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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Sleeping, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Articles > Being a Newly-Morphed Lupe

Being a Newly-Morphed Lupe

by noremac9

IN THE MIND OF A LUPE - Everybody wants to be a Lupe. Or at least 1/10th of people do. Don't believe me? Ask ten friends -- if none of them care, it's YOU! If so, you're probably going to look for a Lupe Morphing potion, plop down a heaping pile of NP, painfully limp away, and then gulp down the bugger. Then you're going to feel funny. However, after that, you'll feel cooler than you ever have -- trust me, I... well, I can't say I've been one, but I do OWN one. So I know some thing's about Lupes. For instance, I think they have tails, but... I can't quite remember. As you can see, I'm very knowledgeable.

The point is, however, that once you're morphed into a Lupe, being a Lupe isn't easy at all. So what if everyone's scared of you and basically does whatever you want, all your peers have no manners for you to worry about, and your life basically stays the same? But work with me here, because no need for article = no article.

Anyway, since it could be really expensive (after morphing yourself) to buy ALL the Lupe books, I'll transcribe them all here into one helpful place. This is your first step towards supreme Lupedom.

Feedings Lupes


Inside the mind of Lupes


Arts and Crafts With Lupe

How to make a Chia disguise: take Meaty Lupe Treat, paste on forehead. Always works.

Guide to Lupes

More Chias.

Loyal Lupes... Chias.

As you can probably tell, there's a common thread between all of the above books: Lupes. Oh wait, I already said that. Okay, so more importantly, there's a DIFFERENT common thread: Chias. So what does this mean? Well, obviously, there's a really great mutual relationship with Chias and Lupes. I mean, why would Lupes feel such an overwhelming responsibility to constantly promote these guys otherwise? And why would Chias dedicate there VERY OWN DAY to being eaten! Now that's kindness! So what if Lupes eat them -- I'm sure it's only to be polite to their hosts. Also, if these book's... shall we say, "Themes?"... may seem a bit monotonous and uninformative. That is because Lupe's have no opposable thumbs, and are too proud to ask anyone to help them. So give 'em some slack -- they might not be the most verbose pets, but their books are very... informative.

So if you were just morphed, and you really want to be popular in the pack, first of all, don't join one. Instead, make friends with every Chia around. THEN join the pack, and bring all your friends to the initiation feast. It might not make sense now, but trust me, you'll thank me later. The Society for Ethical Treatment of Chias, however, will probably burn my sad excuse of a NeoHome down. In which case I'll thank them.

So now you can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? Or is it woof that woof? Ah well, it's all the same to me. But what I'm getting at, is that you've got to talk Lupespeak. Yeah, Lupespeak. You've heard of Chatspeak, Newspeak, and even... some others, I think, but what about Lupespeak? You didn't think they were just howling aimlessly at the moon, did you? That's what I do, not -- oops, the secret's out. Moving on.

So anyway, here's a list of some stuff you'll need to know once you're morphed.

Woooooruuuuruuuuu! - That's an old call for, "Anybody got some food?" One of the easiest, trust me... I mean, trust my Lupe.

Ahhhroooooroooo! - This one's another easy one -- it means, "GET OFF MY TOES!"

Broooooroooorooarooo! A little for advanced, the meaning being, "There's a Wadjet in the bush next to the tree by the large mossy stone adjacent to the stream and it looks angry so dodge to the right, right now!" Yeah, just a little detailed. A tad.

Okay, so this is really confusing... and all I do is howl at the moon like a lunatic... OOPS again. But seriously, cough, just ask the pack leader or something. The secret might come out that you used to be a Quiggle, but -- I'm rambling, so I'll just admit it.

I know nothing about Lupespeak (or 'Grooooruuruuoooooo!', translated), and I really know nothing about being a Lupe. So I'm going to go out and buy a morphing potion, then come back and write the rest of this article -- Lupe-ized. One second, if you will.


Uh, so now I'm back to human again. Thank Coltzan for Dark Faeries! Had to sell my immortal soul, but she transferred me back into my human body. And if you look above, I think you can see why Lupes aren't prolific writers. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Dark Faerie's are-- my body. It's not MY body. This is FAT EDDIE'S BODY! HELP! HELP! AHHHH!

Oh well, better fat Eddie than Lupe Noremac, I suppose. Now let's move on to the part all Lupes need to know: Greek. Didn't see that one coming, now did ya'? Actually, it's one of the greatest Lupe pastimes. For some odd reasons, Lupes feel strongly connected to the Greek language. When in a pack, words like, "Alpha", "Omega" and "Kappa," are used frequently, as to show who's the boss. For instance, whoever can pronounce, "Omega" best, automatically becomes boss. I know this because I once saw a Lupe say "Omega!" and then order another Lupe around. An interesting system, indeed, but I suppose it works. Since you'll be new to being a Lupe, before you join a pack, immediately study all forms of Greek.

So being a Lupe, is, as you can see, really easy. Unless you are Christmas Lupe, in which case you'll be hot everywhere except Terror Mountain. Or a Fire Lupe, in which case you'll be hot EVERYWHERE. Of course, if you're a Robot Lupe, you won't feel ANYTHING, anywhere. And if you're a Halloween Lupe, you will almost always feel something -- a constricting rope around your waist. Naturally, if you're a baby Lupe, you will always always feel something, and that's small.

Yup, as you can see, being a Lupe as easy as Kaykee Wake Cake. Good luck.

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