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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 100 > New Series > Searching for the Stars: Part One

Searching for the Stars: Part One

by adoriblelapin

The troops hurried along the corridor, knocking on the doors of the many rooms aligned along the area. Every alien Aisha raced across the hall, strapped on their space suits, and followed the marching group to the spacecraft’s exit.

     Metallic sheets surrounded them as usual, making up the ceiling, walls, and ground beneath them. The hard, cold floor clanked as the Aishas ran across the stretching halls and outside into an unfamiliar world.

     “I can’t believe another monster is attacking,” whined an Aisha named Ajliso, following the other alien Aishas. She continued speaking to herself, “And while all the Neopets get the exciting job of restraining it, I have to clean up after them. During the time others get to be helpful without getting injured and are ushering these Neopians to erase their memory, I have to clean up after them!”

     Stomping outside the spacecraft in which she had lived in temporarily, Ajliso looked around at the mess the monster had left behind. Obviously, the Neopians wouldn’t be able to forget what had happened to their precious homes this time.

     Puffing out her cheeks in anger, Ajliso looked around the area. In the distance, small, but crushed houses could be seen. Armies of alien Aishas were far away, battling with the monster destructing the home.

     Sighing deeply, Ajliso said mournfully, “My life isn’t that important. I don’t do anything here. Cleaning up isn’t what I signed up for!”

     She angrily kicked a pebble that had appeared in her path. Ajliso squinted, looking out into the distance. Finally, she mused aloud once again, “I guess it isn’t so bad. I can just sit back and relax, can’t I? Maybe I can look for my sister on my way around.”

     A few years ago, Ajliso’s sister, or twin to be more exact, had left to supposedly ‘take over Neopia’. Remembering her sister’s foolishness, Ajliso teased, “Take over Neopia. That’s a laugh!” Since that day, her sister had not returned, or was heard of. Although they never got along well, Ajliso would never admit that she missed her deeply.

     After the twin’s flight, a few months later, Ajliso joined these helpers, who took care of all the monsters appearing from space. Somehow the creatures landed on Neopia, and it was their job to know exactly when they landed, and to get them off of the planet. Erasing their memory was done by special members, and it was necessary for them. Hiding the unknown worlds (and beasts) would prevent the Neopians from any danger, and that was their goal.

     Ajliso spotted an unharmed site. Rubble surrounded it, dust and dirt covering nearly every Neometre of the area. Holding her breath, Ajliso crept around the broken buildings and structures, entering the place of the single unscathed building.

     The walls were weak, and the roof looked as though it were to collapse at any second. Wondering how unfortunate the owner of the building may have been, she neared it, careful not to step on any loose objects.

     “I’ll finally get to someone before the others do,” smiled Ajliso with satisfactory. “I can do something before them, and better too! I’ll show them…”

     At last, Ajliso crawled inside the rubble-blocked door, squeezing through the tiny hole, which was just the right size for her. With difficulty, Ajliso came through, and began dusting herself off while looking around.

     The inside of the building was worse than the outer. The alien Aisha panicked in the darkness, gasping for air. Unlike the outside, the inside had a sweet sent, and the air was able to tolerate, and for the most part, dust free.

     Searching around the murky darkness, Ajliso walked around, rummaging through the items. She found photographs of a Shoyru family, with a pet Doglefox at their side. These Neopets looked unfamiliar to her, but she had learned about them some time ago. Running her finger over the smooth surface, she tried to remember her own parents. Her mind was blank; she couldn’t remember a single thing.

     Sighing again, she went deeper through the building. It was only a floor high, she could tell, but it seemed too empty for anyone to survive in there. Perhaps it was her imagination, but she could see a loose floorboard amongst the filthy ground.

     “Hello?” Ajliso mumbled softly, as most of the searchers from her group did. Usually the Neopians came out gradually, after learning it was safe to do so. After hearing only silence, she said to herself, “The team must have come here early. Drat, I’m late again.”

     She began to walk back, angry as usual. She was just as ill tempered as her twin, but at least she didn’t have silly ideas, such as taking over Neopia. Stomping along, she huffed angrily; tripping at the same time she saw the loose floorboard.

     “Stupid thing! What’s that doing there?” she exclaimed, before realizing she had tripped on a handle. She calmed, then touched the handle. “What’s this?”

     Pulling the handle curiously, wondering what was inside, she fell back, the door attached to it too heavy.

     “Hah!” she said, noticing a latch. She pulled on it, satisfied with the ‘click’, and pulled on the handle again. This time, it opened. “Ah ha, you can’t outsmart me, little door. I’m an experience one.”

     And with that, Ajliso hopped inside, only to find a staircase leading to a well-lit room. Walking down the stairs as stealthily as possible, she reached the bottom. A shaken baby Shoyru stood there, clutching his Doglefox PetPet.

     “Hello,” said the alien Aisha gently. “Hello there, little Shoyru.”

     The baby squeaked in reply and began to weep loudly. Ajliso panicked, searching frantically for something to cheer him up.

     “Um, um,” she said, rummaging through all the items. There was not a toy in sight. She reached at her belt and pulled out a communicator. “Here you go, little one,” she said, switching off the power before handing it to him.

     The baby Shoyru stopped crying and fumbled with the communicator cheerily, as the Doglefox barked, happy for his owner.

     “Victory,” muttered Ajliso with pride, glad that she had arrived here before the others. “And I got to reach such a little cute guy too!”

     She patted the Shoyru on his back, and said slowly, “Follow me.”

     The Shoyru responded by staring at her, blinking every second or so, with a blank expression on his face. Ajliso turned back from walking, and beckoned him once more. The Doglefox took a step forward, then began licking the Shoyru.

     “Ugh,” said Ajliso impatiently. “Come on, follow! We’re going to be here all day, you know.”

     No matter what Ajliso said, he remained still.

     “Speaking of which,” she continued. “What’s your name?” Seeing that he did not reply, she questioned, “Can you even talk? You know, the language we speak out there is the same as the language down here in Neopia.”

     The room was not the silence Ajliso was used to. It was not very peaceful, yet it was not tense or a nervous moment. She was glad it was not the latter.

     Rather irritated, she decided to get some others of her team to help her out with the little Shoyru. She took the communicator from him, which was now covered in small teeth marks. Deciding that she needed some privacy, although it was unknown from what, she walked toward the staircase and was about to switch it on. She accidentally dropped the communicator onto the floor, and down it bounced against the stairs.

     “Argh!” she said, frustrated. She picked it up and dusted it off, attempting to turn it on, but with no success. Shaking her head, she placed the communicator back and took extracted from it a board-like object. She turned it on, and a map appeared in front of her. A little blue dot represented her, as she placed her paw on it.

     “Shoot!” cursed Ajliso. “Holy Kau, oh my Fyora, no! This can’t be happening! No, no, no, no!”

     The team had left without her.

To be continued…

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