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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 100 > Continuing Series > Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia -- Part Five

Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia -- Part Five

by evil__sakura

Abaddon had to pay his psychiatrist another visit. This time, he had decided to bring his plushies. Last night, his master gave him another plushie, a blue Krawk with white hair. The hair was long, so Abaddon tied it into a ponytail, and wrapped the Krawk’s body in small white bandage strips. It also wore a grey gi(opened up) and white pants.

     Abaddon was greeted by Clover when he opened the front door. That sullen feeling of regret was still present from yesterday. “Clover?”

     The green Zafara bowed his head and rubbed the back of it. The injury from yesterday was still there too. “Ah came here ta apologize ta ya, Abaddon... I'm sorry. ” He then turned back and walked away.

     “Why?” asked the Buzz.

     The Zafara shrugged. “Well, ah felt guilty about snapin' at ya like that from yesterday... an' ah felt that this day was mah only chance ta say sorry.”

     Clover walked off and the Buzz was left with nothing but confusion. Suddenly his cell phone rang. “Yo.” It was the real Maccy.

     The Buzz was about to ask on how the Lenny was able to reach him this way, but decided to reply back with another hello. “This is awkward time to call me Maccy,” said Abaddon.

     “Yeah, it is. But I felt it was important for me to do so.”


     “‘Last chance’ feeling, you know. Bye” Then there was a click and Abaddon began to feel very scared.

     He remembered that his owner actually hugged him from last night, maybe it was linked to what Clover and Maccy were doing. He shook his head, and headed toward the airport to get a ride to Mystery Island.


He passed by the Training school until it happened, a stinging pain lurked into the back of his ankle. He looked down at a little blue Krawk, whom was laughing its own head off. The plushie Buzz picked the Krawk up, and glared sternly at the little creature.

     The Petpet had obviously expected a comeback, and got from behind its back, a wooden spoon. The Petpet lifted it over his head, and slammed it upon the Buzz’s head.


My body nudged forward and fell out of the hammock in which I was sleeping in. I got up quickly and walked out of my captain’s quarters. “What’s going on?” I asked. My crew of three was leaning over the railing looking at something.

     I went between them and saw from a short distance, an actual island. It had the shrubbery of a jungle, which brought about a happy feeling within me. I saw my crew’s expressions, both Emma and Maccy gazed at the island in awe. It was probably the longest time they had been without seeing living land.

     Zannibar on the other hand, showed a rare wisdom and intelligence in his purple eyes. His experience as a weathered sailor showed at this very moment, and I wanted to treasure the moment. But I had to interrupt, this island held great promise, and I proposed to my crew that we should explore it.

     They agreed full-heartedly and Kuepil stirred itself toward the island, which didn’t take long at all, we all boarded off and waved good bye to our vassal. The beach like scenery was pleasant, and I assumed that this piece of land used to be a part of the Mystery Island.

     I turned my head toward Emma’s voice. “Look over there!” She had the best eyes in the whole crew, and the three of us had to squint at the object she was pointing at. I noticed a tiny shadow presented in the shape of a temple.

     We decided to approach this temple, only to find that it really wasn't a temple, but a dojo! One I quickly recognized as the Mystery Island training school, except that half the building was missing. It was very old and kind of run down, but only on the outside. When we entered, it was very clean, we walked around cautiously as to the fact that someone was probably still present on the island.

     That’s when I realized that my crew wasn’t sneaking with me. I heard a commotion coming from a door I had just passed. I opened the sliding door open enough to spy upon what was going on inside this room.

     “Foolish pirates! How dare you, try and steal from here! Jubei’s lair!” I was very jaded on the subject, not really caring for the fact that he was wearing the same attire as my new plushie.

     Emma was tugging on the Krawk’s jacket and Maccy was taking his considerable distance. Jubei glared back with a ticked off expression, and snapped at the Zafara. “Beat it. You oversized rat!” The Zafara narrowed her glare and let go of the Krawk’s jacket.

     She casually walked behind Jubei where his tail swayed up and down. She grabbed it and the next thing I heard was a loud crunch. I pushed the door open a little more, making the opening wider, and snickered at the event presented in the room.

     Emma’s teeth were latched onto Jubei’s tail, her eyes glowing red from extreme hatred for the Krawk. Jubei whose grip had loosened around Zannibar’s neck had a priceless expression. In the background Maccy was sneaking away with a big brown bag.

     Zannibar slipped out of the Krawk’s hands, and crawled on all fours to escape more quickly. The three of them ran out the door, zipping right past me. They all had mischievous little grins on their faces. I just had to forget that we were pirates, and stealing was what they did.

     I walked into the other room, I was compelled to apologize to the Krawk. He was blowing on the bite mark on his tail, and he wrapped a white bandage around it. He stared back at me with a vengeful glare.


The little blue Krawk became very frustrated, he constantly slammed his spoon onto the Buzz’s head. The insect seemed to refuse in admitting defeat to the evil little reptile. Abaddon’s expression was dazed, his eyes were half opened and were very dull in color. “Jubei Musashi! Stop that!” yelled a young voice.

     A pink Aisha yanked the Krawk away from his perch on the Buzz’s head. “You know Ryshu doesn’t like it when you terrorize guests!” Her companions, a green Shoyru and a yellow Techo nodded in agreement.

     “He doesn’t like it when I terrorize anything,” snapped the little Petpet, then suddenly, little Jubei jumped out of her grasp and sniffed the air. His eyes widen and he wobbled around dizzily. “F-fire. Jubei’s home on fire . . . ”

     The three youngsters smelt the air and cringed at the scent of burning wood.


     Ryshu shifted from one foot to another, his body was covered in mild burns and he panted in exhaustion. “Please Ryshu, you did enough already... just rest.” A Cybunny in a floral kimono pushed the Nimmo down to ground by by his shoulders.

     “B-but I know some of the pupils are still there. And I just know that Jubei is in there too! Petpets are very sensitive to smoke. I've gotta help him.” He was going to get back up but the Master had stopped him. His hand placed upon the Nimmo’s shoulder.

     “No my son, it is already taken care of.” The wise old Guru looked at the burning dojo calmly. He knew something that no one else in the entire area knew, and he wasn’t going to say a word about it.


     Abaddon was extremely confused. One minute he’s saving kids and a Petpet in huge fire in the training school. The next, he’s doing the same thing but with the “other” Jubei being the only victim. The Krawk had passed out from the gas, and he had his head under the Buzz’s arm.

     “What’s wrong with this guy!? He’s moving so sluggishly!” whined the green Shoyru.

     The three of them agreed to try and escape without the Buzz’s help. “Make sure to grab Jubei when we're passing by --!”

     “Watch out!” The Buzz pushed the kids aside as a huge flame burst from the wall. The Buzz threw the Petpet behind him letting the creature land into one of the children’s arms. “RUN!” He shouted, while pushing the children toward the exit.

     The three of them charged out of the exit, the Aisha was crying, the Techo laughed sarcastically in relief, and the Shoyru -- the young Shoyru hugged tightly onto Jubei who was now wide awake trying to escape the child’s grasp. His eyes were very wide, and his pupils were pin pricked, as if he had seen some great horror.

     Ryshu and all of the other training school instructors dashed toward the three, along with classmates that were relieved for the trio’s safety. Then Ryshu noticed the Shoyru’s expression. “What’s wrong?”


Abaddon’s head spun, he blinked, and saw in front of him the big Jubei from his dreams. The Krawk was bowing in the Buzz’s presence. “I thank you for saving me. In return, I will serve you for as long as I can... Captain.”

     Something didn’t feel right, around him was the setting of his dreams. But now it was more “real” than ever before. He shook his head in utter confusion and blacked out.


Everything was dark within this room, I felt a chill go up my spine, and I sharply turned around. When I turned, I met eye to eye with the me from my dreams. Even though I already knew who he was, I asked, “Who are you?”

     “The ‘other’ you.” He wasn’t wearing any clothes and he appeared more demented in this dark room. He continued speaking, “The you from the ‘other’ Neopia.”

     “Other Neopia? Don’t you mean the dream world?”

     The figure smiled and shook his head. “You’re stuck in ‘other’ Neopia.” He pointed a finger toward himself. “In my body . . . ”

     “H-how can that be!? Y-you’re just a part of my dreams! You can’t be real!”

     “The dreams were just a passage way to get into this world. To get into my empty body... It’s yours now. I’m not allowed to inhabit my own body, and you can’t do that with your own in the ‘prime’ Neopia. You’re gonna be stuck here for a very long time... so I advise that you better make the best of it... now wake up.”


Abaddon opened his eyes and saw his crew looking down at him. “Welcome back, Captain,” greeted Zannibar. The Buzz sat up and smiled, placing his hat on his head. He then got up from the ground quickly, and walked toward the boat’s stirring wheel.

     The crew was caught off guard by Abaddon’s sudden burst in energy. “Is there something a matter Captain?” asked Maccy the Lenny’s head was drawn aback a little, the bird was very timid.

     “No.” The Buzz spun the wheel, happily grinning. “I’m making the best of it!”

     And so began the adventures of Captain Abaddon and his mischievous crew!

The End

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