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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 102 > Articles > The Most Peculiar Things of Neopia

The Most Peculiar Things of Neopia

by onda_bianca

STRANGE PLACES IN NEOPIA - Neopia is a place filled with many different items, places, and people. After spending hours upon hours in Neopia, I still don’t know what all exists, and some things that make me wonder WHY they exist. Some things are just so strange that you can’t help but wonder what their purpose is in Neopia. The following are some of the most peculiar things I’ve noticed Neopia, and the questions brought to mind.

Giant Omelette: Millions of people come to get a free piece of omelette each day, but has anyone wondered where this omelette comes from? Apparently, a large dinosaur laid an egg, which was later split open and cooked from the sun, and this omelette reappears each time it is fully eaten. Does this mean that the dinosaur comes back, or does the egg just magically appear? I’ve noticed that the Lair of the Beast is close by, perhaps this Beast is actually the supplier of the egg we all enjoy? I do wonder, however, if whatever it is that laid the egg would be mad if it saw everyone eating it.

On another note, is it sanitary to eat an egg off the ground? No one knows how long it’s been sitting there, or where exactly it’s been. Plus, you’ll often find random ingredients in your omelette. I was told that the locals added these ingredients, however it all seems very strange to me. I remember hearing that I shouldn’t take candy from people I don’t know… wouldn’t that also apply with sausage and green papers?

Meatless Meatballs: This is one item in Neopia that I may never understand. What exactly IS a meatless meatball? Most foods will say what they are, so I wonder if whatever exactly is in a meatless meatball is too scary to mention by name. If it were made with vegetables, wouldn’t it be called a vegetableball? This makes me wonder if really, there are some not so nice things in a meatless meatball. Afterall, there’s a lot of useless items running around Neopia that could pop their way into these meatless wonders, such as the assortment of dung items and sand!

Fluff Be Gone: This item REALLY puzzles me. Fluff Be Gone would remove fluff, but a fluffy neopet is really really cute…so why would anyone WANT to remove cute?

Bit of Barbed Wire: One day when picking berries, I remember finding a bit of barbed wire. Suddenly, the barbed wire was popping up all over Neopia! It’s very odd to see little bits of this barbed wire everywhere and it makes me wonder where its source is. I don’t recall seeing any larger sized barbed wire laying around. So where, exactly, are these bits coming from?

The Beauty Contest: Argh, why does this even exist? All pet species actually do look the same to begin with, and each pet is just as wonderful and beautiful as the next, no need to judge. Of course, this turned into more of an art contest, although judging is done by voting. I’ve often wondered how a picture that was mostly copy and paste could win over a hand drawn picture. How do they get those votes?

Jelly: I’ve noticed that Neopia has been overcome with jelly! There’s jelly furniture, jelly to eat, and who knows what else. I don’t recall jelly always being part of Neopia, which means it somehow had to arrive here, but from where? I hear all this talk about a place called Jelly World, but that’s such a crazy thought! Everyone knows Jelly World doesn’t actually exist! (rumors I tell you!) ;) I think that those trying to persuade us about the existence of this false world are really in denial of the truth… Dr Sloth invented this jelly, which is slowly invading Neopia!

The Wheel of Excitement: Why does everyone think this is so exciting? Nine times out of ten, my pet gets sick when we go there. I usually end up losing Neopoints, or spending them to make my pet happy after visiting this place. Whenever I do win Neopoints, it usually balances out the many that I’ve lost in the past. I greatly wonder if this is truly exciting to others, or perhaps just one big disappointment?

Stamps: There are hundreds of stamps floating around Neopia, but I have yet to see a letter to put them on. What do you need a stamp for if you don’t have a postal system? I see many people have taken to collecting these so-called stamps, but how did the thought even cross the minds of Neopians to collect these things if they were never in use before? This makes me wonder… could there be a secret postal service using stamps that we don’t know about?

The Snowager: Many people try and go to the Snowager when he’s sleeping so they can grab some of his treasures. What I wonder is, why? As we all know, taking things that don’t belong to us is wrong, so why is it suddenly okay when it comes from a big giant frozen snake? I imagine part of it is the thrill, however, I wonder why people get upset when they are blasted, if it were me, I’d blast you, too!

Of course, this whole Snowager issue brings up another question I’ve been pondering. If the Snowager is having so many people take his things, wouldn’t you think he’d install some sort of security system? Honestly, does he think he can protect his things from the entire Neopian population by himself? Are his possessions insured, and if so for how much? Could it be that the Snowager is actually gaining from having his items taken?

The list goes on with the strange things in and around Neopia. I can’t help but wonder if there is anything normal to this world, every time I turn around, I am faced with something very peculiar, and questions race throughout my mind. But then again, the Neopets site never claimed to be normal!

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