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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Continuing Series > Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia -- Part Three

Abaddon's Dreams: A Pilgrimage to Another Neopia -- Part Three

by evil__sakura

Abaddon declined Maccy’s offer to join the Coppers. All the Buzz wanted to do at night was sleep. But both of them kept in touch, and they always stirred away from talks about Maccy’s dad.

     It was the week after that incident, and Abaddon had realized he had been writing fictional stories in his journal. They centered around the adventures in his dreams, which he found very odd. They were always linked together. Normal dreams were random.

     But the setting was always the same, with his slumber trips, drifting upon a giant boat with a Lupe and a Lenny. No land in sight, all of the settlements were artificial islands made of metal. Where food was obtained, was a question not needed.

     Abaddon also had a hard time remembering that the Neopians in his dreams, were just not real. He worried for his mental health and requested that he meet a doctor about it. There was a lot of reluctance toward this subject. But his owner would have had to actually say something aloud to protest, so he got his appointment.

     All Abaddon got was the address to his meeting. The place was found in Mystery Island. It was located in a neighborhood that was very near to the beaches. The houses were made of straw and lined on wooden catwalks that spiralled around this small sandy hill.

     To the Buzz, the place seemed a bit average for a psychiatrist’s office. But then again, his owner had always been a cheapskate. He found the hut, and used the Noil shaped ornament on it to knock the door. A silver-coated Lupe creaked the door open. “Are you Abaddon?” he asked.

     Abaddon nodded and entered the office where a red couch laid. Abaddon sat on it, while his psychiatrist sat near a wooden desk. He saw the Lupe sort through several important-looking papers, and finally putting them into a drawer.

     He then took out a clipboard, and watched Abaddon intently. “So tell me about your dreams Abaddon.”

     The Buzz scratched his head. “Well, all I can remember is what happened last night. Since, my master made me drink a whole lot of coffee before coming here. " He reached into his backpack, and took out his journal. “I’m positive that I wrote down what happened, that night.”

     The Lupe wrote a few notes down, and lifted his head to listen. Abaddon opened to his latest entry


Zannibar, Maccy, and I, had been drifting for quite a while, and were near death from boredom. So I asked Zannibar about something that I couldn’t ask before. “Hey Zanni, mind telling me what happened in this ‘End’ war.”

     The Lupe appeared hesitant, and nodded happily. “Sure, now how did it go again... oh yeah!” His face suddenly became overshadowed, and he talked in a stern and solid voice.


A few years ago, the night sky filled up with strange images. The colors and patterns all seemed to have illustrated a great battle above our heads. But this was of truth, for a creature of foreign origin was trying to break through Neopia’s protective barrier.

     The sky became a perpetual black, and we all held our breath on the battle’s outcome. But he did not lose, and then that dreadful day finally came. “End” as we deem him to this day, shot out of the sky like a raging meteor.

     The night sky followed along with his impending evil, leaving alone an empty purplish color above our heads. He splashed into the sea literally becoming one with it. His first victim was the Mystery Island. End caused a huge tidal wave that engulfed the island in one fell swoop. He absorbed the whole island into his watery being.

     Of course the Neopians didn’t want any of this to continue, so they all formed a huge army. One led by the strongest of warriors known. Everyone gave their best, and they triumphantly won against the beast.

     But the victory was bittersweet, in revenge of the final blow End self-destructed. Only a few of the brave warriors survived the onslaught. His waves absorbed nearly all the lands that covered Neopia leaving only a few patches of deserts. The world of Neopia became nothing more than a huge water ball.


It was then I interrupted with a question. “Zannibar, are you willing to tell me that this entire planet is just water?”

     “Just water.”

     “What happened to all the worlds? Tyrannia, Meridell, Neopia Central?”

     “All gone... absorbed into End before he disappeared into nothingness. It’s said that he still resides in our world but in a different form. “

     “How many Neopians are still present?” I asked.

     “The Neopets... and Petpets. "

     There was a long pause. “What about the owners?”

     “They all disappeared along with End... ” Zannibar appeared hurt. “I’ve heard rumors that some are still around, but I don’t believe these tales. Now come on, let me continue with the story.”


Supposedly, End’s influence had caused several mutations on our world. The faeries turned into the living boats we sail in, and scraps of metal left from ruined cities formed into metallic settlements. Also, it seems that each sea has its own distinctive trait.


“And that’s when I ‘woke up’,” explained the Buzz, who neatly closed his book. The psychiatrist was holding his pencil stiffly. As if he hadn’t been writing anything down the whole time the story was being told.

     He raised a brow and asked Abaddon. “What do you mean by that?”

     Abaddon took a long sigh. “Well that’s my problem doc. All my dreams are attached, like some sort of series of stories. I sleepwalk a lot because of these dreams. Heck, I tampered with all the art supplies in my room last night, and made a huge mess! And you know what? The images I painted on the walls actually looked like something... I took a picture and pasted it along with my latest journal entry. Look.”

     The plushie reopened his book and showed the snapshot of the painting. “I think it’s supposed to be the monster from Zannibar’s story.”

     The doctor nibbled on the eraser tip of his pencil then laughed. “You certainly have quite the imagination Abaddon. Now, don’t think that I’m thinking you’re crazy, it’s just that I feel that maybe your taking these dreams too seriously. This probably explains why they’re occurring so much and the sleepwalking. "

     Abaddon nodded and sighed, “Yea, maybe that’s just it. "

     The psychiatrist gave the Buzz a sympathetic look. “Hey if your still having problems, you can always come back here. " Abaddon smiled weakly at the Lupe, and closed the door behind him.

     No one was home when Abaddon opened the door. His owner must have went to work in the factory early. The Buzz walked up into his room where he was set aback with something new. A green Zafara plushie was leaning besides the sewing box.

     He picked up the new plushie. It was one size too small. Abaddon sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “You’re not helping." He was referring to his owner.

     Oddly enough the little plushie reminded him of Clover. He smiled at the small thing, and decided to give it a very basic design. Blue jeans and a white shirt with the sleeves torn off, then he got a grey plaid cloth. It was grey with horizontal blue stripes, and red vertical stripes. The Buzz made the cloth into a nice sleeveless jacket. But when Abaddon was done, he felt that the little thing was missing something.

     He then got some yarn and started weaving a tiny scarf with a blue and orange pattern. One that was just the right size to go around the plushie’s neck perfectly. “You’re a cute little girl aren’t you?” he said aloud to the toy.


     There he went again taking everything so seriously. Abaddon shook his head and spaced away from the plushie. “Maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to bring any of you guys along.” He was referring to his all of his plushies. He put his backpack on and slowly closed the door of his room.

     The Lenny, Lupe and the little green Zafara glared at him with their little plastic eyes. He quickly slammed the door and ran out of his home.

     After he ran out of his neighborhood and into another one, Abaddon noticed something. “Hey, isn’t this Clover's neighborhood?” The Buzz decided that maybe it was a good time to talk with his co-worker.

     The apartment buildings seemed quaint and a lot of the folks seemed really nice. Clover’s neighborhood was very peaceful. The Buzz pondered on why the Zafara would spend so much time away from it with work.

     Suddenly, he heard some loud noises and ran toward them. The sounds were very familiar to ones of brawls, or worse yet, a beating. The Buzz peered into an alley that was in-between two large building. The sounds came from this alley and the Buzz cautiously hid behind a garbage can.

     A large group would easily over power him, so hiding was the wise thing to do at that moment. When he finally got a clear sight of the scene, the Buzz scowled in disgust. It appeared to be two Zafaras beating on a little Zafara pup.

     But it wasn’t really a pup, it was Clover! The Buzz took off his backpack and held in his right hand like a weapon. He slowly walked toward the group, his eyes in a vengeful gaze.

To be continued...

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