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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Short Stories > Scheherazade's Snow Globe

Scheherazade's Snow Globe

by ladyariel32

Her heart ached with intense longing for a place where hot sands filled endless space. Where the sun bathed its inhabitants with blinding light. Where her heart and soul once belonged and always would… forever.

     Scheherazade lifted her blue eyes and peered at the tiny ray of sunlight passing through her bedroom window. A rather sad smile was painted on her face as she walked toward the half-opened glass window.

     How I wish I could be there, the Lost Desert Aisha thought to herself.

     What she wanted more than anything else in Neopia was to go back to the land where she was born, the Lost Desert. She missed the powerful warmth of the desert sun as it singed through her fur like fire. She yearned to feel the sand beneath her paws once again. Most of all, Scheherazade longed to hear the voice of Lady Osiri. Almost a year ago, that exact same voice comforted her when she was left alone in the world.

     The Aisha turned around and made her way across the room to a wooden desk near the door. She sat on a little wooden chair and surveyed the contents of her clattered table. Scheherazade slowly caressed the surface of a Misshapen Pot she had made using Lady Osiri's pottery wheel. How Osiri had laughed at her lame attempt at the wheel, but Scheherazade insisted on keeping it, anyway. The Aisha's heart began to ache again and she quickly stood up to leave the room.

     I would never do anything to hurt Lily, Scheherazade said in her mind as she took little steps toward nowhere in particular. I'd rather stay here for her sake.

     Somewhere in the living room, Lily, Scheherazade's thirteen-year old owner, paced around worriedly. She was deep in thought, her green eyes squinting, thinking about her only neopet. Although the Aisha thought her owner hardly noticed, Lily did know that Scheherazade wanted to return to her real home. The girl was extremely afraid that if she even took her Aisha for a visit to the Lost Desert, Scheherazade would decide that she wanted to remain there and not come back with her. She loved Scheherazade too much to give her up…

     A long time ago, Lily went to the Lost Desert to explore. While walking, she had come upon a thin but bright-eyed Lost Desert Aisha. She motioned for the neopet to come near. At first it hesitated and looked back toward a little hut. After a few seconds, though, the Aisha stepped forward and smiled. Lily immediately fell in love with the beauty and took the creature home willingly. Ever since then, she had never come back to the desert, nor did she have a reason to.

     Now, though, she was having second thoughts. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to visit just this once. But a tiny part of her still didn't like the sound of that idea and that tiny part refused stubbornly.

     "I'll just have to find another way," Lily whispered and finally stopped going around in circles.

     At that exact moment, Scheherazade entered the room with that gloomy smile pasted on her face. Lily gazed at her forlornly.

     "Let's grab a bite to eat at the Food Shop," the teenage girl suggested.

"Okay," the Aisha answered quietly.

     Together, owner and neopet ambled out of the NeoHome, each thinking their own solemn thoughts.

     The next day, Lily left the house alone to search for a present to give Scheherazade. Maybe a nice gift would take her mind off the Lost Desert. She visited shop after shop with high hopes. As she was walking across the streets of Neopia Central, the girl spotted a beautiful plushie desert pet paint brush in the window of the Toy Shop. An image of Scheherazade popped into her mind. Lily rushed into the shop and grabbed the plushie hurriedly before anyone else bought it. She paid quite a hefty amount of Neopoints for it, but Lily didn't care. She was doing this for the happiness of her Aisha and that was all that mattered.

     Scheherazade's eyes widened when she received Lily's gift an hour later. A smile crept across her face silently.

     She looks happy, Lily thought with satisfaction. But something nagged at the back of Lily's mind. The sorrow in the Aisha's eyes hadn't disappeared. In fact, her eyes looked even more distressed, if that were even possible.

     "Thank you," Scheherazade said softly. She gave Lily a kiss before ambling back to her room, plushie lying carefully in her paws. Lily stared after her dejectedly.

     Scheherazade placed the plushie paintbrush on her desk, near the Misshapen Pot. Making sure that the bedroom door was locked, the Aisha grabbed her cloud Aisha pillow, lay in her bed, and cried without making a sound. Translucent, mysterious sky blue tears poured from her eyes as if they had been waiting for a chance to show themselves. They covered her cheeks and soaked her pillow.

     I want to go back, she told herself through her tears.

     In a matter of minutes, Scheherazade was fast asleep, the strange tears staining her face. As she slept, her face relaxed and she smiled peacefully. The Aisha was having the most magnificent dream she had ever had. It was so wonderful that she didn't even want to wake up…

     The hot sands of the Lost Desert were beneath her paws once again. Strong rays of sunlight beat overhead and she could feel herself warming up.

     "Welcome back," a familiar melodious voice greeted her.

     Scheherazade turned around and came face to face with Lady Osiri. Without a word, she gave her a hug and wept happily. Just like always, the Aisha confided in Osiri and Osiri confided in her. As they talked for what seemed like hours and hours, Scheherazade felt like a large weight disappeared from her chest. She felt a lot like she was floating like a cloud in the sky.

     "Is it possible to feel like you are floating when your feet are planted firmly on the ground?" she asked Lady Osiri.

     The other Aisha just shrugged and looked at her intently, instead. And that one look told a lot.

     "You should return to your home now," Lady Osiri spoke gently.

     "I am home," Scheherazade replied with a sinking feeling in her stomach.

     "Don't you want to see Lily again?" Lady Osiri questioned her.

     The Aisha stared at the sand uncomfortably. She could feel her heart stinging inside. She remembered how Lily had taken care of her and had given her everything she needed. She hadn't forgotten how Lily loved her. She imagined how Lily would feel if she lost her beloved Scheherazade.

     Scheherazade suddenly missed Lily a lot. In her heart of hearts, she knew that she loved Lily very much. The Aisha raised her eyes.

     "Go back," Lady Osiri said simply and waited for the reply.

     "I want to see Lily again," the Aisha answered slowly but firmly, "but I don't want to lose the Lost Desert and you."

     "We will always be with you," Lady Osiri told her with a smile.

     Osiri began to fade and her disembodied voice whispered, "Forever…"

     Scheherazade's eyes fluttered open. She sat up on her bed, every detail of the dream fresh in her mind. She turned to gaze at her wooden desk out of habit. There, sitting beside the plushie paintbrush and the pot, was a beautiful Lost Desert Snow Globe. Although no one was shaking it, golden stars fell down to the sandy ground inside. A smiling Aisha waved from outside a minute pyramid.

     Scheherazade could almost see the little Aisha smiling and she grinned genuinely for the first time. She got up slowly and walked out of her room, thinking to herself, Home at last…

     One's heart and soul will always belong to a place they call home, wherever home may be…

The End

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