found your perfect soul pet yet?"

     Erika watched as a multitude of unwanted pets whizzed past her on a circuit. "Not really," she said bluntly.

     The Uni frowned. "Well, we have lots of special offers," she said. "Oh! The three by three by three is really popular!"

     "What's that?" asked Erika.

     "Well, you get to take three pets home for three days for three hundred Neopoints," chirped the Uni. "And then there is the bonus package, the bonus bonus package including three two by two by twos, and the herd o' pets with a bonus pet included at no extra charge!"

     Erika scratched her head. "Yay!"

     "I know! And I'll tell you what, I'll let you have all of these packages at a discount if you buy the extended warranty package," she said.

     Erika smiled. "Extended warranty package? How can I go wrong?" she said, pulling out a small bag of Neopoints.

     The pink Uni grinned maliciously.

To be continued...

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