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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 4 > Articles > Why It's Impossible to Be Poor in Neopia

Why It's Impossible to Be Poor in Neopia

by Chelkeycat

I am sure that everyone in Neopia has had some encounters with the beggars of Neopia. They are always Neomailing you, asking for that item that you have a lot of, that you really like, that is super rare and super expensive. I donít want you to think that I look down on the poor people. I was poor for a long time myself. Just recently, after getting a free Faerie Paint Brush from a random character and another item worth over 70,000, I managed to be more financially secure. But it is pretty near impossible for a well-informed Neopian to be poor. Well, all of beggars and poor and not so poor people, here is a guide to why it is nearly impossible to be poor in Neopia.

Newbie Pack - Everyone can get one. It is a couple of free items that NeoPets gives you for joining. If you never had one and have no items, go to your items and there is a thing that you can click on that gives you the Newbie pack. If you never got one and have items, put them in your deposit box and go to your items, where the thing will come up. You will probably get a book, toy Fuzzle and a milkshake and holiday slushie. Read the book to your pet, and keep the Fuzzle to play with your pet, and sell the food, since you can always get free food so it doesnít matter.

Food - Everyone needs it, and much to often people will spend loads of money on it when it is actually free. I am fairly sure that everyone has heard of the Giant Omelette. Every day it gives you a free omelette. But people donít always realise that it will give you a whole omelette, then if you feed it to one pet you still have 2/3 left and then another, 1/3 left. So one omelette can feed 3 pets their meal for the day. And the Soup Kitchen, in the Marketplace will feed petís whose owners have less than 1,000 NP. To fool the Faerie put all your money in the Stock Market, get the free meals, and take it all out again. The Stock Market rarely changes in a couple minutes. However, it would cost you 40 NP, because each transaction costs 20 NP So your best bet would be the omelette unless you already have under a thousand.

Money Tree - There is always a lot of items in the Money Tree, and people rarely get the item they want. However I have got a Luxurious Sofa and several other items that werenít so cheap there. Recently, however, all the people who went to itís pets got Neomonia, and since the cure is hovering around 21,000 it is not a good idea to go there for a little while.

Healing Springs - In Faerieland, this place can heal your pets hp wise, give you free potions, and cure your pet from sickness. So before plunking over 20,000 Neopoints on some soap, try this place. Donít worry if it takes several turns, it takes some time. The bad thing is you can only go there once every 45 minutes.

Guilds - Everyone has seen those guilds, with 1 member in it offering a Faerie Paint Brush, complete set of Codestones and Faeries just for joining, and free items for life. That would be great but I doubt that any of it is true. There are many honest guilds out there that will give you a free Negg, or Paint Brush and things like that. I would join a guild with around 15-75 members that looks promising. Guilds with under 5 or 10 members are too small, and ones with over 500 or 1,000 are too big, and its harder for the guild master to keep up with, and difficult to make yourself heard. Look for guilds with helpful tips, a message board with a lot of messages, and maybe some free items. You might want to try to avoid themed guilds. Even though you love N*SYNC, you might not want to join an N*SYNC guild because the theme is not NeoPets and it wonít really help you much with NeoPets. When you join a guild,participate, add messages on the message board, ask and answer questions,put your birthday on the calendar, add a photo, participate in contests,and buy from the guild. As a guild master myself, those are the things I look for. (Please join my guild, it fits all the qualifications) Guilds are a great place to get tips and items and make friends.

Good Games - For a while a certain game called Tombola was the biggest craze. Now not too many people play it. I donít know why because I still win Codestones and Faeries on it all the time. It's a game of luck. Once a day you can ho to Mystery Island and play it. You draw a number out of a box, and if it is 0, 2 or 5 you win. You win Codestones, Paint Brushes, Faeries, and Neopoints. I heard of someone who got the entire set of Codestones and a Faerie. If you lose you get a prize, usually some cheap food. Sometimes the man will feel sorry for you and give you 500 Neopoints or so if you lose. It is free and worth playing.

Kiko Match - This is another free game. It is really easy, just a memory game. Your score starts at 150, and every time you try to make a match that isnít a match you lose 10 points. Your score is doubled if you have a score of 110 or over. You also can get time bonuses. That is another easy game. Cheat, Go Go Go and others (see below).

Card Games - Pretty much all the card games are fairly easy, and can win you a lot of money. Some of them like Cheat! cost money, but even if you lose in cheat most of the time you will win the money back, and if you pass levels 3, 5, and 7 you get a trophy. Cheat! is my favourite game. I am sure there are lots of great games out there that can win you a lot of money, but those are the only ones I play.

Shop Wizard - The Shop Wizard is the best tool in al of Neopia, but so little people actually use it to their advantage. It is the little wizard tent on the shops menu bar sorta thing. In the standard shops around Neopia, you rarely have time to use it, since everything runs out so quickly. But in peopleís shop, before you buy anything, copy (press control c at the same time) the item name, then go to the Shop Wizard on the menu bar and paste (press control and v at the same time) into the thing asking what your looking for. If the price on the item was cheaper that the cheapest one on the Shop Wizard, go back and buy it. If not buy the cheapest one. That way you are saving tons of money. I never buy an item without checking the Shop Wizard. And donít ever price things by their value; things rarely sell for their value. Codestones have a value of 500 but sell for 5,500.

Your Shop - You can make your own shop, which is probably the main source of income for most Neopians. You donít need a size 50 shop right away, gradually increase the size as you make bigger profit. Check the Shop Wizard for good items. If one price is way lower than all the others, buy the item, and sell it near the bottom of the Shop Wizard price, but still sell it for more than you bought it. Continue this process, and gradually you will make thousands of dollars. And people like it more if you add a nice back round and nice font colours and links and things. Go to NeoPets HTML help guide, that will help you a lot.

Auctions - After I have a pretty good knowledge of NeoPets price, I go to the auctions, under 20-30, which means these are the items that are about to be sold in 20 seconds. I scan down the items and if I find something I like I click on it right away and make the minimum bid. Sometimes you can make a second bid, do that, because lots of people use the same method. A lot of the time you can get the items. Items that lots of people know are good, like Codestones, go quickly and are priced ridiculously. I once got an Electric Blue Paint Brush for 4,000, which I sold for 13,000. I have received Codestones, but only a couple times. Be on the look out for good bargains, and most of the time you canfind them.

Trading Post - In shops there is a limit, no item can be sold if the price is over 100,000. So at the Trading Post or auctions a lot of people just let their best items go there, because they can get as much money as they want. At the Trading Post there are lots of good bargains. But beware of people who say that they will give you an account if you bid the highest because they wonít, and I have been scammed that way.

I hope that helps the poor makes some Neopoints, and the rich gain some more money. If you have any more questions just Neomail me.

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