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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Continuing Series > The Reality of Dreams: Part Twelve

The Reality of Dreams: Part Twelve

by sabreur

> incident12.txt
This file has been locked.
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Access Granted...

:::::::::  FILE NAME:  INCIDENT12.TXT  :::::::::

Starting secure document viewer...
Cutting outside communications...


The plan was simple. Sooner or later, I had to sleep. When that happened, I would have to fight Nightmare. It was with that thought in mind that I had spent the day preparing for that event. I was certain that the whole issue would be solved tonight, for better or for worse.

     However, Nightmare had a surprise - for all of us.

End of Prologue

Location: Sabreur's Lab
Time:  11:50 pm NST

It was late. Painfully late. But I still had work to do. After checking to make sure that the newly-improved fire sword didn't need any more attention from Drake_Da_Dragon's forge, Infernus and I had hurried home to finish modifying the blade in the lab.

     I bent over the lab table, rubbing sleep from my eyes. Despite my weariness, I couldn't afford to lose my concentration now. The advanced fire saber lay in front of me, the hilt opened and pieces scattered across the table. I carefully screwed in a fuel cell, making sure that it was properly connected to the blade. Satisfied that all was well, I began putting the sword back together.

     I knew that something big could happen tonight, and I would probably need help. I vividly recalled the attacks that had followed my nightmares. If more creatures attacked in the morning because of my dreams, I knew we would stand a better chance if we were prepared. While I worked in the lab, Infernus was busy making arrangements. Everyone we knew was warned to get all their weapons ready and be prepared for a fight, just in case. Child_Dragon was on her way to my house, along with Un-Eairkagh. We all agreed that our family stood the best chance if we stuck together.

Location: Sabreur's Lab
Time:  12:20 am NST

Child_Dragon had arrived a few minutes ago with Un-Eairkagh. Even the normally jubilant Eyrie seemed quiet and subdued. Admittedly, he couldn't keep up his somber attitude for long and begun plundering around in my refrigerator looking for ice cream. Barely able to stay awake, I carefully fused the last piece of the advanced fire saber together. The metal doors of the lab slid apart as Infernus walked in and looked over my shoulder. His face was a mask of concern.

     "Are you going to make it?" he asked, noting the dark circles under my eyes.

     "Yeah, but barely. We need to test this thing out," I said, picking up the saber and holding it in front of me.

     "Alright, everybody get clear!" yelled Infernus. Un-Eairkagh had snuck in while I wasn't looking and had been about to toy with some rather delicate electronics. He jerked his paw back and trotted out of the lab, pretending he hadn't done anything wrong. I grabbed my goggles off the table and put them on, while Infernus pressed a button on the wall that closed the doors to the lab. I looked at the base of the saber. Built into the hilt was a small microphone. If I had done this correctly, the saber would react to my voice and trigger a rush of flame when I commanded it. Unlike the rather mediocre flames that are normally produced by a fire sword, the flame generator in the hilt of the advanced fire saber was based on my improved firebomb design and should put out a massive wall of flame. Assuming, of course, that it worked properly. I took a deep breath.

     "Activate Saber!" I yelled, bracing myself for what I was certain would be my latest explosive failure.

     Flames roared into life, springing from the hilt of the saber and racing down the length of the blade. In seconds, my vision was obscured by flame and smoke. What wasn't obscured was distorted by a haze as the massive rush of heat caused the air to twist. I was aware of a roaring noise, like a tornado or a train passing right next to me. And then, it was over. The sword stood wreathed in intensely hot, but controlled flames. A hacking cough came from behind a table.

     "Jeez! Was it supposed to do that!?" Infernus demanded, rising from where he had taken cover and looking a bit shaken. A burnt piece of the ceiling drifted down, glancing off of his shoulder.

     "Um... Yes?" I replied sheepishly, gazing at the charred hole above us.

Location: Sabreur's Room
Time:  12:33 am NST

I barely remembered staggering towards the bed. Although I have stayed up late before, this day had been insanely busy. I carefully placed the advanced fire saber on the dresser where I had kept my old sword. I didn't bother getting into pajamas -- the last thing I needed was to try taking on Nightmare's minions in my bedclothes. I was about to drift off when Kiddo walked into the room.

     "Goodnight, Sabreur," she said, looking nervous. "Although, I guess it isn't going to be a good night for you, is it?" I couldn't help but smile.

     "Are you kidding?" I said, still smiling. "Tonight's gonna be a great night."

     "Why is that?" Kiddo asked, looking at me suspiciously.

     "Because Nightmare is going to learn the hard way," I replied grimly, "that nobody messes with family. Goodnight, Kiddo. See you in the morning." She smiled.

     "You too. Goodnight Sabreur."

     It was dark. Not surprising, really. I looked down at my right hand, and was comforted to see the Advanced Fire Saber firmly gripped there. Aside from the darkness, my surroundings were not particularly sinister. I was standing in front of a large oaken table, with chairs arranged at regular intervals. Stone walls surrounded me, with no apparent door. The chair in front of me was pulled out, seeming to invite me to sit down and relax.

     I ignored it. Nightmare had plans for me, and I didn't want to get into the habit of playing by his rules. Instead, I began to examine the room carefully, looking for a way out. I was looking closely at one of the stone walls when an all-to-familiar voice spoke behind me.

     "Why, what a surprise to see you here, Sabreur," Nightmare spoke in that same voice that had brought a chill to my heart but a night before. I turned, my heart fluttering.

     "Hello Nightmare," I replied grimly. Nightmare was laying on top the table, looking for all the world like some demented artist's rendition of a giant cat. His red-coal eyes glittered as he watched me.

     "Let's skip the formalities this time, shall we?" Nightmare grinned, and began tapping a clawed paw on the table. "Join me now, or you will die. Allow me into Neopia, or our friendship is over." I felt my fear rise, then suddenly disappear. This thing of evil was threatening my life, my family, and my world. There wasn't any room for fear anymore. Anger had filled the void where fear had once taken root.

     "Forget it, you freak of nature. You don't need to dissolve our 'friendship' - we never had one. Did you really think I would give up? Are you really so incredibly stupid that you thought I would just bail out on everybody? I can't believe I was ever afraid of such a pathetic waste as you," I spat, feeling the frustration and fear of the past few days rushing out of me as I spoke. I advanced on Nightmare, sword drawn.

     "It's over Nightmare. You've been beaten once, and you're about to get a taste of Deja Vu," I growled, whipping the sword back and forth in front of me. I noticed with some satisfaction that it was significantly faster than my old saber.

     "Oh, you're right about one thing, Sabreur," Nightmare snarled, all trace of joking and sarcasm gone. "It is over. But not for me." With that, he faded away like smoke on the wind, leaving me alone in the room.

     "What?" I replied to empty air, tauntingly. "Is that it? Come on, you aren't scared are you?" A chuckle came from nowhere.

     "Oh dear, how could I be scared of you, the little insect who thinks he can take on the force that will rip Neopia asunder?" Nightmare's voice echoed around me from no apparent source. "The reason it is over between us is that I no longer need you. The barrier is weakened. I can enter Neopia without your help now." Another sinister laugh. "You have until nightfall tomorrow until I reach full strength. Then the barrier that holds the Shadows at bay will fall, and this world will be mine. Goodbye Sabreur. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Very soon."

     With Nightmare's mocking laugh filling my ears, I awoke.

:::::::::  END OF FILE:  INCIDENT12.TXT  :::::::::
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